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Awards and Reviews

Time & Chaos has been a popular program with magazine editors and reviewers. We have put together a list of all the stories, reviews and awards we know of on the Internet to help you make a purchasing decision of which information manager program is right for you.

Rated 5 stars at has given their Editor's Pick to Time & Chaos 5.6.5, their top rating for the best software products available!

Time & Chaos is also an Editor's Pick at .

PC Magazine featured Time & Chaos 5.5.0 in the cover story of their September 17, 2002 issue as one of "the answers to your 34 top questions" as a solution for using shared databases on a small office or home network.

Consumer Guide featured Time & Chaos and offered their "Recommended" status to our product for anyone evaluating Personal Information Manager products.

Time & Chaos 5.4.0 was one of three nominees for the 2002 Shareware Industry Awards in the Best Business Application or Utility category!

Pocket PC Life gave a 5-star, "must have" rating to Time & Chaos with our new ChaosSync for Pocket PC utility! (April 22, 2002)

WUGNET Best Choice Software

Time & Chaos was picked as a Microsoft-WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows ME and Windows 2000. Time & Chaos was also admitted into WUGNET's Shareware Hall of Fame.

The Ziff-Davis Software library gave Time & Chaos their top 5 Star rating. Time & Chaos is also a two-time winner of the yearly Ziff-Davis Shareware Award for best Personal Productivity program.

SoftSeekThe popular Soft Seek web site honored Time & Chaos with an Editor's Pick award, signifying their recommended top choices in downloadable software.

Windows MagazineWindows Magazine named Time & Chaos one of the 50 Best-Ever Shareware programs.

Smart Computing

  Smart Computing featured a review of our Time & Chaos 5.3.8 program in their November 2000 issue!

PC Computing
The Screen Savers


PC Computing featured a head-to-head comparison of popular commercial applications to shareware applications in their January 1999 issue. Time & Chaos was put to the test against Microsoft Outlook and was hailed as an example of shareware being better than the commercial alternative.

As a follow-up story, on February 18, 1999, ZDTV's "The Screen Savers" program featured the applications tested by PC Computing and talked about the usability tests and the comparison of Time & Chaos to Microsoft Outlook. Andre Leach of PC Computing shared that, surprisingly, Time & Chaos actually was better than Microsoft Outlook, according to their independent testing.


Pass The Shareware

Time & Chaos made the software list at Pass The Shareware, which only lists programs considered to be the Best of Class!

RocketDownload gave Time & Chaos 5.3.8 a 4 emoticons rating on their site, noting how Time & Chaos is designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses.

PC Computing Online

  PC ComputingPC Computing Online featured a round-up review of shareware organizers on February 15, 1999 and gave Time & Chaos the best rating of all the schedulers/contact managers reviewed.

AARP Webplace

  The AARP featured Time & Chaos and had a write-up of its benefits.

Shareware Junkies

  Shareware Junkies posted a review of Time & Chaos32 on August 19, 1998.


  In May 1998, featured a Toolkit of the Cheapskate's Office Suite, with the best programs for office applications as an alternative to purchasing a commercial suite such as Microsoft Office.  Time & Chaos32 was the featured component for Information Management.

PC Magazine

  PC MagazinePC Magazine posted a review of Time & Chaos 5.3 on their web site. Here is a portion of what they had to say: "Long the reigning shareware PIM favorite, Isbister International's Time & Chaos 5.3 ($45 street) has a new look and some smoothed-out edges. The result is a PIM with no-brainer simplicity that fully covers the basics of managing personal information."


  BOOT ITThe 1997 BOOT IT Shareware/Freeware Awards honored Time & Chaos32 as one of the five top shareware programs of 1997. BOOT IT is a site devoted just to reviewing a small number of hand-picked programs, but visitors to the site were also given an opportunity to vote for their choices.

Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk

  Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk highlighted Time & Chaos32 as one of 1997's Top Downloads of the year.

PC Computing

  PC Computing called Time & Chaos32 "simply the best shareware PIM around" in the 1001 Downloads area of their Web site.

File Mine

  File MineCMP's File Mine did a review of the top shareware PIMs and named Time & Chaos32 v5.2.9 "simply the best bauble in the bag.", a site devoted to supporting users of 32bit software, has given Time & Chaos32 5.2.7 their top rating of AWESOME!

Computer Shopper

  Computer ShopperComputer Shopper reviewed 8 PIM's in their February 1997 issue, including Time & Chaos32, which they describe as the "essence of elegance in software".

Win95 Magazine

  Win95 MagazineWin95 Magazine listed the "96 Top Shareware Titles of 1996" in their February 1997 edition. Time & Chaos had the highest ranking of any personal organizer and was #26 overall.

Preston's Picks

  Preston's PicksTime & Chaos32 made the list of Preston's Picks for January 1997. Preston's Picks are found on Ziff-Davis' Software Library and are recommended by Preston Gralla, ZD's "software guru". The January list includes the best downloadable software to "get the most out of your time and money in the coming year."

AOL Software Center

  AOL's Software Center (keyword: software) named Time & Chaos32 one of their "Best of 1996 Applications."


  HomePCThe October 1st issue of HomePC contained reviews of "The Best Shareware for Windows 95--26 programs that cost nothing to try and pay off if you buy" and included Time & Chaos32 on the list. made Time & Chaos one of their Business Application Selections and even said, "If you could keep a driver's license and a $20 bill inside this program, it would be more valuable than your wallet!".

PC Magazine

  PC MagazineThe August 1996 issue of PC Magazine gave a short review of Time & Chaos32 v5.1.5 with the most unique word ever used to describe Time & Chaos - quadripartite (go look it up!).

Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards

  Time and Chaos was honored in both 1995 and 1994 by the Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards as the best Personal Productivity program. In their descriptive terms, "Time and Chaos Professional by iSBiSTER International -- A simple and very helpful tool that organizes even the busiest person's life. This comes complete with address book, calendar, to do list, auto-dialer and appointment scheduler and out-values just about any Personal Information Manager on the market."

Windows Magazine


Windows Magazine named Time and Chaos 4.07 as one of their famed "1996 Win 100" of all software products available for 1996! The only other "shareware" application honored in 1996 was Netscape Navigator.

Windows Magazine also reviewed Time and Chaos 4.07 in their First Takes section of their December 1995 issue if you want to take a look.

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