Find and Replace

The Report screen has the ability to mass-edit any text field to replace current values with a new one.

Tip: Now is a good time to make a backup of your data files so you can undo your changes if your find and replace goes wrong!

Start by switching to the Report screen (the button below Classic on the lower left).

Choose your columns to display on the report and be sure to include the fields you want to modify. If it is not visible on your report, you can't edit it!

Once your columns are ready, find the records you want to modify. Category and Group filters are at the top of the table of data, just as they are on the main screen. Over to the left, you can search other fields by selecting a field, the logic and the value to search for. The goal is to have the records you want to edit shown on screen, with the fields you want to modify visible and in front of you.

When ready to make your edits, click the Find & Replace button at the top. You will get to choose which column to modify (and it will only show you the visible columns you turned on at the start of this report). You can tell it what to look for (or to replace it if it "Contains anything or is blank") and finally you can enter the new value in the "Replace with" field.

You need to start with a Find First to force this edit screen to find the first match. You can then replace them one by one by replacing or finding next OR you can use Replace All to rocket down the column changing all of them in one step.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer and Time & Chaos 8 or newer