Request and track Meeting Confirmations with Intellect and

This feature has special requirements! You must have:

Meeting Confirmations provide a way for you to email upcoming meetings to anyone with an email address, to remind (or ask) them to attend but also to receive confirmation that they will attend.

To start, find an appointment you've already added to your schedule and right-click on it. Look for "Send to ..." on the pop-up menu, then "E-Mail Recipient".  This will open a new mail message in Intellect that has details about the event already filled out, plus Confirm and Decline buttons that we want the recipient to click on. It also attaches the event in a .VCS file, which is a vCalendar (compatible with iCalendar) formated event. This format is supported by most calendar programs, so it makes it easy for the recipient to add to their schedule even if you haven't convinced them to switch to Intellect!

Taking this email, you can edit any details, finish the subject line and then, most importantly, enter the email address or addresses for those you wish to send this invitation to.

Once your email goes out, your recipents will see the confirm and decline options when their message arrives on their side. If they click one of these two options, it will update the version of this appointment with their response.

When Intellect syncs with ChaosHost, it always sends the most recent version of the any changed record to the other side. As users confirm or decline, when you next sync with ChaosHost, your local version of the appointment will get updated with their responses.  One way you can see this is with a second line added to the appointment description, where you will see a count of Confirmed or Declined.  You can also double-click on the appointment and go to the new tab for Confirmations, where you will see a list of the specific email addresses for those who accepted or declined the invitation.

One warning, however, is that if you make further edits to this appointment, your edits can compete with the "edit" your invitees are making by accepting or declining your invitation. Those you invite cannot see any detail about the event on ChaosHost, they will only see what you put in the email. They also cannot edit any information other than confirming or declining your event. Because synchronizing with ChaosHost always sends the most current record when there is a conflict, you won't want a local edit you made to replace the responses you received.  Just make sure your appointment is right before you send it out  or add a new appointment completely if you need to make a change to it and reinvite people to the corrected event.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer