Folder Synchronization

Folder Synchronization allows you to take a complete copy of your data (including email messages for Intellect users) and send changes both ways between the two locations you are synchronizing.

They say it takes two to tango and that is certainly the case with synchronization. You are already using one of the two locations, based on the current data you are viewing. On the File menu in the top left corner, you can select Folder Synchronization, then Settings, to choose the partner folder to synchronize with the one you are using right now.

Often, this will be a folder on a USB-connected drive that you can remove and take between multiple computers. If you have sharing setup between computers, you could even select a drive across a network on a server or laptop to sync with. In addition to a Folder location, you can also select which types of data you wish to transfer back and forth.

The first sync can be slow as it copies all the data to the other folder, especially if you are using Intellect with a large mailbox full of messages. Subsequent syncs should speed up considerably, as it can then only send the additional changes instead of everything from scratch.

Please Note: Email can take up a LOT of space, so make sure there is enough room on the drive you are synchronizing with to fit everything!

One Final Note about deleting messages! When the mail is synchronized, it is comparing both folders to see if changes have been made. If a message is missing, it will add it to the other side. This means if a message was deleted and the trash emptied, there won't be any evidence left to help the sync know what to do, so it may give you the email back. For best results, leave mail in the trash until after you do a sync. Sync first, empty trash second, and the Folder Synchronization process will know what to do with the messages you want gone.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer and Time & Chaos 8 or newer