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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Time & Chaos is the perfect tool to help you survive in today's competitive environment. The Testimonials on this page are from real people in the real world, just like you.

Please read below to find out why our friends who use Time & Chaos every day believe you need Time & Chaos, too.

And if you'd like to add your own comments here, we would love to hear from you. Just use our Contact Us area to send in your own testimonial about using Time & Chaos.


"I started with Time & Chaos in the mid-90's and have been using Intellect for several years now. While I believe Chaos Intellect to be the absolute best software program I've ever used, it is the service that the Chaos team provides that sets them apart. Every question I've ever had was answered correctly and quickly by someone on the team. In several cases, I got an answer on the same day that I posted the request. The people at Chaos are always friendly, capable, and extremely helpful. I wish to gratefully acknowledge your customer service ethic."

Bruce Thompson  8/25/2011

"I have been a TC user since version 4, maybe earlier. My wife used it at work and we started using it at home and a have ever since. I have recommended it online to several people.

"I wanted to tell you how much I like the new "end of series" flag. I just went through 2010 and made sure everyone's birthday is moved into the next year.

"One of the reasons we chose Blackberry for our newest cell phones was TC integration. Never plan on leaving."

Alan Portman  11/15/2010

"You all are great you read my mind. I was looking for a way to display the contacts title in the contact pane and couldn't so I check for new updates and low and behold the new version allows the display of other columns in the contact pane. Thank you very much!!!"

K. Thompson  10/27/2010

"I have used T&C for years and I have to say, this is the best version yet. I work for state attorneys and this is the best time management program on the market. Please keep up the good work."

Betty Mydland  4/12/2010

"I would like to thank you for developing an extremely useful product. I'm a founding partner of a small law practice and have used your product since hanging our shingle in 2004. I have first found Time & Chaos and later Chaos Intellect to be outstanding products, providing me with an easy to use and valuable assistance over these years. I was also pleasantly surprised, after calling your company some years back, to see one of my suggestions appearing in a future version of your product: the ability to have T&C synchronize when I closed it. Proving to me that your company is extremely responsive to the needs of this customer. "

David Lunas  4/5/2010

"It's nice to get feedback sometimes. Just wanted to say thanks for running your company with decent, old fashioned values! Might sound silly, but your customer service always works, you DO answer your phones, and you haven't been tempted to automize everything to save a few pennies. Very refreshing for a computer company! I have just signed up for ChaosHost, and I use Time & Chaos every day! I find it very difficult to organize myself, but with your product, I can actually keep my life organized properly :-) I haven't found anything else that works as intuitively in years of looking! PLEASE do not be tempted to add features for the sake of it. There is no amazingly high technology in your products, but they are designed with real humans in mind. Keep up the good work!"

James Daniel  1/6/2010

"I live in the UK and have been using T&C from when it was first available here as a trial version on 3.5" floppy disks. It has proved to be an excellent program and has NEVER let me down. It is in daily use for business and domestic contacts and planning etc. I can recommend this product to anyone. "

Chris Longdon  12/1/2009

"Just wanted to let you know that you have a great product in Time and Chaos and Intellect. It is by far one of the best tools that we use for accounting and tax business."

Brian Crouse  11/17/2009

"I have designed a many-to-many database linking contacts, appointments, and companies - and now Intellect does that in being able to add mutliple attendees for each appointment. This is great for keeping track of attendees at family events, business meetings, and vacations. I have taken it one step further added a separate table for companies (organizations) and link it in a many-to-many relationship with both contacts and appointsments (completes the triangle). I have a number of contacts that belong to the same company - this relationship makes it easier than entering the company info for each new contact.

"Thanks for a great product - I dropped Outlook for Intellect - a good move."

Andy Durkee  10/20/2009

"I don't remember how long I've used your product - I would guess ten or more years. Never have I had a problem nor wished it had a feature it didn't have. I can not say that about any other program on my computer. I thank you every day but this is the first time to actually write."

Max Ligon  5/8/2009

"I have been searching for this product for ages. Portability on a flash drive and syncronisation to the desktop version. Dead easy to use, its a No-Brainer and so many features for an excellent price. Many thanks you will be recommended."

Michaela Watkins  1/9/2009

"I just buyed the paid version of Time & Chaos. I follow this program maybe almost 10 years. I am enormous happy that now for the first time the program can be used completely in the Dutch language. That is really a great step forwards ! Thank you very much !!"

Alphons Schroder  10/16/2008

"I love my Time and Chaos 7 for contact management. It is very easy to use and it has help me in my business."

Yitzhak Havlatka  10/2/2008

"This is the best software I have found to handle all my clients. I work with hundreds of people every week of all business types, and having all the information; 3 month calendar, contacts, contact info, appointments and tasks all in one place is fabulous! Your software makes my job so much easier and it is not complicated to use. Thank you!"

Bonnie Lennox  9/19/2007

"I was a previous Act! user for years, since version 4. I had many hours of frustration, many headaches and had to buy several plug-ins to do the sorts of things that Intellect does better and at a significantly lower cost.

"The ease of use, and simplicity of the interface, combined with the ability to email merge have made me a 'raving fan' of this product.

"My congratulations to Chaos Software and the developers of this fine program."

Cy Sayles  8/17/2007

Forte downloads Best Time &

www.ForteDownloads.com  7/20/2007

"I have used Salesforce, GoldMine, Pivitol, ACT and Siebel (now Oracle CRM) and I find Time and Chaos to be the most intutive, customizable and cost effective CRM solution."

Seth DeHart, VP Sales Boston Analytics  7/13/2007

Time & Chaos 7 has received the SoftCetera Choice Award.

Choice Award (4 Stars)

SoftCetera  6/11/2007

Time & Chaos has been reviewed by Best Vista Downloads and got 5 stars award on our website: http://www.bestvistadownloads.com/software/t-free-time-chaos-download-gzailfdo.html.

Best Vista Downloads  5/21/2007

"Gosh, I've been using Time and Chaos since before most people ever even heard of the internet. I downloaded my first version - and several of it's updates, back when Bulletin Board Systems and very slow phone modems (not even 56.6 Kbps) were the norm. And yet you just keep getting BETTER! I have NEVER come accross better Personal Information Management/Organizer software - and I have evaluated dozens of them over the years for both myself and my employer. I'm now using the absolutely fabulous Chaos !ntellect as my default email program.

"On top of that it is soooo inexpensive compared to other programs and paper-based products! I paid nearly $400.00 for my very first Franklin Planner setup. Now, for half of that price I can buy Chaos !ntellect, CompanionLink, AND the cell phone to put it on.

"Thank You Chaos Software Group."

J. Shayne Jones  1/25/2007

"Hi folks - have been using T&C for 5 or 6 years and was a little reluctant to change both my PIM and email (Thunderbird) to this new version. Downloaded it yesterday and wow - you nailed it! I LOVE having all email correspondence linked to my contacts. Plus, I can input URL's right onto the Today screen and surf using T&C for quick web visits. Also cool is that since I use dual monitors, I can slide the email I'm writing onto my 2nd screen and work on outgoing messages while I take calls and work from the main screen. Also just did a small email merge a few contacts and I'm hooked like a T&C junkie.

"Very nice looking and functional program. You have once again outdone yourselves. "

Mike LaPlante  7/14/2006

"I'd like to take the time and thank you bright individuals that created Time and Chaos. I'm currenly using v5 and plan on purchasing v6 in Jan 2007 when I start my business.

"I've searched every where for the RIGHT kind of time management, and yours is outstanding!

"Keep up the good work guys and ladies :-)"

Sionnah  7/5/2006

"We've been using your products, both Version 5 and 6, for a while now, and I just had to write this to tell you what a marvelous product you have.

"Not only am I able to manage contacts easily, we are also able to integrate word processing files, appointments, and to do lists!

"Thank you so much for developing this product - you have saved me (as the office manager and Executive Assistant) countless hours of chasing after information previously kept in two or three places! You folks are the best!"

Susan Russell  3/16/2006

"I was looking for a way to organise my client list and make update notices easier. I have a couple of products, so being able to select a group of clients was very important for me. With the combination of Time & Chaos + Express Plus, all my needs are covered. As I work away from home a lot, I am setting up TimeSync as well soon..

"And all for under £60.00/$100.00."

John Messingham  3/1/2006

"I just got the trial download and I love it. I am sure it will meet my needs! It does a great job printing in a foreign script (Thai, in my case), something that I have not been able to coax other time management tools to do. I will soon be registering my copy."

Gene Long  2/28/2006


"This is THE best time management tool I have ever used!! And, it's the ONLY one I know of that has the "Information about this data"...IT'S PERFECT!!!!

"I am a new user...and will be an evangelist for this product!!

"Great job, Chaos Software!!!!"

Nadine E. Sexton  2/16/2006

"I can't tell you how much I LOVE your product!! I have been trying to find something like this for ages and this program is perfect! It has everything I was looking for in a way that is so easy to use. I just downloaded and started using it right away....no fumbling or taking a whole day to find out what things are! It is the BEST!

"Thank you sooooooooooooo much!"

Pam Long  2/6/2006

"Some years ago, when I began to use Time & Chaos, I sent you a note suggesting that you add an easy way to view appointments by the week, month, and year. Others, no doubt, did the same. The latest version adds this feature, and does so very elegantly. This is a tremendously useful improvement. Congratulations! And thanks."

Chas Freeman  2/1/2006

"Just have to say it, this software rocks! At first the 'simplicity' can make you think it's light. As you start using the program, the design excellence just shines through. Anyone can do complex, intuitive and 'friendly' takes skill. And you've done it.

"Really good job, guys!"

Kevin J. Patch  9/16/2005

"This has been an excellent product over the years. For me, it is far better than trying to use Outlook as a PIM. Little things such as when I highlight a to do item or a calendar item, the information for the linked contact displays in the contact area making names and phone numbers highly visible. The fact that I can see that I have notes associated with an item or that I can link files on my pc to an item and see that something is linked. Overall, a very friendly and intuitive product. I feel like I can truthfully state that it has helped me with my daily organizational skills and that, as they say, is priceless. I wish Chaos Software Group on-going success."

Sharon Rogers  8/18/2005

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I have been using your software for over a year and I still feel it's the best kept secret on the net. Excellent program and a great deal besides.

I definitely got my moneys worth when I bought your software. Keep up the great work!

Dennis Triplett  7/8/2005

"I've tried nearly every PIM out there. Some look truly magical while others feature every feature under the sun. But Time & Chaos is simply put, the most productive PIM I've ever used. If getting things done and keeping your names, events, and todo lists organized is important then you can't do better than T&C.

"It's simple to use interface integrates a powerful contacts list, event list and todo list into a single view. You're entire day can be quickly seen in a single glance. No more switching from one view to another. You can also drag and drop from one list to another making event generation easy. Simply drag a name to the date of your choice and TADA you have a call event. As you scroll thru events the contacts list will sync so events and contacts are kept in sync in realtime.

"Thank you Chaos for removing the chaos from my life."

Craig Hamlin  2/23/2005

"I have been using TChaos since version 3. Just when I thought they couldn't possibly improve it anymore, they did it and its bigger and better than ever before. I currently have to keep track of four different databases, with the same appt's and different todo lists, i work full time as a emt, and have 2 seperate jobs which are teaching full time and being a deputy sheriff. i have to keep seperate databases for advertising, personal contacts, student contacts and my ems / police work schedule. Without TIME AND CHAOS, there is no doubt i would be completely lost. In todays world of fast paced business, if you dont have Time & Chaos, don't even try to compete because this program speaks for itself and it just keeps getting better." Well done Gentleman, Your Programs are worth a million !!"

Kim R. Exnicios, NREMT-I  2/18/2005

"I have evolved into using T & C as the quickest possible route to all of my client folders. I just cut the folder path from Windows Explorer and paste it into a "phone" field in T&C with a URL field label. I can access any client folder quickly and easily directly from T&C This technique is also well suited for any web address and organizationally superior to the Windows favorites folder.

"I know this sounds like a complete computer geek, but after more than 5 years of using T&C, I am still learning things about it and amazed at how utilitarian it is. It is simply a great tool, well conceived, well designed and well executed. Thank you. You make my life easier."

David  2/5/2005

"HI there,

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoy and appreciate the T&C software; aleady a user for years, the new version is even better and clearer! I love how easy and simple it is to keep all my client data organized and how much info I can have at my fingertips. I work with clients 1:1 (both private and corporate) and need a lot of different fields and places for notes and files. You've designed the best program ever!

"My friends always laugh when I say the name "Time and Chaos" as they feel it suits my personality (yeah, very funny...), then stop laughing when they see the functionality and how many different ways I can organize and look up info - and how SIMPLE it is to learn and use! Then they get all defensive and say things like "well, that's easy for YOU, we just have to use what our company dictates.....

"Hey, we all make our choices, what can I say. :)!

"I will continue to recommend your software to colleagues and friends, keep up the good work!

Mirjam van Roon  2/1/2005

"Dear Sirs,

"best wishes from a distant Slovenia. I use Time & Chaos since 1996, after several months of testing over 10 different PIMs. I am glad I decided for T & C for I am more that satisfied, I am enchanted. No problems during all this years, no need for any technical support, though I read it is excellent. You have even solved the problem with our special letters, though I have some problems with sorting due to english version of Windows. It is a priceless experience, how much can a data base, collected during 10 years, help a man in late 50´s, with some thousands of contacts met on his jobs, starting to mix alltogether, while also sclerosis entering slovly into the everyday life.

"Anyway, after so many years of succesful personal use of T & C I plan to build all my future business on T & C. I hope, that with some help from your side I shall use it for that purpose with the same satisfaction as for my past personal needs."

Leopold Vidmar  1/24/2005

"I am so glad that I purchased Time & Chaos. I have been very pleased with the product and find it very adaptive to my needs. I was happy with version 5 and am thrilled with all the changes in version 6. I love the fact that my PDA can plug in so well to Time& Chaos. I am even thinking about checking out your online data hosting. There are so many contact data managers on the market that are cumbersome and inflexible -- it's nice to see a product that works so smoothly and is affordable. Thank you!"

Heidi Rugg  1/11/2005

"Guys! As always I can not thank you enough! Do you stay awake all night dumping caffeine into your bodies in order to come up with some of the improvements to T&C? Everytime I use T&C I find a new feature that helps me organize my life.

"When people ask me about a PIM, I do not hesitate to tell them about Time and Chaos.

"By the way, this is my second testimonial for T&C, and I would happily write more.

"As a T&C user I really do feel sorry for all of the brainwashed people out there using inferior PIMs such as Act!. I never could figure out why people would want to complicate their lives by using a PIM that is so difficult to use in comparison to T&C.

"Thanks again for making T&C so simple to use, yet so powerful that it can organize even my otherwise screwed up lifestyle."

Craig Merwitzer  1/10/2005

"Thank you for building a solid appllication and keeping on top of updates, improvements and fixes.

"I have been using T&C for about a year and it has proven to be flexible, intuitive and powerful. It does things the way I want them done. It does not bully me, like several other products I had tried in the past. Keep up the good work!"

Gary Staines  12/16/2004

"After using your product for just over a month now, we are realizing how easy and effective your software is compared to other contact management packages. For the price and features within Chaos6, this solution is second to none.

"Thanks for keeping us organized!"

Jim Buchan  11/17/2004

"The best PIM on the planet. I have used ACT! and Goldmine for years, but this product is better than both of them. It is easier to use and has all the features I will ever need. Great tech support and a very reasonable price make this a must have. In fact, buy the software bundle and get ExpressPlus e-mail and other associated programs - even better."

Bart Sterman  11/15/2004

"I have just updated my earlier version of Time & Chaos and would like to state my appreciation of the very easy system you use for upgrading. It is by far the easiest I have ever used with any product.

"I have used Time & Chaos from a very early issue on floppy disc, later via downloading and find it invaluable for organising my private affairs. Thank you for a really useful product."

James Kirkbride  10/27/2004

"I have been using your product for four months now and it is great. Simple to use, designed well and helpful in so many ways. I have it installed on my desktop at home, at work and my laptop. It thrills me how it has managed to keep my crazy, confused life so organized. The program performs in such a logical manner and the entire process of time management and organizing becomes easier. For new purchasers of this software the key is to enter all your contacts asap. Once in your contact list you will never double schedule an appointment or not be aware of approaching deadlines for projects ever again. I show the program to my boss. She downloaded the program for the free 21 day trial and ended up purchasing the program at the end of her second week. A great program. My highest recommendation!"

Michael E. Johnson  10/26/2004

"Before downloading T&C, I wanted to let you know I remember the program from around 1994 and how much I loved it back then. I turned many people on to it and they became customers of yours. I ran a manufacturing plant at the time and I had everyone using it there. We never had a problem with it and it had all the features we ever needed.

"I'm now an independant software usage consultant for large companies, and long ago I had to switch to Outlook because my clients use it and I have to stay familiar with it. I have since missed T&C's reliablility and simplicity. So much so, I'm recinding commitment to my clients of using Outlook. It's just not worth it.

"So, today, I'm abandoning Outlook and returning to T&C because of all the problems I've had to endure. I can't take it anymore. Outlook is so bloated with options, features, and controls (most of which most people don't use) that the program is just plain unstable. I've lost my valuable email history many times due to crashes. I'm sick of it and, like most users (if they were honest enough to admit it) I don't need most of the features Outlook offers. There's no need for me to stay with Outlook and many reasons NOT to use it.

"Basically, what I'm saying is I want stability and reliability more than trendy overkill of silly features that hinder a program's performance. T&C gave me that solid no-nonsense great performance many years ago, and I'm expecting it will again. I was very happy to see you people still in business when I searched you out today. I'm about to download your latest version of T&C and give it a try once more. I have high hopes."

Lenny Johnson  10/19/2004

"Well... I have to hand it to the Chaos team. I know I griped and made a nuisance of myself on the beta testers forum, but now I've used version 6 for a few months, there really is no going back. This PIM is without doubt, the unsung hero of computer software; the more you use it, the more you wonder how you ever managed anything without it. Dropping back to version 5 now is rather like visiting an aged aunt, still elegant it's true, but belonging to another time. The truth is that Chaos Software translates to excellent software. I commend you all."

Roy Judd  10/3/2004

"I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure to use your well thought out products. I am very impressed with how well they work and how often you update them. Please keep up the great work. Thank you."

Norman Alhalel  10/1/2004

"I've recently started using Time & Chaos for a couple of days and already i am quite please with the functionality of the product. Everthing on one screen is a definite plus. I will definitely purchase this product."

George Taylor Jr.  9/27/2004

"Dear Chaos Software folks,

"I have been looooking for a contact manager like this for y e a r s!!! It is so user friendly that I have hardly looked at the HELP section yet and I have been using it for several weeks already. I love the color coding in the appointments section... It enables me to track many kinds of data per appointment, like one color for a scheduled appointment at my job.. another for the same for private clients. A color for session completed and notes written... a color for an available appointment slot. Now it is very easy to find available appointments when booking a new client, etc.

"And I love the repeating appointment function. The night i found your product was after the third time in 2 months that I had double booked an appointment slot... no more!

"There are oodles of functions I haven't explored yet and I am already getting waaaay more than my money's worth. Thank you so much for making such a user-friendly product. I am reccomending it to everyone I encounter.

"--Emily Page, Psy.D. www.emilypage.com"

Emily Page, Psy.D.  9/26/2004

"I have now had several months experience of T&C and am very pleased with my purchase. I partucularly appreciate its comprehensive nature and use several features regularly.

"May I congratulate the Technical Support Section who have replied promptly and helpfully to my queries. Continue the good work."

Herbert D Henry  9/18/2004

"As an Outlook user for many years, I was reluctant to switch to a new PIM - but I just love this program. Everything is easier - from phone dialing to searching, and there are many other bonuses as well. The contact info integrates better with Express Plus than Outlooks contacts and email does. Contact data areas are more flexible and more informative, and on and on. Best of all really is that T&C is a whole bunch easier to learn. There really is no learning curve - certainly not compared to Outlook.

"I could go on and on but just wanted to write and say 'Kudos' to you for a job very well done - I am completely hooked on this after a week. Thank you! "

Sharon LaPlante  9/14/2004

"Thank you for the upgrade. I have been using Time & Chaos happily for years and wasn't going to bother to upgrade. However I did and am delighted with the new version."

Rowena Pike  8/9/2004

"Thanks for the update to an already great program. Just as I was thinking "I wish I could print out a calendar with JUST what I wanted on it..." along comes Chaos 6. I have converted my home and office to the best time management and contact management program I know."

Shelly Getzlaf  6/30/2004

"May I compliment you on all the improvements. I find v6 easier to use and with a more subtle presaentation which is very easy on the eye."

Colin Lynch  6/25/2004

"I have been using Time & Chaos for more than 10 years now. It helps me to organize my personal and business life in a simple way. I use T&C with my Palm M505 to synchronize appointments, addresses and ToDo's. It is a very useful application. Thank you very much !"

Hubert Beekman  6/17/2004

"Hands down the best PIM software I've ever tried--and I've tried a lot."

Bertha  6/16/2004

"I have been using TChaos since version 3. Just when I thought they couldn't possibly improve it anymore, they did it and its bigger and better than i could have dreamed about. I am a Deputy Sheriff and I have to keep track of approx 2,000 students for certifications plus have it give me the ability of notifing when a certification expires. I also have to manage 3 different phone book databases with the same todo and appointment schedules. Well with the version 6, I am able to accomplish that plus keep track of all my private company business with no problems. In todays world of fast paced business, if you dont have Time & Chaos, don't even try to compete because this program speaks for itself."

Kim R. Exnicios, NREMT-I  6/15/2004

"T&C is one product that has proven to be so indispensible that I will almost inevitably upgrade to 6.0! Isbister has proven that they will only introduce upgrades when a truly major improvement in features & functionality is coming that upgrades will now be a matter of course when it comes to their products. T&C has been rock-solid, stable & perfect for me. I recommend it to anyone. Thanks Isbister for a great piece of software!"

Paul Dacus  6/9/2004

"I have been using Time & Chaos for a long time and this is the best version yet. It is incredible. The look and feel is fantastic. Great job!"

Dale Anderson  5/17/2004

"I've been an avid user since some of your first versions in the Windows 3 days when I posted the trial version on my BBS before the web was common. I just want to say thanks for adding the html to-do view and let you know you're doing a fine job. Looks like I'll be a user for some time yet!"

Richard A. Schmahl  5/15/2004

"I want to congratulate on an incredible new version. I especially like how you have put all the data input on one page. It makes life so much easier. Thanks for being there!!"

John Schweisthal  5/14/2004

"Just have to say you folks have really outdone yourselves. Again. I have used T&C for years but this 6.0 upgrade is outstanding. LOVE the interface and all the improvements. Didn't think it was possible but T&C is even easier to use. Of course, ExpressPlus makes the package complete. The mail filters in ExPlus are so above and beyond those in other email programs that they eliminate the need for additional anti-spam software. If everyone used these two programs, the world would be a nicer place... with 90% fewer frustrated computer users. Thanks for all you do. Peace & Love, Cyndi C."

Cyndi Craven  5/2/2004

"When I learnt that you were developing a new version of T & C, I thought that you would find it difficult to improve on the old. But improve you did! I am still evaluating after only two days of use, but this powerful tool has indeed increased it's scope and ease of use. I particularly like the screen and color arrangements and the use of groups. The Multimap feature means that you can get an immediate location map for a contact address. The HTML monthly appointments view screen, means that you can see all your list, no matter how much information. The Technical Support team helped me transfer all my data from version 5 and Express Plus. It all works without a hitch. Like all new things, the changes take a bit of time to get used to, but it is worth it. This is an exciting advance. Thank you."

Tim Bearder  4/28/2004

"I was introduced to Time and Chaos about 4 years ago, with which I replaced my paper planner. That, coupled with my palm pilot, has been just what I needed to keep my crrrrazy schedule in check. Not only is the entire lineup of software brilliant ( I LOVE the new address swiper function!!), but your customer service is fabulous, and on top of all that, you remain faithful to your long term customers, which is something that is sooo very rare today. Back in September you offered a very special deal on the Time and Chaos bundle to long time customers. I can't tell you just how great I feel about having made that very small, yet very large investment. Thank you so much, and change the software however you feel, but don't change the company! IsBister ROCKS! (Under any name.)"

Martha Colby  4/23/2004

"I have been using T & C since shortly after the Revolutionary War (OK, maybe not quite that long, more like 8 years), and I am very pleased with the new version 6.0. It's easy on the eye, with the same efficient layout and faster load time than its predecessors. Congratulations on a job very well done!"

Lee Weissert  4/21/2004


Do you want to add your own testimonial to those already seen here? We would love to hear from you to learn how Time & Chaos has proven it's worth to you. Please take a moment to contact us and tell us about it.

Time & Chaos 7 builds upon the work we have done with previous versions, which we have been making since 1992!. If you would like to see even more testimonials regarding our version 5 of Time & Chaos, click here.


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