Remove Duplicates

When life gives you duplicate records, make lemonade use the Remove Duplicates feature in the Report screen to clean up the mess.

Remove Duplicates works with all types of data, including email messages in our Intellect program.

At the bottom left of your display, look for the Report button below the button for the Classic screen.

On the left side of the Report screen, you can pick the type of data you wish to clean up. Along the top of the screen, you can pick out the columns to display to help determine whether two records match. You can leave our default columns or add and remove your own choices to get better results, if needed.

On the left side again, click the Go button to find all the records to be scanned for copies, then click the Duplicates button on the toolbar at the top. The menu that pulls down will have a choice to Show Duplicates. Click this button and the program will hide all the non-duplicates. With the remaining records that ARE duplicates, you'll find a checkbox column on the left for you to fine-tune the results by hand.

Once you are satisfied that the records to be removed are checked and the ones to keep are not, go back to the Duplicates button and choose Delete selected duplicates to remove the unwanted items.

TIP: If you are using Intellect and removing duplicate email messages, it is a good idea to empty your trash folder first before running the report. This way, it can't decide to keep messages you have already planned to remove by trashing them.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer and Time & Chaos 8 or newer