How do I import records into Intellect?

The option to import data into Intellect is found by clicking on File, choosing Import and then selecting an appropriate database in which to import.

This Import Wizard will allow the importation of text (.TXT or .CSV), Excel, and Access files and will walk you through the import process.

You will need to export the data from your current program. Most programs have an export or "save as" option allowing you to save the data in another format. For instance, exporting as an ASCII comma delimited file or a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file will be supported through our import utility.

In the Import Wizard, Step 1 allows you to choose the file you are importing. Step 2 gives you the opportunity to choose where you want the fields mapped and Step 3 is the final import process that actually does the work of adding this data to your Intellect databases.

Before importing we always recommend that you make a current backup of your database. If data is imported incorrectly, you can then restore this backup and simply try the import process again.


This help article applies to Intellect 3