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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Chaos Software for iPhone and iPad

These apps support two methods for transferring data from your Intellect or Time & Chaos software: ChaosHost.com and DesktopSync.

ChaosHost.com is the easiest and richest way to work with your data. When you launch for the first time, go to the Settings area to connect the app to your ChaosHost.com account so it can transfer your data back and forth.

DesktopSync refers to our program of the same name that can make your computer a "server" for your phone over your local wi-fi network. The settings area of our apps allow you to change the server address to match the configuration of DesktopSync, along with the user name and password you setup there.


ChaosTasks for iPhoneChaosTasks

The Main Screen

The Details Screen

iPad features

This app supports both slide-over and split-view, new features added in iOS 9 for certain iPad models. If your iPad allows supports it, you'll be able to use ChaosTasks side by side with other apps on the larger iPad screen.

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ChaosBilling for iPhoneChaosBilling

ChaosBilling is a mobile version of our Legal Billing software for Windows.

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