Linked Items for Contact History

The concept of linking data to contacts is an important one in our software because it is this singular capability that sets it apart from being just a calendar program. Many users who don't look in help files like you are will just add their items to the schedule and never discover the power of what you are about to do!

If you double-click on an existing contact in your database, you'll find many tabs along the top where you can edit the details about this person. There are also tabs for E-Mail (in Intellect), Appointments, Tasks, Projects.  These tabs will each present a special report with all the past, current, and future activity that relates to the contact you are looking at!

Getting related data to show up on these tabs is a matter of linking the items back to their related contact.

Linked Appointments, Tasks, and Projects

All of our data items have a tab for Linked Contacts at the top when you are entering or editing a record. Depending on whether this item is already linked to one or more contacts, when you go to this tab you'll either have a screen listing the currently linked names or a screen listing all of your names with empty checkboxes next to their name. If you just get the small list of currently linked names but want to link more people, look for the checkbox at the top to "Show all contacts".

With Intellect, Time & Chaos and ChaosFree, you can check multiple boxes to link an item to as many people as you need to. (Older versions were limited to one linked name on a drop-down list instead of supporting multiple selections like this version does.)

Linked E-Mail

Our Intellect program has the full email client to send and receive messages, which is missing from Time & Chaos and ChaosFree. Intellect automatically links the messages to any contact with a matching mailto: email address, either as a sender or a recipient. So, to get the incoming or outgoing mail linked to the people that send and receive it, you don't have to do anything at all!

Intellect also adds the ability to manually link an email to other addition contacts, too. The method for adding extra links is the same as the method for linking other records in our program. When you double-click on an email message, it has a tab for Linked Contacts, just like the one on Appointments, Tasks and Projects. The Linked Contacts will not show the automatic links to the email sender or recipients. Instead it shows just the manual links you have made in addition to the automatic ones.

Don't forget the Linked Names column!

The linking is not just for use when you are looking at the contact history. They can also be useful when you are looking at your main screen.

At the top of each section of data, you'll find the column headings. If you right-click on one of the existing column headings, you'll find a list of all the other columns you could add to your display, including a column for Linked Names. Click on this to turn it on and you'll find that every linked item will display a list of all the contacts this item is linked to. These contact names are also clickable hyperlinks that will open up the related contact details, making it a great way to review someones' contact history just before completing a task reminder to call them back. That way, everything will be fresh in your memory before you pick up the phone!


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer, Time & Chaos 8 or newer, and Chaos Free