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What link should I click?
Do you own Time & Chaos and want to upgrade to Intellect or own a Time & Chaos 5.x or 6.x version and want to upgrade to our current Time & Chaos version? Choose Upgrading User.
For all other purchases, including Legal Billing and ChaosHost subscriptions, choose New Purchases.

New Purchases       or       Upgrading User


Payment Processing

Upgrading users will need their registration/security/user code from a previous version of Time & Chaos to qualify for the discounted loyalty pricing on the current Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect programs.

A note about security:  We do not store your credit card number on our website nor in our database of transactions. This requires you to enter your credit card again if you place another order since we will not remember it, but it also means there is less of a risk of your information being misused. During the processing of your purchase transaction, all transmitted personal information, including your credit card number, is encrypted or converted into technical jargon, unintelligible to hackers, thereby securing it. All credit card companies also limit the cardholder liability to a maximum of $50 and will even waive this charge if the cardholder notifies them of fraud within 60 days of its occurrence.




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