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Welcome to Chaos University!

Whether you are a freshman or a graduate student, we welcome you to our Chaos University, where tuition is free and classes take place whenever you want!

Classes here are free video presentations, designed to show and teach you more about Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos. They work right in your browser, so click on one of the subjects below to check it out!

The following courses are available now:

Training for Intellect and Time & Chaos

The following courses pertain to our current versions of Intellect. Other than the email features, the way the program works and the screen looks is the also same in our current versions of Time & Chaos and the basics are also in Chaos Free, so if you use one of those programs instead of Intellect, these videos should still apply!

Each video is less than 10 minutes long, most are less than 5, so you don't need to invest a lot of time to become an expert!

The most recent courses added below are:

What's New?

Intellect 10.3: What's new in this version (start here if you have used earlier versions of Intellect)

100's Basics

Intellect 101: An introduction to Intellect (updated for Intellect 10.1)
Intellect 102: Linked Items
Intellect 103: Setting up an email account
Intellect 104: Adding a contact
Intellect 105: Adding your first appointment
Intellect 106: Adding and using tasks
Intellect 107: Groups and Categories
Intellect 108: Backup and Restore
Intellect 109: Connection Log
Intellect 110: Searching with Quick Find and Reports

200's Program Preferences & Configuration

Intellect 201: Docking Panels
Intellect 202: Columns
Intellect 203: Appearance
Intellect 204: Email folders for Saved Messages
Intellect 205: Email signatures
Intellect 206: Advanced Data Paths for common contacts or common calendars

300's Moving and Sharing Data

Intellect 301: Cloud Synchronization with ChaosHost.com
Intellect 302: Folder Synchronization
Intellect 303: Importing from CSV and XLS files
Intellect 304: Exporting to CSV or XLS files
Intellect 305: Using vCard VCF files for Contact information
Intellect 306: Meeting Requests with vCal VCS files
Intellect 307: Copy and Paste records from one database to another

400's Advanced Email

Intellect 401: Add Sender to Contact List
Intellect 402: Email can automatically link to a contact (so view their history)
Intellect 403: Selecting recipients for messages
Intellect 404: Change your message style with Stationery
Intellect 405: Save reusable mail content with Snippets
Intellect 406: Link emails to additional Linked Contacts
Intellect 407: Inserting images into emails
Intellect 408: Create personalized emails with Merge Fields
Intellect 409: Schedule emails to Send Later instead of sending now
Intellect 410: Create an Email Series to send to a new contact
Intellect 411: Mail Rules for blocking, filtering or filing incoming mail

Note: Other email related classes are 103 - Adding email accounts, 204 - Email folders and 205 - Email Signatures

500's Advanced Events

Intellect 501: Repeat Options for Appointments and Tasks
Intellect 502: Appointment Colors
Intellect 503: Task Priorities and Colors
Intellect 504: Using the Planner view in Calendar
Intellect 505: Create an Activity Series
Intellect 506: Meeting Confirmations (new in!)

600's Advanced Contacts

Intellect 601: Name vs Last, First, Company
Intellect 602: Mail Merge with Microsoft Word
Intellect 603: Printing Mailing Labels

700's Projects

Intellect 701: Setting up fields for Projects
Intellect 702: Linking data to a Project
Intellect 703: Renaming the Projects section

800's Expert Features & Tools

Intellect 801: Remove Duplicates (even duplicate email messages)
Intellect 802: Advanced Data Backup Explorer (useful for undelete)
Intellect 803: Find and Replace
Intellect 804: Set and Clear Categories (for editing multiple records en masse)
Intellect 805: Custom Clipboard


New videos are still appearing, so check back later for more...

Legal Billing Video Training

Legal Billing is our very popular and simple to use time and billing program. It can be used completely standalone or in conjunction with one of our contact manager programs.

Legal Billing Basics

Legal Billing 101: An introduction to Legal Billing
Legal Billing 102: Invoicing
Legal Billing 103: Billing Transactions
Legal Billing 104: Program and Billing Settings
Legal Billing 105: Adding Cloud support with ChaosHost.com
Legal Billing 106: Client Ledger




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