How Do I Copy Something from One Database to Another?

There are actually a few ways to do this. Regardless of the method you choose this task is accomplished through the use of what we call "transportable records" . I'll let you know a lot more about these a bit later however ....

Alternate approaches to copy data include

  1. Highlight multiple contacts from your contact list. Right Click and select the menu option for "Copy" . Open the second set of data, right click and select "Paste" . Could it be any easier?
  2. Right Click with your mouse on record(s) that you wish to send to another set of Intellect data folder. From the popup menu select the submenu "SEND TO" . There you will see a list of all of your favorites. Choose the one you want. Done.
  3. Open " FAVORITES" from the " Tools" menu on the main screen. This will display a list of Intellect data that you have previously opened. Select (highlight) one or more of your favorites and then drag the contact list item(s), appointment item(s), or Task(s) to the favorites window. A copy of the item(s) that you dragged will be sent to each of the highlighted icon locations.
  4. From the Report module you can use Export to send " Transportable Records" to any location or folder that you can browse to from your workstation.

Ok so I sent the records .... I don't see them in the destination set of data?


These items arrive in the destination user's "Inbasket" . The recipient should choose the "Inbasket" menu located under TOOLS on the main screen. Once here, a user would typically click the Select All button followed by Accept. These records would then be added to their Intellect databases.

There is also an option that you can set of the user to Auto Accept "Inbasket" items so that they can skip the step of going to the "Inbasket" such that any item(s) that are sent to the user would be automatically added to their Intellect data. This option is located in the Transportable Records section of program options (under Tools on the main screen).

Of further note is the Duplicates Menu that provides some reassuring options.

duplicates menu

A Duplicate would be a record that is already present in your data. Each time you create or edit a record in !ntellect we are keeping track of the date and time that it was created and modified (changed). We do this so we can tell which record is newer when we are comparing 2 records that are appear to be duplicates.

Replace if newer:   Would add the "InBasket" record to your data ONLY is it was newer (modified after) the one that you already have
Always Add:   Would add the record with no consideration to the last edited date. You would end up with BOTH records in your data.
Reject Duplicates:   Any duplicate records would be skipped. Only records that you were missing would be added to your data.


This help article applies to Intellect 3