Installation of Legal Billing 6

Legal Billing 6 can be installed and used in one of two ways.

1. Legal Billing as a stand-alone program

Running the install file of LegalBillingSetup.exe will launch an installation wizard to guide you step by step through the setup process. When complete, you can use the icon shortcut created on your desktop to create your new Legal Billing data files.

By default, these data files will be located in your Documents folder in a sub-directory called Legal Billing Data.

2. Legal Billing as an add-on accessory for Chaos Intellect or Time & Chaos

Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos are complete Contact Manager programs with Contacts, Appointment Calendars and Task Lists. They help with the planning side of remembering what needs to be done vs. the Legal Billing side that wants to be paid after you've done it!

If you wish to use Legal Billing in coordination with these other products, you must install Intellect or Time & Chaos first before installing Legal Billing. You should also make certain that Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos are closed (not just minimized) when you install LegalBillingSetup.exe

When Legal Billing is installed second in this scenario, when you restart the Chaos Intellect or Time & Chaos program, there will be a new Accessories menu at the top of that program.  You should use this method to start Legal Billing instead of the shortcut on your main desktop. Going this route will ensure that Legal Billing uses the same contact data files that Intellect and T&C use, which are normally located in your Documents folder in a sub-directory called Chaos Data.

Network Setup

Legal Billing fully supports multi-user access in a network environment.  It does not require any special hardware or server software.  Essentially, you only need install our Legal Billing software on each computer a user will sit at AND you need to create a database in a shared directory that everyone has permission to use.  This can be done by clicking on Orb with the Scales icon at the top left, then choosing New Data Folder to create a new database in a new folder that is fully shared on the network.

If you have data you have already been working with in a different location, you can first back it up, then restore it to the new location, using the options on the same menu that comes up when you click on the Orb.

Once the data exists in a place that others can use, you can have them use the Open Data Folder option browse to this same shared data directory and open the same data at the same time as other users.


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