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Knowledge Base Article #321226

Why do outgoing messages get stuck in the Queued folder?

There are basically five reasons why Outgoing messages would fail and get stuck in the Queued folder.

First, make sure one message is not causing the problem. Clear out the Queued folder within !ntellect (you can drag and drop existing messages to Drafts if they need to be saved) and create a test message to yourself. If it works, one of those other messages was causing a problem.

Second, check your account settings. I would recommend contacting your service provider and walking through each field in your account settings with them. These can be accessed in !ntellect by clicking on Tools and Mail Accounts and double clicking your account icon. Pay close attention to the checkboxes on Outgoing mail. Your provider may not be familiar with !ntellect but these settings are standard.

Similarly, if you are using a web based email provider like Gmail, there may be specific settings that need to be modified within their web based interface. This depends on the provider so you will need to contact them or look into their support documentation for what settings need to be modified within their site.

Third, you can also check your your mail provider if they are having any problems on their end that would prevent messages from being sent or received. A mail server that is temporarily down for instance would, of course, prevent mail from being sent.

Fourth, do you perhaps have any anti-virus software running that is monitoring outgoing mail? !ntellect keeps all messages as separate files on your hard drive. Your anti-virus software will be set to watch files on the hard drive by default. So having it watch the send or receive process is not needed. Try turning this off and see if sending then works correctly.

Fifth is a block from your internet provider. Many internet providers will not allow mail to be sent using a mail provider other than themselves. This is to prevent spam. Contact your internet provider if it is different than your mail provider and ask them if you can send email through a different mail provider. If not, this system will need to use the internet provider's mail service to send messages.

Please remember that while Chaos Intellect is a great Business email client for Windows users, we are just the messenger, so to speak and not the email provider that makes the final decision on whether to accept your message or not. Intellect 4.x (our newer version) does have one other feature, though, that might help you diagnose which of these five possibilities apply to your current situation. Version 4 will have a blue diamond-shaped button in the lower right corner after you check for mail. When you click on it, this will open a Connection Log to show you the recent Internet activity. You'll see timestamps, you'll see account nicknames, and you'll see the results. When messages are stuck in the queued messages folder, you should be able to match that to errors in this log.


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Modified Date: 10/26/2015



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