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If you have a question or need not solved elsewhere on this site, you can use this page to contact us.

  • Product Questions and Support: If you have a support question, you will need to provide the version number from the program you are using. We release updates to our current products on a regular basis, so you might be able to solve your problem just by installing a newer version. Also, please take advantage of our Online Support Knowledge Base BEFORE submitting it through this form. While we still offer FREE technical support, we appreciate your consideration in using this free support sparingly. (If you can't find the answer to your support problem in the Knowledge Base, let us know!).
  • Lost Codes: If you have misplaced your product registration info, our sales department can research it and see if we can locate your registration codes or passwords again for you. Please use the Registration Code request!

If you want a reply, please make sure that you don't have any mail filters that might block our return email to you! We suggest adding our domain ( chaossoftware.com ) to your protected list, if you have one.

We try to answer any questions you send to us via this page by the next business day, if not sooner!

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