Program Settings in Legal Billing 6

The SETTINGS option under the Orb menu (click the scales at the top left) allows you to setup your main program preferences.

Tax Rates

In Tax rates, you can specify two different tax rates; one for State Sales Tax Rate and another for State Service Tax Rate. The State Sales Tax is automatically applied to expense transaction while the Service Tax Rate is automatically applied to all billable activities. Once you have specified these tax rates, all new transactions will have this checked by default. Should you encounter a non-taxable exception you can simply uncheck this TAX option.

Billing Adjustments

If you enter a number in MINIMUM BILLING INCREMENT box, the INCREMENTAL BILLING box on the TRANSACTION DETAILS screen will be checked. If you enter "6", then the time for any activity will be rounded up to six minute units and bill in tenths (.1) of an hour.

Past Due Interest is used to help you quickly apply a penalty to a client with a unpaid balance.  Under the EDIT menu of the program is an option to "Add Past Due Interest" which when clicked will add a new transaction to the current client statement.  Taking the previous balance and multiplying it by the percentage that you have entered in this field.

settings screen


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