Import data from Outlook to Chaos Intellect

1) Download and install Outlook Extract

Outlook Extract is a free tool we made to help you copy data from Outlook to Chaos Intellect. It can be downloaded from our website at .

2) Run Outlook Extract to transfer Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks and Memos data

This tool is designed for one-time use and it won't harm your Outlook data at all. It simply opens your default folder in Outlook and extracts a copy of your Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks, and Memos to add to our Chaos databases.

In Chaos Intellect, look for an Accessories menu at the top of the screen. Click on Outlook Extract to begin. You can set your options up if you want to, but for most users it is ready to go, so you would just click on GO to make it all happen.

3) Quick Email Account Setup

Chaos Intellect can work with POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers, which is what most email accounts require. Since these types of email servers all need the same information from any email client, you can usually copy the account settings that work in Outlook and copy them to Chaos Intellect. In Intellect, the Mail Accounts options can be found on the Tools menu.

4) Transfer email messages from Outlook to Intellect

This one is the hardest to do (but still not hard!). The reason for the difficulty is that Outlook doesn't offer a reliable way to export your email messages as .EML files, a standard format for exporting email. Even without this feature, there is still a way to get your email out and into other programs.

Outlook Express is another email client from Microsoft, but one that can both import from Outlook AND export EML files. It is also already installed on your machine by Microsoft, too. If you open Outlook Express, on the File Menu is an Import option where you can import Messages from Microsoft Outlook. Again, this won't harm Outlook, but would copy the emails you stored there to Outlook Express.

Open your My Computer and put it side by side with Outlook Express. On your local drive, make a new folder to use for transferring messages between Outlook Express and Chaos Intellect. In Outlook Express, go to a folder, select all the messages and drag them to this new folder you made on your hard drive. Outlook Express will create separate .EML files for each of the messages you selected. Once done, open Intellect in place of Outlook Express, go to the Mail area and choose or create a folder to add these messages to. Highlight the .EML files and drag them to the listings for the folder in Intellect. Two drags and two drops and you're done with that folder!


This help article applies to Intellect 3