Organizing mail into folders

When new mail comes into Chaos Intellect, it is normally added to your Inbox. That's perfect for reading your incoming mail, but it can quickly get out of hand if you save lots of messages and just keep them in your Inbox forever without organizing them. Chaos Intellect makes is very easy to organize your e-mail so you can find messages you held on to easier and so your Inbox is just that - messages that just came in!

Perhaps it is just our long history with tasks in our Contact Manager, but it is very important to us to treat the inbox as a to-do list and as soon as a message no longer needs our response or attention, we want it moved out of there. Moving messages to another folder will still retain the information and keep it linked to contact histories, but moving it will also keep our Inbox folder from getting out of control!

If you look at the directory tree on left of the Mail screen, the Saved Messages folder should appear near the bottom. Point to this folder with your mouse then press your RIGHT mouse button (the one you don't use very often) to have a menu of choices appear. From this menu, you can choose to make a New Folder and name it whatever will be meaningful to you.

After creating a folder under Saved Messages, you can simply drag anything you read in your Inbox and drop it on the folder. Once you drop it, we'll move the file there for permanent storage.

NOTE for IMAP users: Saved Messages is a local folder, not a server folder. Moving mail to Saved Messages will result in removing the message from your IMAP server. If you want to take advantage of folders with an IMAP account, but want to keep all the messages on the server, instead of using Saved Messages, you should expand the inbox folder to see your IMAP account along with any of your server-based folders. These are folders you have to create online, but for the ones you have made, you can move messages from the Inbox to a different server-based folder by dragging and dropping messages to the folder you want to move it to. Since this is happening server-side, you must have a live Internet connection so this change can be made to the server immediately. This cannot be an offline change!


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer