Distribution Lists for email

Chaos Intellect is great for sending emails out to groups of people, whether as BCC blind copies or as mail-merge recipients. With our powerful contact management to back it up, you can bring that power to bear on your emails by creating distribution lists.

Our contact database as two ways to organize your names: Groups and Categories. If you have taken advantage of this power, you can quickly find all the contacts in a group or category as a target for your email messages as well.

On a new message, if you click the "To -->" or "Cc -->" or "Bcc -->" button, you'll get a contact section to select recipients that works just like our contact section does elsewhere.  You can use the normal buttons to select your group or category to reduce the list of names down to just the relevant ones. If you highlight the names that remain (Ctrl-A is great for select All), you can click the "To -->" or "Cc -->" or "Bcc -->" button to put the email addresses for the highlighted names in the desired box.

What if you have names to send to that you want even quicker access to or maybe have a list of email addresses for people who are not in your contact list? Intellect has a solution for that, too.

Did you notice that at the far right of these recipient fields, there is a button for "Save"? If you fill out the box with email recipients and click Save, you'll get to name this Distribution List. Once saved, you use it just by typing the name of distribution list into the recipient box. When you type, it brings up names and email addresses that seem to match what you are typing and any distribution lists you saved will show up here, too, right among the other names and addresses.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer