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Chaos DesktopSync

Chaos DesktopSyncLooking for a value-priced alternative to ChaosHost.com? Chaos DesktopSync could be right for you!

Do you remember the days of those pre-iPhone Palm Pilots where you just synced your phone with your computer and went out the door to face the day? Our new Chaos DesktopSync program brings those days back! You can avoid annual fees and avoid putting your data on the Internet, too, because Chaos DesktopSync goes direct from your computer to your smartphone.

Chaos DesktopSync costs $19.95 and has no annual fees!

What are the Requirements?

To use Chaos DesktopSync, you need:

  1. Intellect 4 (or newer) or Time & Chaos 8 (or newer)
  2. An Android or iPhone device that uses the same home or office network as your computer
  3. Our Chaos mobile apps for Android or iPhone
  4. This Chaos DesktopSync program

While your computer can be connected with an ethernet wire instead of Wi-Fi, it needs to be on the same network that your Android or iPhone can connect to with Wi-Fi.

Our Chaos mobile apps for Android include Chaos Calendar, Chaos Tasks, and Chaos Contacts. Each are available for free download from Google's play store. Click here for more details.

For iPhone, our mobile app to use with Chaos DesktopSync is ChaosTasks. This is available from the App Store from Apple. Click here for more info.

Finally, the Desktop sync program needs to be installed on the same computer where you run Time & Chaos or Intellect.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure your phone is connected via Wi-Fi to same network as your PC.
  2. Launch this desktop program to start a sync server and fill out some basic settings the first time.
  3. Fill in the server information in the Chaos mobile apps to match the desktop server settings the first time.
  4. Do your sync from the mobile apps.
  5. Exit the desktop sync server program.

Can I try it first?

Yes! You can download and use Chaos DesktopSync for up to 10 syncs to see how it (and our mobile apps) work. Then come back to our web site and purchase it to continue using it without annual fees!

Click here to download Chaos DesktopSync now!

What does it look like?

Here is what you'll see when you start DesktopSync. Remember that the first time you run it, you'll need to fill in the fields for Account Logon and Account Password. You'll also need to tell this program where your data is located. (If you aren't sure of this answer, open Time & Chaos or Intellect, then go to Help, Information about my data and look for the Data Home under Data Paths.)

DesktopSync screen





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