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Sometimes you want to offer a client a special discount, but it can be important to still show them what the normal costs are. Instead of giving them a special hourly rate, you could charge the normal rates but add a discount as a credit towards their balance.

Discounts are only applied to the current billing period's hourly time slips, as expenses are still flat fees you are just passing along. This is also only applied to the pretax amount, since you can't make the government offer a discount on any tax rate they require. This means you must use the date filter on the left to show just the current dates for the billing period you are offering a discount on.

Click on the button for "Add Discount" and you'll see a popup asking for the percentage of discount you are offering. You'll also see the pretax total of the hourly billing, so you'll see the amount you are really offering a discount on if it is mixed in with expenses, payments, taxes and previous balances. The transaction will be dated on the last day of the reporting period (the through date of your date filter).

add discount on billing period


This help article applies to Legal Billing 7 or newer