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Chaos Software Products for Windows

Here is our current products list for Windows. (We also have programs for Android and iPhone.)

Many of these programs have a trial option so you can use them first before purchase. We also have video training available through our Chaos University which can be a quick way to get a live-action preview or to become an instant expert while using the trial version.

Need installation help? If you are unfamiliar with how to download and install software from the Internet, please click here for Installation Instructions.

ChaosHost.com - cloud services for Chaos and Legal Billing users

Works with: Legal Billing 7 and newer, Intellect 4 and newer, Time & Chaos 8 and newer and Chaos Free 8 and newer

ChaosHost is our premium cloud service to help you work with your data anywhere, not just at your main computer. You can synchronize multiple computers to keep your data up-to-date, you can work online through a web browser, or even sync with most of today's smartphones, including Androids and iPhones.

ChaosHost.com is ready and prepared to sync the same data files used by Legal Billing, Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free! Once these programs have your account setup, you can turn on automatic synchronization to keep everything up to date without effort. (If you use Legal Billing, you must have version 7 or newer to sync with ChaosHost.)

ChaosHost can sync with smart phones and mobile devices that support Exchange ActiveSync. This includes Google Android and Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Synchronizing this way adds the data to the built-in databases in your phone, for use with the apps that came with your phone.

Last, but definitely not least, ChaosHost.com is your data home away from home. Login to the website from any browser, even a mobile phone browser, and see/edit/add data from anywhere you go.

30 day free trial

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Legal Billing

Works with: Intellect 10, Time & Chaos 10 or Chaos Free 10      Current Version:      Release Date: 1/20/2021

Legal Billing is a valuable tool for busy lawyers and other professionals. It tracks billable time, expenses, and payments as well as offering reports and basic client statements.

Legal Billing can work by itself as a simple billing package, but its usefulness can be extended in two ways. First, combining LB with a ChaosHost account, you can work from court, work or home using smartphones or computers and keep your new edits and entries coordinated between computers and devices. Second, combining LB with one of our contact management programs, Intellect/Time & Chaos/Chaos Free, will give you a way to track your upcoming schedule and task list in addition to your billing history

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App).  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 4464 KB  Price: $49.95

21 day free trial



Revision History

Chaos Intellect

Current Version:      Release Date: 3/16/2023
chaos intellect

Chaos Intellect is our business-class email and contact management program. Use our powerful contact address book with appointment schedule, task management, and email all linked back to the appropriate contact. Send emails to groups of contacts or distribution lists. Merge personalized messages instead of sending BCCs. Schedule messages to be sent later.

Intellect includes all the features of Time & Chaos plus an email client and works well for individuals and for shared workgroups on networks.

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App).  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 11183 KB  Price: $59.95

21 day free trial



User Guide

Revision History

Email Privacy Policy

Time & Chaos

Current Version:      Release Date: 3/16/2023
time and chaos

Time & Chaos is our award-winning contact manager and has been around now for almost twenty-five years! Our longevity is due to our mix of an easy to use but powerful address book of contacts, appointment schedule, to do task management and projects.

Time & Chaos is a great choice if you need all the contact management but not the email features added to Intellect. Time & Chaos works great for individuals or shared workgroups on networks.

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App).  32bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 10823 KB  Price: $49.95

21 day free trial



User Guide

Revision History

Chaos Free

Current Version:      Release Date: 3/16/2023
chaos free

Perhaps you can tell from the name, but Chaos Free is a freeware version of our popular contact management software!.

This product includes only the minimal core features of what is included with the full Intellect or Time & Chaos programs, but if you just need the basics, this could be the version for you. (Click here for a comparison)

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App).  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 10828 KB  Price: FREE


User Guide

Revision History

Chaos Sync for Google users

Requires: Intellect 10, Time & Chaos 10, or Chaos Free 10     Current Version:      Release Date: 9/27/2022

Chaos Sync for Google users allows you to bi-directionally sync, upload and update your online Google Contacts and Google Calendar with your Chaos Data. You can control whether this is a two-way or one-way transfer, so you can configure it according to your needs.

Want to know more about how this works? Click here for more details and a screen shot!

[Chaos Sync for Google users is a replacement for our previous utility for Google called Google Updater, which used a since-discontinued service from Google to transfer data. Google Updater was also limited to one-way transfers only.]

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11.  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 2626 KB  Price: $25.00

10-use trial



Chaos DesktopSync

Requires: Intellect 10 or Time & Chaos 10, plus mobile apps   Current Version:      Release Date: 2/20/2017

Do you remember the days of those pre-iPhone Palm Pilots where you just synced your phone with your computer and went out the door to face the day? Our new Chaos DesktopSync program brings those days back! You can avoid annual fees and avoid putting your data on the Internet, too, because Chaos DesktopSync goes direct from your computer to your smartphone.

Want to know more about how this works and what is required? Click here!

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11.  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 2409 KB  Price: $19.95

10-use trial



ChaosSync for Outlook (a.k.a. MSOSync)

Requires: Intellect 10, Time & Chaos 10, or Chaos Free 10      Current Version:      Release Date: 4/18/2019
microsoft outlook

ChaosSync for Outlook, a.k.a. MSOSync, lets you synchronize your data in Outlook with your Chaos Data from Intellect, Time & Chaos or Chaos Free.

If you download this as a free trial version, you can use it to simply import data from Outlook to Chaos to get our databases jumpstarted with your info.

If you decide to purchase this tool, you'll unlock the ability to synchronize Chaos with Outlook. As you make changes in our software OR in Outlook, you can re-run ChaosSync for Outlook to find changes and update both databases with your current information!

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App) and Outlook 2003-2015.  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.
Size: 1193 KB  Price: $29.95

limited trial


Revision History

Address Swiper

Requires: Intellect 4/10, Time & Chaos 8/10 or Chaos Free 8/10      Current Version:      Release Date: 2/20/2017

Address Swiper lets you quickly input addresses from web sites, documents or other places where you can highlight and copy from! Address Swiper will take these addresses, split the different parts up correctly, and add them directly to your Contacts in your Chaos Data. Quickly capture sales leads and contact data from email messages, online yellow pages, websites, address lists, documents, and more!  Size: 557 KB  Price: $17.95



Mobile Device Sync Options


For Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, click here for more information.

For Google Android devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others, click here for more information.

For other devices, fear not, these are not the only two types of phones or mobile devices that can work with your Chaos data files. Here are the options to consider:

Option 1 - Over-The-Air sync with ChaosHost.com: Most of smart phones today support Over-The-Air synchronization with Exchange or Corporate Servers. The key feature your phone must have is support for Exchange ActiveSync. This would include iOS devices (like iPhone and iPad), Android phones, and Windows Mobile. If you have one of these phones, take a look at our ChaosHost.com online data hosting service which offers an Over-The-Air sync service as part of the feature set for subscribers. Here is a link to our ChaosHost documentation which discusses the Over-The-Air synchronization.

Option 2 - Chaos DesktopSync: If you have an Android device, the combination of our Chaos mobile apps for your device plus our Chaos DesktopSync program can provide a copy of your data on the run. Look above for the download link for Chaos DesktopSync to try it out or click here for more details.

Option 3 - CompanionLink: This method is available for users with extremely large databases or for users with older BlackBerry or Palm devices that do not support Exchange ActiveSync.

CompanionLink Software has developed powerful synchronization software that can sync your Chaos Databases with direct USB and Wi-Fi sync. Some users prefer the extreme security of direct synchronization rather than using an online hosted solution like ChaosHost or Google. Direct synchronization can also be more accomodating for extremely large databases. We are excited to have them extend their solutions to Chaos users!

CompanionLink for Time & Chaos has been updated to support Intellect 4/Time & Chaos 8/Chaos Free.

Please note that CompanionLink sells and supports this product themselves, so any support or sales questions on this particular solultion must be directed to them!

Option 4 - Sync with Outlook or Google: If your device does not support Exchange Over-The-Air synchronization and is not supported by CompanionLink, try to determine if the phone manufacturer features built in support for synchronization with Outlook or Google. If so, a final option to consider is using our ChaosSync for Outlook or Google Sync. These tools can transfer our data to Outlook or Google, where your phone could get to it too. Both of these tools are listed here on this Product page.

Theme Editor

Requires: Intellect 10, Time & Chaos 10, or Chaos Free 10      Current Version:      Release Date: 2/20/2017

If you like to tweak or customize the look of your software, this tool provides a color picker to help you change the colors used in a theme for Intellect 10/Time & Chaos 10/Chaos Free 10.

For best use, you should find the folder where the program is installed and make a copy of the theme.ini file so you can go back to original if needed. The editor will also change the current theme you are using, so if you want to make a completely new theme, you should edit the theme.ini file first to make a copy of an existing theme but with your new theme name in the brackets at the top of theme section you are creating. Then when you restart your program, you can pick your new theme name from the appearance section of the Options before you start the theme editor to change it up.

There are four fields you might need to edit manually in the .ini file to complete your look which the theme editor does not currently allow you to change. They are GradientMirror, GradientMirrorTo, HighlightMirror and HighlightMirrorTo. Generally speaking, if you get the colors you like with the theme editor, you can then edit the .ini file to use your Gradient/GradientTo and Highlight/HightlightTo colors again, but in reverse order to make the mirror effect complete.

Once you have finished editing your theme, you should make another copy of the theme.ini file, this time so you can put your custom theme file back in place if installing an updated version of our program resets the themes again. Also, if you think your theme might be so cool and professional that others might like to use it as well, you can copy your new theme settings from the .ini file and send it in through the Contact Us option on this web site. Most submissions won't make the cut, but a few of the best could make it into a future version of the program...

Requires Windows 7/8/10/11 (Desktop App).  32-bit and 64-bit compatible.  Size: 1011 KB  Price: FREE


Spell Check Dictionaries


Our Chaos programs support additional spell check dictionaries for many countries. If you are a user wanting a different dictionary than American English, feel free to browse and select a different spelling dictionary to use.  Size: various  Price: FREE

More Info

Legacy Products ("The Archives")

Looking for older discontinued versions of our software? Click here for our Legacy Products download page.



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