Mail Rules for Filtering and Spam Blocking

In the Mail section of Intellect, look for the Rules button on the toolbar at the top of ths screen. This will open the Mail Rules screen where you can customize your filter preferences and create your own list of prioritized filters and rules to add to the built-in options.

General options

Enable Mail Rules/Filters
This allows you to enable or disable this feature completely. Disable it if you don't want any messages diverted from your inbox for any reason.

Ignore rule when sender is known in my contact list
The most important option here! If checked, every email address for your contacts in Intellect will be automatically white-listed or protected. Even if you made a rule to delete all incoming messages, this checkbox would allow any mail from people you know to be protected, preserved and placed in your inbox folder.

Enable Smart Filters
This checkbox is what determines whether mail is sent to the Predictive Spam folder. This option allows specially crafted rules by our development team to block the most obvious sources of junk and spam mail. If you feel this option is being too aggressive, please uncheck it and utilize your own rules on the Priority Rules/Filters tab. One many types of messages that smart filters block are messages to which you are only a CC or BCC recipient. Only mail specificially to you will go to your inbox. If people CC you often on their mail (and you actually want the messages) make sure their email address is in your contact list (see rule above) OR make a new rule on Priority Rules/Filters to place the mail from them into your inbox.

View Log and Reset Log File allow you to review how well these rules and your self-created rules are working and to reset this log file if desired.

Priority Rules/Filters

This tab lists all of your self-created rules. You can whitelist or blacklist email addresses or create rules based on subjects or message headers.

You can also create a rule that applied only to one of your mail accounts instead of all email accounts in Intellect.

One example rule might be:

Filter on: E-Mail From Address
Logic: ends with
Filter Text:
Action: Place in Trash Folder

Once you have created rules, place the most important or most used ones at the top of the list. You can click on the rows with your mouse to drag and drop rows higher or lower to change their priority.

You can also use this page to review the statistics over time on how often a rule has applied. If you have a rule that has not been used at all after a few weeks, you should probably delete it to speed things up and to make room for other rules you might make later.


This help article applies to Intellect 4 or newer