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google calendar and contactsChaosSync for Google users

ChaosSync for Google users offers the ability to upload or synchronize the Contacts and/or Appointment Calendar from your Chaos Data directory with the data in Google Calendar and/or Google Contacts!

Your contacts will be added to a new group on Google Contacts called Chaos Contacts. If you add a new contact to Google Contacts and want it to be added to the Chaos data on your computer, be sure to add the record on Google Contacts to the Chaos Contacts group, too.

Calendar items are synchronized with your default calendar for your Google account.

As you can see from the screen shot below, you'll be given the option to delete data from the Google version of Chaos Contacts and from your default calendar. You'll also be able to disable the bi-directional two-way sync if you want your data to be uploaded only. You can even turn off the Contacts or Calendar sync if you only want to send or synchronize data with one of these Google services. You will be in full control and you can revoke permission to access your Google account at any time.


Click here to download ChaosSync for Google users of Intellect 10 or Time & Chaos 10 or Chaos Free 10. The current build of this utility is released 9/27/2022.

Make sure to close any other programs, including the other Chaos Software programs you use on this computer, before installing ChaosSync for Google users.

Once installed, look for the new Google Sync option to appear on the Accessories menu found within Intellect or Time & Chaos.


ChaosSync for Google users

Privacy Policy for ChaosSync for Google users

Want to learn more about how your Google data is treated when used with this ChaosSync program?
Click here to review our ChaosSync Privacy Policy for Google users.




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