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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Chaos Software has been making better CRM applications for micro business and individual users since 1992, including the award winning contact relationship manager program Time & Chaos, Chaos Intellect business CRM email software with auto-linked email history for contacts, and Legal Billing time and billing software for attorneys and professionals. Each of these products can utilize shared databases on a network without any expensive server hardware or software requirements.

Breaking news on Intellect (November 11, 2014)

Microsoft released a round of critical security patches for Windows on November 11th. Unfortunately, one particular update broke our Intellect email client! All versions prior to Intellect (including version 3.x of Intellect) are no longer able to create or send email messages. If you are affected by this problem, please see these instructions for an immediate fix.

Pick a Contact Manager

Our new product lineup has something for everyone!

chaos intellect Chaos Intellect 4 is the top-of-the-line with powerful email and contact management.
time and chaos 8 T&C 8 has the same great contacts and calendars but strips out the email for users who prefer it lean.
chaos free Chaos Free provides all the basics but in a freeware version (with no ads either)!

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Intellect 5 minute video introduction

Free online videos with Chaos University

View the full video training for Intellect 4 in our Chaos University! Every class is 5 minutes or less so you can quickly be an expert!


Add Cloud service and work in more places with more devices!

ChaosHostKeep your Android or iPhone in sync with your PC, keep PC's at different locations coordinated and even work online from any web browser, including mobile browsers! Learn more at ChaosHost.com and take advantage of a 30 day free trial with our custom cloud service designed exclusively for our Chaos databases used in Intellect and Time & Chaos!

chaos plus chaoshost works with iphone android and other locations

Smart Phone Compatible?   Our databases are ready to be shared with the newest generation of smart phones! Just click on the mobile device OS for more details:  Android or iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

News from the company blog

12/5/2014: New option to sync with Google Contacts and Calendar
Our developers have just released an all-new sync program for Google users called Google Sync (what else would we call it?) that offers two-way or one-way transfers for Contact and/or Calendar data. This add-on accessory can be used with Intellect 4.x or Time & Chaos 8.x. Google Sync replaces the earlier utilities Google Updater (for … Continue reading New option to sync with Google Contacts and Calendar

11/20/2014: Tips, Tricks and Secrets #8: Zoom on Emails
We have been sharing some of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets using our software products. This tip is for our Intellect email client users: Tip #8: Zoom on Emails As you select a message to read, you may find that the font that looked right to the sender looks way too small for you.  Similar … Continue reading Tips, Tricks and Secrets #8: Zoom on Emails

10/16/2014: Tips, Tricks and Secrets #7: Make Tasks from Emails
Have you ever received an email asking you to do something?  The better question might be have you ever gotten an email that DIDN’T? While I’d like to get things done right away, emails can be an interruption to whatever you are currently working on.  One of the best tips for Intellect users is to … Continue reading Tips, Tricks and Secrets #7: Make Tasks from Emails

9/26/2014: NBA and NHL 2014-15 Schedules Now Available
For all our Basketball and Hockey fans, download the schedule for your favorite teams and not miss a game! These schedules are provided in our Chaos export format called Transportable Records. They work with Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect and can be found at http://www.chaossoftware.com/products.aspx . Just scroll down until you find the Transportable Records section and … Continue reading NBA and NHL 2014-15 Schedules Now Available

7/21/2014: ChaosTasks for iPhone
Now available for iPhone and iPod Touch users is our new ChaosTasks for iPhone.  This app syncs with ChaosHost.com to bring the todo list from Intellect 4 or Time & Chaos 8 to your device. It is also free for our ChaosHost subscribers! If you have an iPhone and a ChaosHost.com account, we would appreciate you taking the … Continue reading ChaosTasks for iPhone

The latest releases

11/18/2014: Updated versions of our product line of contact manager programs have been released. These include Chaos Intellect 4 (with email), Time & Chaos 8 (without email), and ChaosFree (freeware version of T&C). All of these programs are compatible with Windows 8 as Desktop Apps. Find more information and download them from our Products and Downloads page.


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Need World Times?

Visit our world-famous and free World Time Server web site for the current local time anywhere in the world, even adjusted for each country's daylight saving time rules! You can also subscribe to our time zone database service to use the same world time information that powers the web site for your own applications.


Same people, new name

Were you expecting someone else? We changed our official company name in July 2003 from iSBiSTER International, Inc. Same people, new name!



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