Advanced Data Paths

Intellect and Time & Chaos have the ability to open a data folder on the network and use the exact same data from multiple computers.

But, what if you don't want EVERYTHING shared? What if you want to each have your own mailbox in Intellect where you don't mix your messages with the email from others? What if you only want a shared contact list, but want your own separate calendar or task list?

Advanced Data Paths is the answer.

First: Select the Data Home location

The first thing you need to decide is where you want to keep the data that is unique like your personal mailbox. Using the File menu at the top left of the main screen, you can either open an existing folder or create a new data folder. This folder will be the Data Home, where the settings for this combination of data locations lives, as well as the unique data to this folder.

Second: Add Paths to the Common data locations

Once you have a unique location, go to Options and Advanced Data Paths. This screen will start out blank and everything you want to keep to yourself needs to remain blank. Only the data types you are sharing with others would be filled out.

UNC Paths (the ones with the double slash \\) are best if you use this data from multiple computers since UNC paths are the same from all computers on same network.

NOTE:  If you fill out all of these boxes with the same location and don't leave any blank, you're doing it wrong! If you want everything to come from one location, you should just use the Open Data Folder option on the File menu and go there. Advanced Data Paths are only for the special situations where you want to mix and match locations, with some blank to come from this home location and some filled out to come from a shared location.

Once you have filled out the boxes you wish to use shared data for, click OK to save your work. Close the program and skip the backup if it asks for it. Re-open the program and it should have adjusted to show data from the locations you specified.

Third: Do a final check to make sure the settings are right

On the Help menu at the top, there is a choice for Information about my data. This info page has a section with all of your current data paths. Your Data Home location should be unique and the data for the sections you left empty on the options page should match the Data Home. The paths you did fill out on the Advanced Data Paths should show that these types of data are coming from the shared path instead of the data home location.




This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer and Time & Chaos 8 or newer