Add additional Linked Contacts an an email

Hopefully, you've noticed that all messages to and from your contacts are automatically linked to them! While very powerful, the one limitation is that to be automatically linked, the contact needed to be an actual recipient or sender of the message.

One example we hear often is in the Insurance industry, where agents make need to have email conversations with other company representatives about a client. You don't want to send those internal messages to the client, but it should show up in the client history nevertheless.

If you have an email conversation that is relevant to other people in your contact list, Intellect has a place for you to add these additional links yourself.

If you double-click on an email message, there are tabs at the top of the message content, similar to the tabs that appear elsewhere in Intellect. If you go to the tab for Linked Contacts, you can see a list of all the names in your contact list and you can check the boxes for all the other people you wish to link this email to.

Please note that Linked Contacts will not show the automatic links, only the manual ones you've added in addition to the automatic ones.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer