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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Chaos Software Sales Department

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in our software and services!

If you are ready to buy, just click the Purchase button above! All software codes are provided immediately when ordering online!

Have a Product Question?

If you need more information or have pre-purchase questions about one of our programs before you buy, please see our support resources, as we offer a great deal of info on our site, including Chaos University (with short videos demonstrating how our software works and what it can do.

Lost Product Registration Codes?

If you've lost your product codes, we can sometimes still locate them for you, depending on how long ago you made your purchase. We need the name and email address of the purchaser, if possible, to help locate it. If you have special instructions be sure to let us know in the box below.



Subject: This message is regarding  

Ask your question here. If you lost codes for previously purchased software, which product did you purchase?

Our Software Policies

We don't rent or lease programs, we sell them! That means a one-time purchase and you can run the specific version you purchase for as long as you like!

When you buy, we provide a registration code or password to unlock the software. Hold on to it, as you may need it again later if you have to switch computers or upgrade Windows.

Software is for people! We license software to users not computers. If you use two different computers, one license is enough. If you work with a team, please buy a license for each new user!

Software Updates! We release minor updates often, which all start with the same major version number. These types of updates are always free.

Major Software Upgrades! Sometimes we release a major update which has a new number at the beginning. These updates may have a cost, but they are always free if you are still within your two year upgrade protection or available at a discount if it has been more than two years since your purchase.

Our Service Policies (ChaosHost.com)

ChaosHost.com is a service we offer our customers which adds great capabilities and features but requires ongoing hosting and availability for your data. We cannot offer this as a one-time purchase to use forever like software, but we can offer an upfront price with a clear term of service so you can make your purchase and not worry about gotchas and gremlins.

We will clearly state when you are signing up for a plan with monthly charges. We also will offer the alternative to prepay for service without automatic renewals! If you signup with a prepaid account for ChaosHost.com, we'll always be clear when your subscription ends, we'll remind you when that day gets close, but we'll wait for you to renew yourself and we'll let you choose your term, one year or two.






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