Synchronizing Data with Removable Media

File menu Located under the File Menu, is an option to "Synchronize Data with Removable Media" that provides a full bidirectional synchronization of your data including mail messages. The Intellect databases are synchronized at the RECORD LEVEL while mail is synchronized on the message file level. This is truly an amazing feat, however I do think that before you consider using this feature it is somewhat important to understand what it will actually do and how it does what it does.

Basics of Synchronizing Data.

The key concept here is this ...

1.   Records and Files that are located in either Intellect or the removable media folder will be copied to the other side.

2.   Newer Records and Files Replace Older Records and Files

3.   Knowing when to delete a record or file is the hard part .... so please keep reading ....

sync with removable media screen

Suppose you delete a mail message from Intellect .... and that message file existed already on the removable media .... well you would likely want it also removed from the removable media .... right? If not it would keep re-appearing back in our Intellect after each synch.

So .... the solution is an option to:

Delete Mail Messages that exist only on one size that are older than ....

By keeping track of the Data of Last Synchronization we know that as of this date that both Intellect AND the removable media were "the same" right.

So ... if we find a file that is present on only one side and was NOT created or modified AFTER the last sync date then it must have been purposefully deleted.


This help article applies to Intellect 3