Cloud Synchronization with is our optional "cloud" service we run and manage for our users. While not a requirement, we highly recommend getting a account because of the freedom is offers to use your Chaos Data in more places! can been around longer than the term "cloud" has been used, but unlike many cloud services, it doesn't require you to give up using the full software on your PC with a local offline copy of your data.

  1. Sync one or more versions of our software with to coordinate the same contacts, appointments, tasks and projects with each computer you use. This also makes for an off-site copy of your data should something happen to one of your computers! Keep using Intellect on your PC with all the full-feature set it offers to get your work done.
  2. Work online with a computer web browser - perfect for those times where you are away from the office when you can just borrow a machine to login and check your email. With a account, you could login to our web app and work with an online version of your data.
  3. Work online with a smartphone web browser - we have a small screen version of our web app, too!
  4. Sync most smartphones with and sync Over-The-Air with no wires. Your phone needs to support Exchange ActiveSync to make this happen and your Contacts and Appointments can be copied to the built-in contact and calendar programs on your smart phone. Some devices can also sync Tasks.

The ability to sync with is built-in, so you won't need to install anything extra. Click on the File menu at the top left and look for Cloud Synchronization. Once you have an account, you'll be able to go to Settings and fill out the logon and password information. You can also select options under Automatic Synchronization to have Intellect auto-sync at program startup, at program close, or every 15 minutes, as well as being able synchronize on demand.

When you do sync with ChaosHost, you'll see messages displayed in the lower left corner of the program while the sync takes place to let you see that it is in progress.

If you don't have a yet then you can see details or start with a trial account by visiting


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer, Time & Chaos 8 or newer, and Chaos Free