Choose or create email stationery

Email stationery in Intellect provides the basic look and style for the emails you send. Intellect comes with a collection of pre-built stationery, but also makes it easy to make your own.

Before you get too deep in this, please recognize that stationery is NOT for content. It is more like preprinted letterhead from back in the day when printed letters were the primary means of communication.

Content for emails or newsletters should instead use other features in Intellect such as account signatures, snippets, and templates.

OK, so on to Stationery. When you create a new message, look for the Stationery button on the toolbar. This provides a drop-down list with any of your custom stationeries at the top, then the built-in choices below the custom ones. As you make different selections, you'll see the look of this new message changing. Stationery can provide background images, margins, and font settings to give your messages the kind of style you are looking for.

Once you settle on a Stationery choice, Intellect will automatically remember this for next time, and will keep using the same stationery for other messages until you choose otherwise.

If none of the built-in choices for stationery quite fit the bill, you can make your own as well. Just start a new message and add graphics or change the styles to get it the way you like it. If you know your way around HTML, you can even use the "source" tab at the bottom to make changes, which is especially useful for changing the base font choices or margins.

Don't forget that stationery is not for content, so be sure to delete any text that might have gotten in the way such as your signature block.

Once you get things the way you want, go back to the Stationery button at the top of this message. The first choice is to Save as Stationery and this will give you the opportunity to name this so it can be added to your Stationery choices.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer