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Chaos Software Tech Support Resources

Welcome to our Tech Support Department at Chaos Software! We have lots of options for you, from self-help to training to personal help when all else fails! Check out the menu of choices below:

1. Read Product Documentation online

These User Guides or Help Files should be your first choice for information, as they provide very broad info about the features and functionality of our different products. The help files for our current products are available online and are updated regularly. You can access them from the Help menu of your product or by clicking on the product here:

Chaos Intellect       Time & Chaos       ChaosFree       Legal Billing       ChaosHost.com

Older versions:

Chaos Intellect 3       Time & Chaos 7       Legal Billing 6

2. Attend Chaos University!

training videos onlineWe have free video presentations available online to show you how to use our software. These online training videos provide more in-depth knowledge about some of our more popular features, with the added bonus of getting to look ever a virtual shoulder while being shown how its done.

These are great if you prefer seeing rather than reading - Click here to enter Chaos University .

PS: every video is less than 5 minutes long, so it won't take long to be an expert!

3. Browse our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

      (you can browse the infrequently asked ones, too!)

Have an question that has not been answered in the sections above? We try to document common problems or bugs in our searchable support knowledge base, so many times you can save yourself the trouble and delay of contacting our Tech Support department by looking here first...

Select your product:

Optional: type keywords to limit and filter your search results. (Leave empty to see all the questions and answers)

4. Still have an unanswered question?

If you can't find an answer through any of the above options, we are available to help. We'll do our best to answer promptly (which is usually by the next business day).



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