What’s the difference between ChaosFree and Intellect or Time & Chaos?

The main difference is the price: ChaosFree is a freeware version of our popular contact management software. It includes only the core features compared to the full programs we offer, but if you just need the basics, this could be the version for you. As you need more functionality, you can consider upgrading to our Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect programs which have more capability. Here is a basic breakdown of the differences between this free product and our paid versions...

Data Types

chaos intellect time and chaos chaos free
Contacts Yes Yes Yes
Appointment Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Task List Yes Yes Yes
Projects Yes Yes No
Email Yes No No


Cloud sync with ChaosHost.com Yes Yes Yes
File sync (removable drives) Yes Yes No
Reports (advanced searching) Yes Yes No
Advanced Data Paths
    (mix and match shared and personal data on one screen)
Yes Yes No


Classic (contacts, appointments and tasks on one screen) Yes Yes Yes
Agenda (upcoming schedule) Yes Yes No
Monthly and Weekly Calendars Yes Yes No

Tech Support

Phone Support Yes Yes No
Email Support Yes Yes Limited


Cost per new user $59.95 $49.95 Free


chaos intellect time and chaos chaos free


This help article applies to Chaos Free