View Options

On the Home toolbar is a section for View Options, to control how things are displayed on screen. Please note that if your screen size is on the small side, this might be a drop down list under a choice for View rather than being displayed as show above

view options on ribbon bar

Subtotal - Instead of a direct day by day list of billing data, some users prefer to break everything down by Matter or Staff or Type of entry (Timeslips vs Billing vs Payments). Here's here you make your selection to turn this on or off.

Show Comments - Typically we recommend that you keep the description field of your transactions as brief and generic as possible. ie. Telephone Consultation is encouraged over "Spoke to Fred Derf on the telephone regarding a potential settlement". However, these might be very appropriate for the comments field of a record. Using this option you can chose whether or not you would like to see/print these comments on your reports and client statements.

Show Previous Balance - An option to remove or show previous balance calculations. I am not exactly sure why anyone would want to not include a previous balance on a client statement however, I can certainly admit that we have had many request for this as an option. So ... here it is.

Show Bands - The main screen can display tables rows with an alternating background color. This is merely a user preference and does not print on the client statements.

Search Footer - Controls whether or not the search bar at the bottom of the Legal Billing screen is visible. This Search Footer can provide find and highlight features for the main table.

Filter Bar - In order to conserve screen real-estate, this option will turn off and on the filter panel on the left side of the program.


This help article applies to Legal Billing 7 or newer