Welcome to Time & Chaos!

Almost twenty-five years ago, when our original Time & Chaos contact manager first appeared as try-before-you-buy software in 1992, it struck a chord among harried business professionals. It has been called one of the best-kept secrets of the software industry by over a million people who have purchased it. From the introduction of this product forward, we have continued to update and improve the software to respond to the needs of today's users. We hope you'll find this version of Time & Chaos worthy of its legacy!

We appreciate your support and thank you for your patronage.

Michael R. Whittingham
President and CEO
Chaos Software Group, Inc.

PS: If you are more of a "visual learner", may I also recommend you take a look at our Chaos Univerisity training videos? Looking over someone's shoulder while they show off features and explain how they work can be a quicker way to get going than just reading about it. We have also embedded some of these videos here in the help files, for your convenience.