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Contact Manager and Time Management CRM software: Time and Chaos!

Time and Chaos is the best CRM contact manager software for Windows users. The relationship history of any contact or client is easily tracked and T&C improves your time management capabilities with its appointment calendar and to do list tasks that show you exactly what needs to be done today. If you are on a network, Time & Chaos allows you to share your data with everyone on your network with no expensive server add-on required.

Time & Chaos gives you an important advantage!

Since 1992, Time & Chaos has provided great contact manager and time management features to people just like you! We invite you to download a fully-functional version to try with no missing or disabled features. Give us a chance and we'll prove to you that Time & Chaos is better than anything else out there!

In fact, the staff of CNET's Download.com reviewed Time & Chaos and their comments are a must-read if you are considering what Time & Chaos could do for you. [We must say it is one of our favorite reviews of the many we have received over the years!]

So what is so great about Time & Chaos?

What do real people have to say about Time & Chaos?

We have a very vocal user community that likes to talk about our software. Click here to read some of their user testimonials about Time & Chaos.

Are you still using an old version?

Our acclaimed contact management software has been fully rewritten to provide the easiest and most effective time manager you can trust to keep chaos under control. And it's not just new features, but also many useful improvements to the things you use every day! If you are not using our current software, you are missing out!

What does it cost?

First, take advantage of our free trial download with no hassles or obligations. It's better than a money-back guarantee because you don't buy it until you already know you like it.

Time & Chaos is $49.95 per user and comes with two years of upgrade protection to provide free upgrades as they are released!

(Owners of Time & Chaos 5 or 6 can get $10 off the purchase of the new Time & Chaos: click here for the discounted order form)

We license by user, not by computer or database, so if you are the only user, you can pay one low fee and legally use this program at home, at work, and on your laptop. As you add additional users, keep in mind the fact there is no special expensive network or server software that is necessary to purchase, as all the network features are already built in and included in the client program.

Our products are available exclusively through our secure online store with immediate full version electronic delivery. Click here to go to our secure online store and buy our software online.

All new purchases also receive TWO YEARS of upgrade protection, so if a new version of Time & Chaos is released within two years, it is yours with no additional fee!

Do you have any questions?

We have many resources to help you help yourself, plus you can get in touch with us if nothing else works.

Start with our free online video training area: Chaos University (all lessons five minutes or less).

Browse through our Product Documentation, with a table of contents organized by the sections of our program you want to learn about.

Get quick answers using our Online Support Knowledge Base.

Ready for some Screen Shots?

Classic Screen

classicThe classic screen might look similar to old version BUT now has dockable, movable or removable panels!

Want to get rid of a section? Click the X in the right corner to remove it.

Want to rearrange the sections? Drag the title of a section (like All Tasks) and while in motion, you'll see anchors appear on screen to help you drop it and arrange it the way you like it.

Mess it up while playing with the docking panels? Go to Help and choose Reset Dock Panels to put it back to factory settings.

Contacts Screen

contactsNot hard to notice the Photo section to put a mug shot for any contacts. This works with ChaosHost and mobile phones so any photos you take on your iPhone or Android and add to a contact should sync up and show up in Time & Chaos, too.

Look closer and you'll notice a Name column that is auto-generated in display order. New to this version is an option to sort by First Name, in addition to the Last Name and Company name options we have always supported.

Calendar Screen - Week

calendar weekNote the tabs at the bottom where you can toggle between week and month views.

Calendar Screen - Month

calendar monthThe month view has been completely redone and now performs fast even with lots of data. It is also designed to fit to screen so you'll always see the full month.


Software Awards and Reviews:


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Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles




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