Email Stationery

Using stationery can allow you to have a particular look and feel to the emails you create. A stationery can define the colors used, can have a background color or image, or can can have images inline with your other content. Stationery gives you a jumpstart when you are composing a new message by having all of this ready to go, so you have a good starting point for the actual message you are writing.

Instead of something very plain, like this email to the right using the default Blank HTML template, you can use Stationery to completely change the look and feel of the email. The examples below feature the same email message, just with different stationery!

Examples below are of the Dolphin stationery, Ivy stationery, and an example of self-designed Letterhead stationery, which you could make yourself with your own company graphics if you have them.


Selecting and Using Stationery

Intellect comes with a selection of stationery options built-in, including the dolphin and ivy examples shown above. You can select one by going to the right edge of the New Mail Message button, where you will see an arrow pointing down. Click this drop down arrow to select a particular stationery you wish to use.

If you like a particular stationery and want to use it by default each time you create a New Mail Message, you can go to the Tools menu, then to Options, then to Sending Mail. You can change the Default Mail Stationery from the drop-down list you find there.


Creating your own Stationery

Although some users get "fancy" and use their own HTML editor to make stationery, you can also use Intellect to create it. Just start a new HTML message and get it to the point where you wish to save it. Put a logo on it and a heading if you like. Change the background colors.

Once you are ready to save your work, go to the File menu of the Compose Message screen and look for the option to Save As Stationery. You will get to add this to your Stationery folder and you will give it a name. This name will then appear back in Intellect when you use the drop-down option to select stationery, either when composing a new message or setting your default selection in the program options.

If you decide to go it on your own with your own HTML editor, it should be noted that the Stationery folder is found in your Application Data directory - each user that uses this computer can have their own stationery. Also, any graphics you use and want to attach to outgoing messages should also be saved in this same stationery directory!


This help article applies to Intellect 3