Rearranging Category Labels

After using the one of our databases for awhile, you may decide it is time to do some housecleaning with your category labels by rearranging them into a different order to make them easier to use.

First, though, you need to see a few warnings before you cause misery and destruction to your data...

You are about to make major changes to the database by changing the way the category labels are defined.

IF YOU USE CHAOSHOST.COM, you need to be sure you have set the option in Cloud Synchronization, Settings, to have "My customizations overwrite host" or you will make a complete mess of your categories after your next sync! If you are not the normal administrator or main owner of this database, you also might contact that person first to make sure it is okay with them to make these mass changes to the category labels.

For ALL USERS, it is also best to make certain you have a recent backup of your data files, to give you a means of recovery and undo if necessary!

Ok, on to the fun stuff...

This article assumes you already know how to add a new category label (hint: you simply type it in next to a checkbox when you are editing a record and need a new box to check).

For everything you are about to see, you need to already have categories labeled, but desire to move them around and change their order.

Go to the Category Filter button on the toolbar for the section you want to modify the categories for. Normally you use this to pick your categories and filter your display. This screen has hidden superpowers, too!

Rearrange existing labels

To move a category to a different position, you'll need both hands. Use one hand to hold down the Ctrl key, then use the other to drag and drop the label you want to move from the old position to the new one. When you drop it, the other categories will move to make room for the new placement.

Sort all labels alphabetically

If you don't want to put your categories in your own arrangement, but instead prefer to keep all the categories in alphabetical order, just right click somewhere on this Category selection list. On the right-click menu, the second choice is "Sort Alphabetically" which will move all the blanks to the end and will rearrange the existing labels into A-Z order.

Bonus: Change Category Count

Did you spot that choice on the right-click menu? Again, anywhere in this Category selection list, right-click and look for the third option to "Change Category Count". Our databases default to 100 categories, but can be set anywhere from 10 to 300. If you choose a SMALLER number, beware! It will cut off the categories from the bottom up, so if you have used any of the categories that are being removed, this information will be lost. Only reduce the number if you are certain these categories are unused!


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer, Time & Chaos 8 or newer, and Chaos Free