Undo and Undelete with Advanced Data Backup Explorer

Only as good as your backups

While these instructions will show you how to use backup files to your advantage, it is useless if you haven't made any backups in the first place!

When backing up your data files, there is an option on the Backup screen to "keep older backup files". This option will archive the older backup files by renaming them with the addition of a number to the file name. For example, your most recent calendar.bak file would be renamed to calendar(1).bak when the next backup took place. Over time, you'll have these numbered files going back in time just in case you need them. These backup files are also small in size, so they won't take up too much space, generally speaking.

Keeping older backups (and keeping them for at least a few weeks if not longer) increases the chances for finding data you want to restore and bring back to life.

Using the Advanced Data Backup Explorer

The Advanced Data Backup Explorer has two main objectives. First, it provides a way to preview what is in a backup file without having to restore it first. You can look at the data in a backup file to make sure it is what you want before you restore it. Second, it also offers the ability to SELECTIVELY restore just certain records rather than having to take the entire backup as a complete set! Very nice when you have deleted a name from your contacts and then decided you made a big mistake. Instead of restoring a complete backup and losing all your work since the backup was made, this Advanced Data Backup Explorer would let you look through the backup for the one person you needed and restore just that one name to the database you are currently using!

On the File menu at the top left, click on Advanced Data Backup Explorer to bring up this powerful utility. On the left side, you can change the folder this explorer is browsing, if needed. At the top, you'll see a list of all the backup files in the selected folder. Normally, you would keep this list sorted by date to locate the newest backup and work your way backwards from there as needed.

When you select a file from the list at the top, the bottom part of this explorer will show you a list of what records are stored in this backup. If there is a particular item you want to restore, if you find it and highlight it, click the Restore Selected Record(s) button to place just the highlighted items back into your current database.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer, Time & Chaos 8 or newer, and Chaos Free