Columns on your Reports

The report screen allows you to fine-tune the specific columns that appear on your search results. Look for the Column Selection tab on the toolbar at the left of the report screen. Click and this section will change from displaying search criteria to displaying columns instead.

report columns

Each database has some default columns pre-selected for you. A contact search may start with Last Name, First Name, Company, and Group already checked off. This columns area allows you to add additional columns to your report or to remove fields you don't need to see.

Tip: You can change the default columns for each data type, if you like. Just set up the columns you want, then use the "Set as Default Columns" button at the bottom to save your selection for next time.

Special Fields: You might notice some special fields you can add columns for on your report. These are Create Date and Last Modified Date. These two fields are maintained automatically as you make edits or additions to your data. These fields can make it easy to find or see the records you worked on recently!


This help article applies to Intellect 3