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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Chaos Intellect: Business email software
and CRM contact management done right!

Intellect video introduction

If you haven't heard of Chaos Intellect before now, you've missed out! We have years of experience making great contact management CRM software, as featured in our award winning contact manager called Time & Chaos. Chaos Intellect combines this powerful contact manager experience with a great email client that hits the sweet spot for users like you!

Why should you choose Chaos Intellect? We have two ways to answer that for you: on the left, you can view our features, organized by whether you are a Casual User, Business User or Advanced Power User. On the right, we let other users provide their own testimonials of how Intellect has worked for them. Keep reading for more details!

Once you see enough to convince you to try it, keep in mind we have a fully-functional trial version you can download with no missing features and no hassles. We want you to see it work in the real world without any guessing!

What makes Intellect different?

  1. Intellect shows you which email messages come from people you know!

    In your inbox, look for the messages with hyperlinks in the sender column. These are the messages coming from people in your contact list, easy to pick out from the rest of the noise!
  2. Intellect has email histories for contacts!

    Open a contact (click on the hyperlink in the sender column) and go to the E-Mail tab at the top to see ALL of the messages you have received from or sent to this contact's email addresses!
  3. For that matter, Intellect has appointment and task histories of everything else you have done for a contact, too!

    While in the contact details, there are also tabs for Appointments and Tasks to show your chronological history, including any notes you took on those days about those events.
  4. Want your prospects and clients to feel you are in constant contact with them?

    Intellect offers e-mail merges with message templates you create making it easy to be personal without all the work! Even create a complete series of messages to be delivered at a scheduled interval.

    Intellect can do merges with Word templates, too, if you are still sending out letters the old-fashioned way!
  5. Intellect has a REDIRECT option !!!

    Who knows why most email programs are missing this useful feature, but who hasn't been frustrated by the way forwarding email works? You pass along a message to the right person at your office to answer the email, and then they reply ---- to you! How did you get stuck in the middle? Because the forwarded message came from you!

    If you redirect the message instead of forwarding, the person who receives it will be replying back to the original sender, leaving you out of the middle!
  6. Share your data on a network, even in real time or simultaneous use!

    You can share just part of the data, like a common contact list, or share everything, even the email (perfect for things like info@, support@, or sales@ your company email domain).

    No special or expensive server software is required. Its all built into our program ready to use shared folders on your network.
  7. You can put Intellect AND your data on a memory stick / flash drive to take with you when you leave your main computer!

    You can take your flash drive to a guest computer and access data without leaving any apparent tracks on the guest system. This even includes sending and receiving email messages!

    The version you run from the flash drive can then be synchronized with your main computer so that any changes and updates you make to your data in one place can be shared with both!
  8. Intellect is made and supported by friendly people!

    We like our software and we are happy to assist, especially if you are new and getting started!

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Sound good so far? We invite you to see it for yourself by downloading a fully-functional trial version, or read on for a complete feature list, broken down by the normal types of users that buy Intellect.

We also have a posted Email Privacy Policy for Chaos Intellect so you can see how we treat your private email data. (Short version: we don't have access to it at all as everything resides on your local computer, not our servers!)

Intellect Features

Casual User

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Business User

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Advanced Power User


Ready to try Chaos Intellect? Download our fully functional trial to get started

We offer a fully-functional evaluation copy for everyone to try Chaos Intellect for free for 21 days. You can click here to download now! This file comes directly from our web site, is virus-free and is digitally signed by us for your security!

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Once Chaos Intellect has proven its worth to you, come back to our site to purchase it. We think this way of doing business is much better than a money-back guarantee because if you don't like it, you don't have to argue for your money back.

When you buy Chaos Intellect, our sales department will send you a license code to unlock your trial version and turn it into a paid and registered version. You won't be starting over, you'll be continuing on with your existing data and settings!

What does Intellect cost?

Chaos Intellect is $59.95 per user and comes with two years of upgrade protection.

Our upgrade protection is not a lease program, you do own the software when you purchase it! But as we release updates to Intellect over time, you can upgrade to newer versions without worrying about needing to pay again for this product for at least two years.

We license by user, not by computer or database, so if you are the only user, you can pay one low fee and legally use this program at home, at work, and on your laptop. As you add additional users, keep in mind the fact there is no special expensive network or server software that is necessary to purchase, as all the network features are already built in and included in the client program.

Our products are available exclusively through our secure online store with immediate full version electronic delivery.


Do you have any questions?

Like the intro video at the top, our Chaos University has many short videos to show off the features available in Intellect.

You can also get quick answers using our Online Support Knowledge Base or you can contact us online.


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User Testimonials

All I can say is that I wish I'd had Intellect many years ago, when I was using ACT and GoldMine. They were about the easiest on the market, as far as I knew, but Intellect blows both of them away with user-friendliness and efficiency. You folks have created a terrific product, and if asked, I'll be only too happy to tell them they should rush right out and get it because it'll make their business life much happier and much more successful!

Tim Taggart  2/5/2019

Hello all. Just wanted to tell you how much I depend on Chaos Intellect and Legal Billing and how much I enjoy using both. I've been using both for years and cannot imagine running my law firm without it. Thanks to you, I have replaced three separate sites re systems with Chaos. The integration is seamless. Keep up the good work and don't ever leave.

Jose  6/20/2017

I have been using this product for many years and wish to say "it is amazing". It offers any residential customer a great way to keep your various records up to date, adding or deleting records as needed. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PRODUCT!

Robert L  11/8/2016

I've used T&C since it came free on a floppy disc. Brilliant product unlike "Top Down" Microsoft and the like. I am undertaking a self build home - a small cottage. I have been using the Project part of Intellect as my primary data base keeping track of all mails, appointments, quotations and costings. Its an ideal Project Management tool. Thank you.

Steve Hulme  12/10/2015

I just like to say that Chaos Intellect is the very best PIM I ever had!! Every morning I start the program with a smile, happy about the way it does the important things for me without any bugs, quick, simple - it's outstanding.

Good bye Outlook, The Bat!, Thunderbird, Essential PIM, eM-Client forever.

Ralf Moritz  12/1/2015

"Thank you. I hated, but was "married" to ACT! for years. I wanted/needed something else and happened upon your program. I did the free trial and it looked like it would work, but there are always problems that come up later. Not so with your program. We have it. We love it. It is simple. It works. All the time. Without incessant updates/modifications. Wow! A product that works like the developer/seller says it will. Thank you.

"Your "university" is excellent. Someone understands I am not trying to learn how to hack a foreign government so made tutorials that are short, sweet, labeled and graphic. Would you guys please run for national office and straighten out the mess up there?

"Thanks again."

Hal Bishop  3/12/2015

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy to be using Intellect. I work as a business broker and need to keep on top of all my contacts, the communications I have with them and their relationship with other contacts. In the past I have used Outlook with BCM but it was inadequate for the kind of work I do. I used to work for Microsoft and my wife worked there for 13 years so we have a very positive bias towards their products. However for the kind of work I do and I suspect for many small businesses Intellect is simply a better choice."

Graham P.  2/9/2015

"After using Chaos Intellect for over a year, I have some thoughts I believe your company should know. I also had some questions which have now been answered. As a stock broker and a financial advisor for over 25 years, I have researched many CRM softwares, have used quite a few, and have also switched to new ones as my needs have changed over time. Starting with "Broker’s Ally” in 1989, Bill Good’s "Gorilla Marketing”, "Maximizer Software”, Salesforce, and “Smart Office” by E-Z Data which is now paid buy my current employer for thousands of consultants like myself. I use a company-issued Windows laptop and also use around 6-7 Apple devices including iPhone. I like to enter data once and have that available everywhere else. Most importantly, when my clients call, I like to know who it is before I take that call on my iPhone. I had been able to manually sync my gadgets in several steps using “Outlook” in the past, a very frustrating and stupid way of doing things in this day and age. “Chaos Intellect” combined with “Chaos Host” is the ONLY solution available in the market today to instantly, do exactly this, PERIOD. That also at a fraction of what other big name CRM companies are charging for not even providing all the functions I need. I suspect there are many other users, just like me, who need to know this. Thank you from all of us."

(Verified user of Chaos Intellect)  12/16/2014

"Thanks for your characteristically prompt handling of this issue. I had just begun to update our household's three computers when your "Breaking News" email came through. Every once in a while something like this happens to remind me why I've been using your products since the dinosaurs roamed. "I also like your recent tips series."

William Hanigsberg  11/13/2014

"I love Intellect it's just so right for what I want and need. I'm gradually getting it adopted throughout our little company client by client (another to come in November I hope). I love the fact that you're all so helpful and available when we're stuck."

Richard Harley  10/21/2014

"Powerful and simple would be the 2 words I would use to describe Intellect. I've tried all sorts of other CRM's and they all had serious drawbacks. Intellect's ability to link tasks, appointments, projects and emails to contacts is amazing. Tracking emails from contacts with multiple email address is only possible with Intellect and has made my life so much easier. Along with ChaosHost, I have a very powerful system which I can take anywhere. Backups are also SO EASY so I know my data is safe. The sales team and customer support are also outstanding in terms of efficiency, politeness and technical knowledge. I cannot recommend Intellect enough."

Kyle Walker  7/3/2014

"First, I would like to start by saying... Thank You !, for providing this software free of charge. Its my savior, not only for me but for my family as well. Suffering from cancer, I am able to keep all my doctors appointments, notes regarding past and future procedures, linking of contacts and files provides easy access to all my information in one place. Though I do have Microsoft Outlook, nothing compares to Chaos Software's simplicity yet powerful design features which rise above the rest. "Kudos and success in your endeavors. "Again, I thank you... my family and I will personally spread the word."

Daniel Di Battista  3/4/2014

"I bought a $3,500 TRS80 Model 1, 9 pin dot matrix printer, set up in 1978 or 9. I used universal replace on wills I had been typing on a used typewriter with carbon paper. I have never looked back. But, I did get stuck in my management software when most of it was bought by a company that, let's just say, became less interested in program updates. I looked at Zoho, Office 360, simple CRMs, yes, Clio and Rocket Matters, and nothing made me comfortable about getting all of my data into the new program, or ease of use. How I missed Chaos, I don't know. But now I have found it. After a very few minutes developing receptacles for my custom fields I exported all of my clients into Intellect 4 with a simple CSV file. Seamless and quick. One afternoon and I was in operation. Once again, I haven't looked back. Don't even ask about the price. It is nothing compared to the competition and with Chaos Host I am in contact anywhere and everywhere. Give me a soapbox, billboard or rooftop and I will shout it out, Intellect 4 with Legal Billing is the best. The competition can't touch it. There's so much more but I'll let you enjoy it on your own. Thanks."

Michael P Cleary  3/4/2014

"After I realized it serviced all my objectives I was very happy with how nice everything was to work in. Not over complicated, and all the features I needed. The support help videos are very nice, manage to cover all the issues I had. I suppose these must be a new edition. The customer management program itself is very easy to maneuver around with out a road map. I will be able to run my business very nicely and orderly with this software. I shopped thru the internet a lot, downloaded many that I thought might fit my needs, and after trying out at least 10 or so come to the conclusion this was good. Price is great as well. One time charge and your in, as opposed to a monthly charge forever. Backup feature is absolutely great, easy and accessible compared to backing up other software in the recent past! "Chaos Intellect has great features and easy to configure. Nice looking and a pleasure to work in. Support is good with lots of help videos (at least 50 or so) to assist with most all issues a new user would have. They were able to help me thru all my issues I have had up to now. Price is great with one time charge and your in."

Brian Lacouvee  1/24/2014

"I have been using Time & Chaos for many years and consider myself to be reasonably proficient at using most of the features. However, I have been stumped 2 or 3 times and I was able to contact Chaos Software and each time Debbie was able to provide all of the info necessary to solve my problems. T & C is a great program and the staff at the Chaos Software headquarters is very knowledgeable and customer friendly. Many thanks!"

John W. Horn Jr.  11/5/2013

"I think that I sent you a message before suggesting that you should raise the price of your product. You know your market, but from our perspective having used Intellect for over a year it is worth multiples of what we paid. From prospect management to project management to follow through referral mongering, Intellect has truly become the hub of our operations - meeting every requirement we've thrown at it. Our sales, administrative, and workflow control procedures are markedly more efficient. Thank you!"

Jim Conklin  11/1/2013

"I like your software! It thinks like I do! "Lots of information without a lot of navigation." It's the only contact manager I use because it's so fast and easy to use. Quick input, quick access, quick output."

Gary Molatore  10/25/2013

"I just want to express how impressed I am with your product - as an owner of a growing accountancy practice finding a software to help me manage my client base has been a nightmare - I was happy to pay for the bespoke software on the market tailored towards UK accountants which sells at around £400 (aprrox $700) but it required a good read of their 100 page manual.

"Your software is well priced, extremely flexible in its use and very initiative. Well done! I will seek to recommend you guys where I can.

"Kind Regards,

"Stefan Walker BA (Hons) MAAT Senior Accountant & Tax Advisor"

Stefan Walker BA (Hons) MAAT  10/16/2013

"I just wanted to compliment you on a fine product and a excellent support system.

"I have used numerous other e-mail / contact programs over the years but this is the best one I have used by far."

Jerry L. Clausing  5/6/2013

"I'm a CPA and have used Time & Chaos for many years. Every tax season I state that I love this product. I use the cloud with Intellect, it allows me to be mobile and update from anywhere. Thank you, for making my work so much easier."

Martha L Branson CPA  2/25/2013

"I am an artist and independent teacher who started using your software about a year ago. It took some time to wrap my head around the customer driven focus of the software rather than a task management perspective- now I cant imagine running my life/business without it. The University is great too- I go there for a specific question and end up watching several clips that refresh and reinforce my memory. Thanks so much for a great product!"

Emilie Sayward Henry  10/26/2012

"...your software and support is the best !! why do people still use outlook ? with your software on my iphone , ipad and desktop with you on line cloud service its brilliant . "Thanks and keep up the good work ."

Geoff Bainbridge  10/2/2012

"My brother and I started with you in 1992. We both had just retired from our careers and had a small office together, just for fun. Thanks for T & C, it has met my needs for 20 years, and going strong."

Bill Wendell  8/1/2012

"I saw your recent message celebrating 20 years. Congratulations! Years ago, I stumbled across a freeware disk of T&C. It's been so long I can't remember the event. I have what appears to be my first test of the program. It is dated July 28, 1995. I think that was using Version 4.07. So next week is my 17th anniversary of using your programs. "I have used it through several job searches. I keep much of my personal life and contacts in it. I find the notes section particularly helpful for long-term tracking such as medical and service agreements. There are now so many features to Intellect that I can't use them all. "I have used it continuously all these years because it is the only program I have found that so effectively links contact information with the various other databases. And what it doesn't link can usually be found through one of the flexible searches. "So thanks for holding my life together all these years! "P.S. I love the name Time and Chaos. Being a creative person, I am convinced that chaos precedes all creative actions. It is only through a disruption of the old order that a new order can occur - that can be chaotic. "

Ken Truman  7/23/2012

"I have used Time and Chaos as my office scheduling software for 8 years and am delighted with it. Most importantly, the support at the main office is SUPERB. I have never called and had a machine answer during working hours, folks are friendly and ready to help. It is old fashioned service for a new fashioned product and I cannot recommend it more!"

Dr. Devi  7/18/2012

"I have been T&C since working for a Maryland company in the USA and loved it in 2000 I have since introduced T&C and Chaos Host to two further companies in the UK since 2003. I have just completed a new business model using mail merge and used T&C for my two assistant to enable us all to stay 'on the same page' and I can monitor and support my staff by checking task due and completed and reassign during absences and holidays. I have recently resigned from this company and started my own company as a consultant to them. Debbie Reft of software support assigned new user names and password and transferred my 13k client data to my new Chaos host and I can in minutes continue with my work with my database and model available on my work PC, home office PC, iphone and monitor a staff member remotely. I would highly recommend to any creative soul wanting to keep a lot of data well organised and accesible for minimal costs. Do not be bamboozled by jargon and pay huge fees for a database that YOU have to adapt to when you can download T&C products in minutes and tailor it to yourself with a few views of the online tutorial 'sniglets of 5 mins' and create your own personalised diary and word processing system. I am going to start invoicing for my consultancy services soon linked to client case successes, I know I can easily download T&C and my personalised database business model will absorb the new softward to be user friendly and ready to go."

D Talbot  6/1/2012

I started using Chaos Time & Chaos a number of years ago. In 2009, I switched to Intellect, and it's been the control center for my business ever since. I just upgraded to Intellect 4, and I can't say enough about the improvements that have been made to something that I thought was already pretty great.

In addition, you couldn't get a better group of folks to help you over the bumps than Mike, Bill and Dave. Having telephone support is invaluable when you think you've just blown up your business lifeline. And, the patience the guys have in working with you through something you don't understand is priceless.

Thanks to everyone at Chaos Software Group for an outstanding product with support that goes far beyond what is usually offered for a product of this type.

K. Allardyce  3/23/2012

"Your company and your product rock. I'm pretty sure I purchased my first Time and Chaos around 2005 and have been using it ever since."

Matthew  3/7/2012

"You are all amazing. I mean, your product is great and functions beautifully, but what I really love is that I can just call you up and talk to someone when I run into a problem. Might I add that my problems always have to do with my computer crashing and not with Chaos Intellect!

"So, yes, I thank you for developing a fabulously functional and useful piece of software, but mostly I thank you for being there to answer the phone when a technological neophyte like me runs into technical difficulty. I look forward to soon joining the throngs of smart phone users knowing that when I need to sync my data, you will be there to walk me through it.

"Many thanks!"

Heidi Rugg  12/27/2011

"I just wanted to send you a message and tell you how fabulous I think your product is, I have been working in the I.T. industry for15 years and have seen many different CRM packages over the years. As a previous Goldmine & ACT user I can tell you the CHAOS Intellect product is far superior and a much more realist price. Great job everyone."

Bill Bowran  11/15/2011

"I started with Time & Chaos in the mid-90's and have been using Intellect for several years now. While I believe Chaos Intellect to be the absolute best software program I've ever used, it is the service that the Chaos team provides that sets them apart. Every question I've ever had was answered correctly and quickly by someone on the team. In several cases, I got an answer on the same day that I posted the request. The people at Chaos are always friendly, capable, and extremely helpful. I wish to gratefully acknowledge your customer service ethic."

Bruce Thompson  8/25/2011

"I have been a Chaos user for as long as I remember, and when I recently upgraded to Windows 7, I absolutely hated Windows Live Mail, so I went looking for another solution, and gave Intellect the 21 day trial. I was skeptical at first, but I absolutely freaking love it! I have to handle a number of different email accounts and thousands of archived emails, so the way the emails are connected to the contact records is great. I think I have written product testimonials only a half of a dozen times over the years, but just had to share this experience. I have some ideas that could make it absolutely perfect, if anyone wants to know."

Franklin Watson  6/20/2011

"I've been using Intellect for a few months now and just want to congratulate you on this product (having come from Outlook and Thunderbird). The ease of use is excellent - it almost knows what I want to do. The integration between contacts and email, in particular, is quite outstanding and a very real time-saver. (Why did it take me so long to find this super software??) Well done and keep up the good work."

David Blythe  2/7/2011

"Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I had been using FreeCRM but was getting close to my "free" limit of data stored and began looking around to find an alternative with lower ownership costs and yet most of the features.

"I didn't hold out much hope based on a number of brief trials with alternatives. Then I found Chaos Intellect, read the testimonials and thought "this is quite different, but may be worth a try".

"I LOVE it! Yes it is different to FreeCRM, but in most respects those differences equate to BETTER! The net result is much improved productivity - everything about Chaos Intellect is designed smartly to minimize the need for manual data entry and time-consuming searching for client information.

"Here's the 3 things I really love the most:
1. Drag and drop contacts onto the calendar for meetings or onto Tasks for phone calls. This pre-populates the calls and meetings with almost everything needed, including a link to the contact so all call or meeting notes can be viewed in the contacts record. I can schedule a meeting in seconds!
2. All key information, including emails to and from, are held under the contacts record. In FreeCRM the key information is scattered around company, contact, event, deal, task, and email records - an the integration with email is weak by comparison to Chaos Intellect.
"3. I have set up auto-dialing using the standard (free) Window auto-dialer (which I only discovered due to the Intellect User Guide). It works with my standard home-office phone system, and enable me to simply click on any phone link within the Intellect contacts area and presto! ... the call is made without me dialing - I can even queue up the next call if I want to and it will auto-dial as soon as I hang up. Another great productivity boost!

"There's heaps of other great stuff and it's well worth working your way through the excellent user guide to discover them, but these are the 3 things that consistently put a smile on my dial!

"Thanks to the Chaos Team for an awesome job: I don't recall the last time I sat down and wrote a testimonial ... maybe I've always been too busy with inefficient systems!"

Murray Nickel  12/15/2010

"This is an excellent program. I have been searching for a user friendly contact manager with a wide variety of features for months. I am happy to say your program has finally ended my search. The Intellect program has all the features I was looking for and more, and all at a very reasonable price. Thanks again."

R. Zimmerman  9/24/2010

"Intellect is so much better than Outlook and it is also safer. I have been using Chaos Software since 1989. I have depended on the stability, ease of use, and security Time & Chaos/Chaos Intellect have given my business. The need for a simple secure contact, appointment calendar, and task reminder is essential for my productivity. No other personal/team contact and calendar software I have tried has even come close. I would not even consider replacing my Chaos Software. "Thanks for keeping me in business and life for the last 21 years."

Michael Glasser  7/6/2010

"Just bought a new Motorola Droid, and was wondering how in the world I was going to get my contacts into Gmail. THANK YOU so much for having a utility to synch with Gmail - I can continue to use Intellect, which basically contains my life .... and not have to worry about my phone not getting updated."

Ken Richardson  6/7/2010

"I've been using Time and Chaos since the beginning.. I just started using Intellect vs Outlook. OMG what a difference. No more conflicting email rules. No more time searching for an important email you saved but forgot where you put it. If you need to find an old email from "Joe", just go to contacts and under Joe's record are all the emails he EVER sent you... Forget searching in all the rules folders... And Intellect does not cause you the performance ISSUES of Outlook. It's super fast and super easy. Turning a received email into a contact is as simple as one mouse click. For small businesses, this is the most powerful contact management system/email program you can find at ANY price... And you get Four Star SERVICE for free."

Don - Brentwood, TN  6/4/2010

"Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your products since the original Time & Chaos 16 years ago! I just updated to Intellect. I really like the built in email client (I used Express Plus before). Your software is nothing short of fabulous! After 16 years of daily use with what is now currently many thousands of records the software has performed flawlessly. I also really like the capability of installing to a flash memory drive! This is great for when I am on the road!

"Thanks for creating such amazing software!! When will you guys create an operating system?"

Eric in Lake Mary, FL  5/10/2010

"Thanks for the making the best Contact Management software that I've ever used! It's very user friendly , intuitive to use, multi-tasking and backed up by a terrific tech support team. I couldn't be happier and I've used ACT, Goldmine and Salesforce. Great job!"

Lesley Harter  4/8/2010

"I would like to thank you for developing an extremely useful product. I'm a founding partner of a small law practice and have used your product since hanging our shingle in 2004. I have first found Time & Chaos and later Chaos Intellect to be outstanding products, providing me with an easy to use and valuable assistance over these years. I was also pleasantly surprised, after calling your company some years back, to see one of my suggestions appearing in a future version of your product: the ability to have T&C synchronize when I closed it. Proving to me that your company is extremely responsive to the needs of this customer. "

David Lunas  4/5/2010

"Thank you. As a recovering Goldmine user your software is a usable, intuitive, breath of fresh air. Took me 4 days to buy it after downloading the free version only because I couldn't believe it was so good. It is and thanks again."

Florindo Volpacchio  3/12/2010

"After having used Time & Chaos for more than 15 years I made the switch to Intellect because of problems with my regular mail client. I wish I had done this long ago as Intellect is so mature and easy to use. A perfect program which - I hope - can help me for the next 15 years."

Jan Roza  12/9/2009

"Just wanted to let you know that you have a great product in Time and Chaos and Intellect. It is by far one of the best tools that we use for accounting and tax business."

Brian Crouse  11/17/2009

"I have designed a many-to-many database linking contacts, appointments, and companies - and now Intellect does that in being able to add mutliple attendees for each appointment. This is great for keeping track of attendees at family events, business meetings, and vacations. I have taken it one step further added a separate table for companies (organizations) and link it in a many-to-many relationship with both contacts and appointsments (completes the triangle). I have a number of contacts that belong to the same company - this relationship makes it easier than entering the company info for each new contact.

"Thanks for a great product - I dropped Outlook for Intellect - a good move."

Andy Durkee  10/20/2009

"I have been using Time and Chaos since 1992 and recently began using Intellect just 3 months ago.

"I was reluctant to use Intellect as the work environment I am in dictates that Outlook be used so for years I was using "ChaosSync for Outlook" to keep my "Chaos" data synced with my "Outlook" data. After using Intellect in conjunction with the "Sync with removable media" function I can now travel wherever and just plug in my USB thumb drive on any computer (including clients offices I visit) and it's like I'm working from my own desktop or laptop. All my mail, calendar events and contacts are up to date and always close at hand. By the way, syncing of data between desktop and laptop is ridiculously easy and I've never lost any data. I now wish I had began using Intellect as soon as I knew it was available. Absolutely ingenious software!"

Ned Willis  9/28/2009

"I used to use T&C back in my DOS days so it's good to see you're still around!I just downloaded the Google Sync Beta and WOW! it worked! I sync my Blackberry with Google Calendar so now everything can be tied into a nice bundle."

Randall Hilton  9/14/2009

"I have been using Time & Chaos/Chaos Intellect from the days of Windows 3.1!!

"I have tried other products from time to time as well but none have been as flexible or problem-free as T&C.

"Also the product support is quick and superb. I wish all my other software worked as well as this. 100% recommendation to anyone thinking of switching to this product."

Jessica Rosenthal  8/17/2009

"Sometimes, actually very rarely, I find a piece of software that is well done in all ways and avoids one or more of the problems that plague similar programs in its class. It almost seems like there are fundamental limitations on what is possible until a program comes along to disprove it.

"Intellect is one of those programs. It is simple to use but there is obviously some very clever stuff going on behind the scenes that sets in miles above other email programs. I have used many email programs including several from Microsoft (Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail) and they don't come close. What I particularly like is the ability to share the same email files across a network.

"Thanks for a wonderful product."

Andrew Phillips  6/24/2009

"This new version rocks. I find the percent completed for tasks very useful, do wish it would print in Task Details. The pop-up notifier of new mail is good. In fact all of the updates are very useful. The recent up-dates have made Intellect a real player in the enterprise world as well as a good and useful program for really small businesses like mine (one person, me).

"Keep up the good work."

James Harvey Knauss  6/5/2009

"Downloaded the latest version of Chaos Intellect yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Thank you for continuing to improve your product."

Claude Pratte  6/5/2009

"I don't remember how long I've used your product - I would guess ten or more years. Never have I had a problem nor wished it had a feature it didn't have. I can not say that about any other program on my computer. I thank you every day but this is the first time to actually write."

Max Ligon  5/8/2009

"I wish I would have found this program years ago, This is the best software program I have used for Contact management. I just turned off my Microsoft outlook for good (The most current contact management version). I would suggest anybody that needs to track customers/Clients/Emails This is your one stop and this price is amazing."

Bruce Peyton  1/2/2009

"I am still amused after all of these years when I see people struggling with their personal information manager and email software. Everything is so inflexible with the other software. It is either do things the way they want you to do things, or you cannot do them at all. With Chaos Intellect most everything is very easily customizable so the PIM looks exactly the way I want it to. The PIM also works exactly the way I want and need it to.

"I don't think life would be worth living without my Intellect! software. I keep my daily schedule, reminders, contact information, and email all in one easy place. The best part is that everything interacts together without having to jump through hoops.

"Thank you, once again, for making the best PIM/email product on the market!"

Craig Merwitzer  12/22/2008

"Finally, a contact manager that is not cluttered with useless features and plagued with issues. I have been using Intellect for less than a year after switching from ACT (for the last 8 years) and Outlook BCM for the last year because ACT had issues with Vista. I love it! THANKS."

J Bryan Galeazzo  12/12/2008

"I just want to say "thanks" for making a simple, practical, easy-to-use and most of all, AFFORDABLE contact management program.

"I used to use ACT until about 2006 and by then they had overcomplicated it and loaded it down with so many features that to learn how to use it properly, week long classes were offered (for an additional fee...)

"Intellect gets down to basics of contact management and is not overloaded. The ease of e-mail integration is something I always looked for but could never find in a way that I liked.


"I look forward to seeing your upcoming products, updating to a palm version when I decide to splurge, and use the hosting service (genius again!) when I eventually increase my sales with your product. This makes you all true partners in my business."

Joseph Simunaci  10/29/2008

"I think there must be something wrong with me....I'm in love with a piece of software!!

"Keep up the great work guys!."

Gerry Peterson (Melbourne, Australia)  9/23/2008

"The problem with Chaos Software is that one grows to expect the same great product support and upgrades from other software creators, and then one invariably winds up disappointed by them. Thanks for years of great service and a much more organized me!!!"

Martha  9/15/2008

"It's wonderful. I have enjoyed your software for many years, and it just continues to improve and work with me.

"I really like the Whidbey with colorful captions--very rich and legible. I use Lucida sans in extra large fonts and love it.

"Thank you for continuing to polish this application."

Thomas E Lee  9/11/2008

"I have been a user of your software for a number of years and just wanted to tell you that beyond the neat enhancements already incorporated into, the blue color is truly fantastic. For what ever reason, it makes your excellent product appear even more professional! I have permanently replaced my dependence/usage on MS Office with Chaos Intellect."

Claude Pratte  9/10/2008

" version of Chaos Intellect is easy on the eyes the new look is GREAT real professional.
A great looking professional display on my computer when clients are around.
Thank The Team Job Well done."

John Kapcia  9/10/2008

"Just needed 30 minutes for evaluating and buying.
"Good job."

Wolfgang-Vienna  9/5/2008

"WOW!!! I have been using T&C since ver 6 and have been amazed at how well every thing works. Upgraded to Intellect about 18 months ago and everything just got better with the memory stick sync. I recently up-graded to a blackberry for corporate email functions, and tried Companionlink to sync my contacts, appts, and todo notes. I no longer have to keep an appt book on paper. The sync is tremendous. I cannot say enough about these programs. Keep up the excellent work."

Kent Arrington  8/28/2008

"I am an attorney and tried other products specifically for attorneys and/or law offices; however, they can't hold a candle to your product and support. At worst it's half the price of other software at best, it's only a small fraction of the cost of competing software. But the best things about the software is that: first, it's very easy to use and/or learn to use; second, the company has tutorials on-line to walk you through how to use certain aspects of the program if you don't understand the help menu; third, it integrates with other software extremely easy (ie. MSOffice or OpenOffice); fourth, tech support is fantastic - they actually answer the telephone within minutes and usually can walk you through and problem your having; fifth, the comprehensiveness of the program is amazing - from emails to contact management - everything is at your fingertips (the more you use it makes you wonder how you ever did without something like it in past; sixth, even though it can do an amazing amount, it's still a small program and needs very little ram to operate quickly on your computer unlike ACT!; seventh, and last, I looked around at a lot of contact management programs and Intellect can [do] everything the "big boys" can do - if it can't, you probably don't need that feature anyway or it's why the other program bogs your computer down to the point it can barely operate."

Fred Freitag  7/10/2008

"I was a long time user of ACT! when they were bought by Sage I found the later version were unusable for our small company. Started with T&C and recently switched to Intellect. I love it!. I particularly like that it will allow me to carry my entire data base in a USB memory chip. That alone blows ACT! away, but the usability and speed of the program are outstanding.

"If that weren't enough, when I've had a problem and called - some actually answered the phone and helped me!!!! That's unheard of in this day and age. Thank you Chaos Software."

Frank Kaplan  6/20/2008

"I am a new user of Intellect and am still learning the program. In fact, I had a silly question because I could not figure something out and ended up having to call the tech support line. My question was answered by a pleasant and knowledgeable person after only a brief period on hold. That was good but for me the icing on the cake was after I discovered that Intellect will interface with OpenOffice. When I first installed Intellect I noticed the MS Word Icon on the tool bar and thought to myself, "It is really too bad that software developers don't recognize the excellent text module in OpenOffice as an alternative to Word. So when I found today that I actually had a choice under Tools/Options I almost did a back flip out of my chair! So I tip my hat to you for not only developing a quality software product at a fair price, but also for your forward thinking in regards to the world not being flat and MS not being the only game in town, so to speak. I am eager to continue learning this new software tool and discovering the different ways it can help me to multiply my efforts. Oh, and to that end, the online tutorials are top-notch. I have been using PCs for many years and I've bought many software products over that time, and I can tell you that innovation (in software) generally does not come from huge corporations. Instead it comes from small dedicated companies or groups that set out to fill some need and focus on that until they hit the mark. In my opinion, I believe that Intellect has hit the mark."

John Lane  4/18/2008

"I have been using Chaos for years for home use. I never thought I would give up Outlook Express for e-mail. Since I purchased Chaos Intellect I think it is the best e-mail program I ever used."

James P Di Benedetto  4/14/2008

"I am a user of ACT for over 10 years including a former ACT Consultant. I am done with ACT and I can't believe this product and my luck to have found it. I would have paid much more for it. The program does everything ACT does and so much more. Please believe me when I say I have done a thorough eval of this product and it does EVERYTHING ACT does and more. It does it better and the email tool versus ACT or even most other emails is FAR SUPERIOR.

"If you are considering this product or are just worried abouut migrating from ACT just go forward with the purchase. I can't say enough good things.

"The CHAOS Team has permission to give my email out to any ACT user worried about migrating."

Kevin Schuyler  2/21/2008

"I cannot adequately express my thanks to you for the difference this product has made to me. It is very rare that something exceeds your expectations as much as this program has exceeded mine. I am now running my business - my business is not running me. I tried the trial version and bought Time and Chaos 7 within days. A couple of weeks later I have upgraded to Intellect. At first I was going to use my old email program with Chaos 7, but I love the interface and speed of the program so much I decided to upgrade to Intellect. It was a very wise choice."

Sandra Ford  1/28/2008

"I started with T&C back in 1995, loved it, but kept on hunting for the "perfect" pim - none of them ever had "exactly" what I wanted. Since then, Time & Chaos and now Intellect and I have grown together. With all that I do and all that Intellect does for me, we have now become the "Perfect" PIM. Thank You!"

Sherrill Luellman  1/21/2008

"As a coach, I work with people who value time, efficiency and effectiveness. Understandably, those things are important to me as well. I had the dilemma of using a variety of software programs to accomplish a range of business and personal tasks. Surveying what was available and their best features, none quite did everything that I had been looking for. Then I discovered Chaos !ntellect. It offers what I was looking for (and more) without being overwhelming. It didn't take long to learn how to use the basic functions or to import e-mail, appointments and other records from my computer and PDA. I can manage multiple e-mail accounts, scheduling, and contacts easily. Any initial questions have been adequately answered through the Help system or by live technical help (without waiting!). I don't know why they call the company Chaos but it certainly has brought more efficiency and effectiveness to my personal and business practices."

Bret Maukonen / Realization Life Coaching  1/2/2008

"!ntellect has become the heartbeat of our accounting practice. When a client event happens, it's logged in !ntellect. On later calls, I simply click on the contact while on the phone and the history is right there. !ntellect really helps us personalize our service.

"Unlike the pointless feature bloat of other programs, !ntellect keeps adding features the are immediately useful. With each release, I find a slick new feature that I can't imagine I did without. Good work folks!"

Doug Lincoln  11/20/2007

"Longtime user of Time & Chaos, new Chaos Intellect user. Was skeptical at first, but after two weeks use, I decided I couldn't live without it and happily purchased a license for it. Intellect integrated seamlessly with my original T&C data. I found the email interface surprisingly robust and have totally dumped my MS Outlook client in favor of Intellect. Damn good product!! Keep up the good work."

Joe Sak  11/14/2007

"I too started with Time and Chaos many years ago. It, combined with Calypso, gave me advantage on keeping life together. I then became quite disabled, and it was useful at home. Now, I have a computer at my bedside, as well as the primary one in my office. So, I've used the flash drive option. I never worry about losing a message or an appointment as I go between the two. This software is awesome! As a volunteer now I run a mailing list and do mail merges - easy peasy - thanks ever so much. I love to be useful, and you guys help!"

Laurie Miller  10/22/2007

"At last, the software I was looking for...

"In my younger days, I used Contact Plus. A DOS based simple contact manager that had the feel of !ntellect. 15 years ago , I could already dial-up, do word processor and fax merge. Later, I was puzzled that these time saving features would be lost in new programs.

"Then, by necessity, I became an Act! 2005 user (I was wise not to go for v2007). It is doing its job OK, but how cumbersome and slow! SQL server eat up so much memory, and never gives it back, even when Act! is shut down. When my database reached 2300 contacts, I had to reboot my computer at mid-day to get back free memory and not start using the virtual memory on the hard drive! (I had 750 Mo installed).

"Also, once or twicce a year, the Act! dababase got corrupted for any reason. Then, it was 1 or 2 days of manual unsinstall, with access to the registry and countless calls to uncompetent and careless tech support, to get it back to work.

"I was (and still am) to some extent very worried to switch to one single software for contact management and emails...

"I have tried !ntellect for two weeks already, in parallel with Act!

""What a change! "!ntellect is compact and powerful.

"Searches and playing with Tasks takes 1 or 2 seconds, not 30+ like with Act!

"I estimate that I save 15 minutes per day just because it is fast and I do not have to reboot. In other words, this means about 10 days per year !

"Then you can add up productivity, because of the mail program and the dial-up features...

"Finally, even Act! is running faster together with !ntellect, because I use less SQL requests. The access to contact pages do not load-up the memory so much!

"So guys, keep up the good work."

Philippe Didier  10/17/2007

"You guys are absolutely AMAZING!! Every time I call with a question, you answer the phones in a timely manner and everyone involved is very knowledgeable about the product and how to use it. Thanks for such wonderful service!!!!"

Roxanne Green  10/4/2007

"I used to work with Time & Chaos many years ago as a contact management solution and found it to be just brilliant at the time. Having recently moved back to the new product Chaos Intellect I couldn't be happier - Goodbye Outlook forever! Intellect allows all staff to operate individual Email but work from consolidated Contacts and Calendars, removing duplication of function and letting everyone make real time updates to clients data and appointments. Mapping all activity back to the contact, including email traffic is just a great feature, and the categories facilities are brilliant for sorting clients for different marketing approaches etc. Currently snycing data to both mobile phone and Ipaq PDA via ChaosSync for Outlook couldn't be easier. Can't believe I ever left, couldn't be happier to be back!"

Warren McGregor  8/13/2007

"I'm still amazed by your Intellect program! It's like a word processor for names. I'm stunned by how easy it is to keep track of my contacts, my appointments, associated emails and notes. I deal with lots of different people in several different businesses, and it's so easy to move people from one database to another, reschedule appointments and find someone I've lost in the database. I couldn't keep track of everything without your program! AND the technical support is second to none!"

Gary Molatore  8/6/2007

Chaos Intellect - Best rated - 5 Stars by Forte downloads

www.ForteDownloads.com  7/20/2007

After tests that have been done to your software product and our users' ratings, we decided to grant your software title with FreeVistaFiles.com highest award "Best 5 stars Award". This means that Chaos Intellect is highly appreciated and recommended by us to customers.

FreeVistaFiles.com  7/17/2007 has been awarded 4 Stars!

DownloadPipe.com  5/10/2007

The best yet combination of simplicity, features, power and practicality. Kudos to Chaos Software for hitting right smack in the middle of the productivity software sweet spot!

Dr Dave (Host of ComputerTalk with Dave Mason)  5/2/2007

5 Star Award

BestVistaDownloads.com  4/23/2007

"I got this email from a friend:

"What I don't understand is why didn't you make me switch to this a long time ago! This is all your fault that I had to suffer through ACT for many months.

"This really looks pretty good and it's quick. I'll start using it immediately -probably uninstall Outlook."

Ken Sweet  4/18/2007

"I still marvel every time I use this software, which is constantly all day long, how easy it is to keep track of Contacts and appointments! Names can be moved as easily as point and click, contact history is clearly visible and appointments can be rescheduled like a breeze. I couldn't be happier with a Contact Manager!"

"Gary Molatore"  3/27/2007

"Intellect is truly a marvel!I It makes managing my contacts so much easier than Time and Chaos and that program was far superior to anything else I've used. And the email organization in Intellect is such a time saver, I'm simply amazed! I've used a lot of contact managers and even customized ACT to suit my needs. It still doesn't even come close to what any of your programs will do. I compare it to driving a car for years with the dashboard instruments covered, and suddenly realizing all that information is there showing you the tachometer, your speed, gas gauge, mileage and engine temperature, but you've never seen it organized all in one place like that before. A real eye-opener to say the least!"

Gary Molatore  3/5/2007

"I have been using Time & Chaos since ver 2 came out and each version of the software gets better.

"Just when I think you have finished, you come out with Intellect, now I have the power of email & contacts within 1 Fabulous Program.

"I have to keep track of contacts and emails for 5 different sets of databases with scheduling and reminders set up 2 yrs in advance plus keep track of 3 web based email address where I had to go log in and download manually.

"Well not any more, the new intellect, checks every email account on my web site every 5 minutes and downloads them in a snap to my inbox and the ToDo list is set up to show all expiring certifications at the beginning of every month. I now have over 2500 contacts within my databases and 1500 appointments with notes attached and Intellect keeps it all in order.

"I can't believe its only $ 60.00, what a bargain, I would of gladly paid double for a program of this caliber. Without a doubt, this is the best program in the World.

"Thank You, Kim R. Exnicios, First Response Training Services, New Orleans, La."

Kim R Exnicios  3/2/2007

"I have used Time & Chaos since the early nineties, and I loved it from the start. I have run many companies in that time and have never hesitated in recommending the software to my business friends. I do not think I could organize my life or work without it anymore. Intellect, however, is a revelation, it added the only missing piece to what is a superb job in softwre design. Thank you Chaos Software!"

Jim Fuller  2/19/2007

"With the addition of e-mail capabilities this is beyond doubt the best PIM on the market. Probably the most useful piece of software I have installed. I use it to administer a high-end subscriptions for approx. 140 members, and it is perfect for the job. Can't recommend it too highly"

Bill Dampier  2/14/2007

"For the past three years, I have been searching the internet for a good "organizing" program. I went through several different programs, and was very disappointed in all of them. One day, I did a Google search to find a more appropriate program and Chaos came up. I downloaded and installed the trial, and I experienced a period of ecstasy. The program was everything I wanted, with forums and fast customer support for the program. This program does everything I could ever want -- It has integrated email features, a appointment and task module, and a good memo / lists feature. This is easily the best $60.00 I have ever spent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to my friends and family. Having been through several different programs that were very popular, I know that Chaos blows them out of the water. Chaos is easily the best. Buy this program."

Daniel Stein  2/12/2007

"Chaos !ntellect. What a pleasant change! After using Act for about five years I was convinced, a few months ago, to upgrade to Act 2007. What a disaster that turned out to be. It's a painfully slow monstrosity with some great features that don't work very well. After three months of waiting for it to "Act" and fighting with it I web searched for "Contact Management Software" and found Chaos Intellect. It does everything I need to do, does it effectively and runs fast. Importing my Act database (635 records) into Intellect was easy and I'm not computer smart beyond what I have to do everyday. I have already recommended it to friends. Excellent! Thanks for making my workday better."

Larry Klassen  2/8/2007

"Boy, you guys weren't kidding when you said you were Vista ready. You are more Vista ready than Microsoft was. I just upgraded to Vista, yesterday, (why, me, why me!!!), and I must say Chaos Intellect was a delightful surprise in a myriad of otherwise unpleasant discoveries.

"Not only is it Vista ready but it seems even better in Vista than it was in XP, could it be? or am I in some PVTSS (post Vista traumatic stress syndrome) daze?

"Whichever the case thanks again guys for being there - I have been using your software for ever, it seems, and you never cease to amaze me.

"Keep up the great work!"

Patrick Rardin  2/8/2007

"I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with this product. It does everything I want and makes organizing my life a pleasure. Other products that I have tried don't come near it!

"Many thanks to the whole team!"

Jessica Rosenthal  1/16/2007

"Wow, I though using Time & Choas and E-mail plus was good. One of my (and my client's) biggest challenges is to keep track of all e-mails related to a contact whether sent or received. With Intellect, it's done automatically!! Both Sent and Received. I can delete an e-mail and find it later under the contact. Awesome!!"

Donna Jones of Matridox  12/19/2006

""I wanted to move a particular group of contact details (around 130) from my existing database into a new one and was concerned at how I would achieve this. When I checked the Help files it said "copy and paste - how easy is that? " Well, it sounded far too easy to me! So I tried it - and it worked! It took all of 15 seconds!!

"Once again my already high expectations of this software have been exceeded.

"Thank you!"

Hazel Ann Willson  10/20/2006

"I've been using !intellect for over a month now. The key word is USING. I've been on an almost compulsive search over MANY years to find an organizer that works for me. You got it right with all the features I need. Very few complaints. I'm keeping it. Thank you very much for your efforts. "

Grant  9/27/2006

"The finest product you have put out - ever. The ease of use, the intuitive nature of the home page, and the interlocking aspects are devine.

"I do not know how you will improve the product but I know yo will. Thank you"

David Booher  9/22/2006

"Oh my goodness. I just got your e-mail in about customizing the Today page to my liking and making my own .INI files, etc. Well, as a person who is hooked on web design that sounded like it was just up my alley! I had a grand idea to use some of my favourite web graphics, whipped it together in about 5 minutes, and I have a very pretty Today page that I absolutely love!!! Nicely done, folks!"

Coleen Hein  9/13/2006

"Just a little message to let you know I'm still LOVING this software. It runs my life. I have everything in it - from logins to birthdays to managing projects and diarising to organising. I use it everyday, all day. I can't wait to explore each day to see whether I can use it for something else, and I always seem to be able to find another use to organise my work. And it does it well. Great work everyone."

Gerry Peterson  9/8/2006

"I want you to know that I have never been as happy with new software as I am with your Intellect program.

"I have been using the T&C version 6 and this addition is really the frosting on the cake.

"It does everything that I want a manager to do. I do not have to go out of the program to get something else done.

"It is all there where I want it and use it.

"The E Mail, appointments and task modules coordinate beautifully with one another with a minimum of fuss.

"Keep up the good work. Your product is excellent and I do appreciate it."

Marvin Kasanoff  9/5/2006

"I am very impressed with the ease of saving one's data using !ntellect. It is far superior to any other data management or email program I have used - and I have tried several. I thought I'd try it for three weeks before I bought it, but it was so good I didn't make it one week! Great stuff."

Eugene Long  8/28/2006

"If you are using Time & Chaos and Express Plus, !ntellect is the answer, believe me! It's easier, faster, more responsive and you won't have to go back and forth between the former programs.

"My hats off to the Chaos Software team. They just keep improving the improvments."

Chip Turner  8/28/2006

"I love !ntellect. The application just makes sense to use and the depth of detail is just right; not low powered but not so loaded down with stuff, that you can’t really use it.

"Again, I love the application, and I will be using it for a long time!"

Scott G. Smith  8/24/2006

"I´ve been searching for more than 5 years to find a product like Chaos !Intellect. It´s the best organizing tool I ever had. It is fantastic and easy to work with it. And it is fun!! Wow!! You created a milestone in in office organization.


Ralf Riepshoff  8/23/2006

"I've been a Time & Chaos user since 1995 and synch it with my Palm, its so easy I love it. Recently I purchased a USB flash drive with the U3 platform and much to my delight I now run Chaos !ntellect on it. I don't know how you keeep getting your products this good but please don't stop doing what your doing. Great job!!!"

Joe DeKraft  8/23/2006

"Using Intellect for the past two weeks has been a wonderful experience. In my mind it takes the place of Time & Chaos and Express Plus and performs wonderfully. I also like the pace of the updates and the improvements that are made. I now badger all my friends to pick up this program. The fact that you still have the Time & Chaos Classic view is also a big plus to me. Thank you for a software program that works and works well. I can hardly wait for your next product/upgrade."

Michael Johnson  8/3/2006

"What a great program-i've used Time & Chaos and liked it but the new program is PERFECT"

Linda Guillemette  7/20/2006

"I am so pleased with Intellect. Wow! You people at Chaos do a wonderful job. I've been using your software for about 8 or 9 years now, and I've always been so satisfied with your product, your service, and you continuing drive to improve your products. You make my life easier. Thank you."

David  7/14/2006

"Thank you!

"Intellect is a FABULOUS program.

"For over a decade, I've loved using Time & Chaos. Every generation of T&C is golden. And you've really made surprising breakthroughs with Intellect. It's a dream to use. Thank you for creating these superb products."

Bob Miner  7/13/2006

"I have used Chaos for years but this is superb. Put it onto memory stick and it even worked on VISTA 64 bit"

Brian Biggs  7/13/2006

"It looks like a step forward in terms of user interface for T&C and ExpressPlus, and the compatibility of the file systems for forward or backward migration is a good thing.

"I especially like the "Today" summary of tasks and appointments, and also the way in which the memo window is now of equal status to the others."

Mark  7/12/2006

"I have used T&C since you guys stated. At times some clients pushed me to Outlook. But that is now history. The new !ntellect is very good. All the features needed and wanted and none of the B S that Outlook has. What I like is that fact that things can be customized for what I do and need.

"Good work."

Harvey Knauss  7/8/2006

"Downloaded free copy yesterday, tried it out, and purchased registered copy today. All of my T&C data transferred over like a breeze, requiring no effort on my part.

"I'm a eight-year daily user of T&C, and Intellect has certainly improved things through revision of daily, weekly, and monthly reviews. I particularly like daily view screen which shows all the essentials in one spot. Addition of notes section a plus. Online help a supper addition also.

"Integration of email a nice addition. I have been an off/on user of Express Plus, my inconsistency due to software conking out to often.(Its current state for past several days.) However, I successfully set up an account and have been sending/receiving email throuh Intellect with no problems.

"To sum things up, Intellect is certainly a great new product and it appears it will be a excellent investment."

Bruce C. Thevenin  7/7/2006

Whew! That's a lot of kind words from our users!

Ready to try it out for yourself?

We offer a fully-functional evaluation copy for everyone to try Chaos Intellect for free for 21 days. You can click here to download now! This file comes directly from our web site, is virus-free and is digitally signed by us for your security!

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Once Chaos Intellect has proven its worth to you, come back to our site to purchase it. We think this way of doing business is much better than a money-back guarantee because if you don't like it, you don't have to argue for your money back.

When you buy Chaos Intellect, our sales department will send you a license code to unlock your trial version and turn it into a paid and registered version. You won't be starting over, you'll be continuing on with your existing data and settings!

What does Intellect cost?

Chaos Intellect is $59.95 per user and comes with two years of upgrade protection.

Our upgrade protection is not a lease program, you do own the software when you purchase it! But as we release updates to Intellect over time, you can upgrade to newer versions without worrying about needing to pay again for this product for at least two years.

We license by user, not by computer or database, so if you are the only user, you can pay one low fee and legally use this program at home, at work, and on your laptop. As you add additional users, keep in mind the fact there is no special expensive network or server software that is necessary to purchase, as all the network features are already built in and included in the client program.

Our products are available exclusively through our secure online store with immediate full version electronic delivery.


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