How Do I Use Chaos Data Hosting to Share Data Outside of Your Local Area Network?

Chaos Data Hosting is an optional, pay-as-you-go, service that we offer, but it is an extremely useful and low cost tool ($99.00 per year per set of data).

You may have noticed that under the File Menu of the program main screen, there is an option to "Web Synchronize" your data. Basically this allows your data to be synchronized with your data that is kept on our web servers here at Chaos Software. So, if you are trying to work in a team environment with users in other cities, states or countries we act as the traffic cop that makes sure that the team members have the same data. For example, Imagine that you and I are both work for the same company and we are involved in selling product to a large customer with offices around the country. You are located in Seattle and I am located in Dallas. If we each did a "web synchronization" just 1 time per work day, you would know what I am doing in Dallas and I would know what you are working on (and meeting with) in Seattle. And we would share a list of common contacts. Any updates that you made would be replicated down to me in Dallas and vice versa. How cool is that! Also the web hosting services includes an on-line version (or web version) of Intellect that you can access from any web browser without installing any software. This "may" allow our sales manager (if we let him) to occasionally log onto the web-site from where-ever he/she is and see what we are working on.

We offer a free 30 day trial of this service. Just call our sales office and ask. We also promise that this is a NO HASSLE, NO OBLIGATION and NO FOLLOW-UP, and NO CREDIT CARDS UP-FRONT trial to introduce you to the service. We hate trial programs with catches ourselves so we certainly are not going to do it to our customers.

Chaos Data Hosting provides the easiest and most powerful way to store and share contact management data with all the benefits of a networked environment -- anytime, anywhere access to your shared address book, appointment calendar, and Task list!

Even sync with Intellect for Windows to keep the same data on your own local PC!

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This help article applies to Intellect 3