Set and Clear Category Values

Our program is capable of mass-editing records to put them all into a category or to take them out of one. This way, you don't have to edit each record one by one, checking or unchecking categories box by box.

First, you'll need to highlight the names you want to edit. If you are hand-picking names, you can use Ctrl-Click to highlight particular records. If you have something you could search for, you can also use the Report screen to look for records that match your search criteria. The Report screen has the same Category button on the toolbar as our main screen does. If you want to select all the names on your current list, Ctrl-A is a keyboard shortcut for Select All.

Once you have the records highlighted you wish to edit, look at the right edge of the Category button on the toolbar (the red funnel button). There is a little black down arrow you can click on, which offers you the choice to Clear or Set Category Values. (If these options are greyed out, you missed the step about highlighting the records you wish to edit, first.)

If you choose Set Category Value(s), you can check any box or boxes for Categories you want these records to be in, then click OK to edit all the highlighted names. If they are already in some or all of these categories, they still will be, but anyone that did not have these boxes checked now will.

Clear Category Value(s) works the same way, just in the opposite direction. Clear will uncheck the boxes you select to take these records OUT of these Categories if they were previously in them.

TIP:  If I decide to remove a category label I don't need anymore, I will first filter by category to see what is currently in the category I'm getting rid of. I'll Select All to highlight them, then use the Clear Category Value(s) to take all of these records out of the category. Now I can remove the label without having strays left behind in case I decide to use that checkbox for another purpose later. IF YOU USE CHAOSHOST.COM, don't forget that you should be removing the category label from the Options for default fields on the website rather than removing it from your local copy so it will be removed from all the synchronized copies, including yours.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer, Time & Chaos 8 or newer, and Chaos Free