Print Mailing Labels

Printing Mailing Labels is a breeze with our contacts section. Our contacts support two different kinds of label printing.

  1. If you have a standard printer, full sheets of standard Avery©-type labels can be printed. All of the most popular label sizes are supported.
  2. If you have a Dymo printer, you can print one label at a time.

Standard Printers - Mailing Label sheets

For standard printers, within the full Contacts view or within the Contact area of the Classic view, click the Print button on the toolbar at the top of that section. From this Print button, you can then select Mailing Labels and choose either Primary or Secondary address.

By default this will print one mailing label for each contact currently displayed in the contact list. If you only wish to print mailing labels for a few of your contacts, you can simply highlight multiple contacts with your Ctrl Key + Left Mouse Click in the contacts list prior to selecting Print.

To change the mailing label style, you can click the Setup button at the top of the print preview. On the Tweaks tab, you'll find a drop-down list of Avery style numbers to match the type of labels you plan to print.

Please note that labels are initially sorted by Zip or Postal Code. We do this to help you quickly find all the names you have incomplete addresses for. If you wish to change this to alphabetical order, you can click on Setup, then the Tweaks tab and change the value for "Sort labels by". You can also choose to exclude contacts who are missing a Zip/Postal code with a checkbox on that Tweaks page.

Dymo Printers - single labels

Dymo or Dymo-style printers are available at office supply stores and electronic stores. They have a continuous roll of labels to print on that allows them to print one at a time. This makes it perfect for users that often need to print just one label or a handful of labels and don't want to waste a full sheet like a standard printer would. This feature actually supports any printer, not just Dymo, but focuses exclusively on the Dymo-style of printing 1 label at a time.

With the name or names highlighted to want to generate labels for, click the Print button in the Contacts section, go to Dymo Labels and select the address you wish to use.

You'll be greeted with a popup screen for the Chaos Label Printer where you can select your Dymo Printer in the upper right corner and select a Paper size to match the roll of labels in your printer.

There are also some checkboxes on the toolbar at the top:

The Edit button at the top offers you the ability to add a return address (or even a little logo) to each of these labels, presuming you are have one of the larger label sizes with room for both addresses.

Advanced Tip:  If you need to make modifications to the format of the address on the labels, you'll find a DymoLabels.txt file in the directory where your program is installed. This text file contains a template with merge codes for the Dymo Labels. If you needed to print labels in European format instead of US format, this would be the file to modify.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 , Time & Chaos 8 , and Chaos Free