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Time & Chaos is the perfect tool to help you survive in today's competitive environment. The Testimonials on this page are from real people in the real world, just like you. While these comments apply to our much older versions of Time & Chaos, they do speak to our long-term plans to provide the best contact management software available.

Please read below to find out why our friends who use Time & Chaos every day believe you need Time & Chaos, too. You can also read comments about our newer versions of Time & Chaos as well by clicking here.

And if you'd like to add your own comments here, we would love to hear from you. Just use our Contact Us area to send in your own testimonial about using Time & Chaos.

Finally, please note that the comments you are about to read were specifically for our Time and Chaos 5 program, which has been discontinued for a number of years. There is a great deal of information here on this web site about our much more current and modern versions of our software, too!


"I was dismayed and, truth be told, traumatized at the thought that Day-timer had discontinued support of their Organizer. I had been using that software since its inception and prior to that had been a faithful paper user. Finding another PIM that was easy to use, had the functionability that I wanted and interfaced with my existing email, word processing, faxing, and web browsing applications was a difficult endeavor.

"I found out about T&C from a discussion group thread about the demise of Day-timer Organizer. I am very thankful for the discovery. I did not think I would be able to find another PIM.

"Thanks for T&C!!"

Georgia Kollias

"I guess I finally have to add my kudos, too, because this product is so great and the people are so customer-urgent-friendly.

"I started using it in the old days when it was freeware, and all I needed was a phone book. That was years ago.

"Eventually, they started making me pay for it, but their price was ridiculously low for the awesome functionality and ease of use.

"Now, I'm a Realtor and it's helping my business out immensely.

"Why do people use anything else???"

Wayne Taylor

"I've been using Time and Chaos since 1997. In that time, I've come to depend upon it for my daily work routine. It's more valuable and functional than either MS Outlook or Lotus Notes.

"Additionally, the support team is amazing. I've called and emailed them several times with various questions. They've been timely, polite, and unfailingly helpful.

"I guess the best recommendation I can give them is to recommend them to my friends, which I've done several times.

"Your program is invaluable in keeping me organized and efficient.

"Keep up the good work."

Brian Chastain

"Well, you did it again! I just upgraded (Free, yet) from 5.3.8, and T&C is even better. The full address showing in the phone book window for the highlighted entry is a feature I've been wishing for for a long time. The "add newe appointment" window redesign is excellent, more usable than before. The new "print appointments" window is clean, readable, attractive. My business (and personal life) LIVES by T&C, and you just keep making it better. I've got aother calendar/scheduler apps from Windows, Corel and others, and they're all like trying to write with my left hand (I'm a rightie) compared to T&C. And not only that, but it always works the way it should! There are plenty of apps with tons of flashy, useless features that make them complicated to use and hard to learn. T&C, however, is lean and mean and does everything I would want it to if I could think it up for myself. Keep it up!"

Martin Meyer

"My calendar and client program is probably the single most important software used in my business. For years, we used Day-Timer, until it was discontinued and began causing problems, but it was, hands-down the best forrecord keeping and sync to my palm and pocket PC. I have spent the last year, looking at every program on the market, including ACT, Maximizer, Contact Gold and the less expensive ones, like Anytime. I was never satisfied. Anytime came close, but had sync problems and the rest were just expensive bells and whistles. Finally, I came across Time and Chaos and purchased it. It is, without a doubt, the best program I have used to date and I am thrilled. The sync operations are perfect, the program layout puts everything at my fingertips, the program is very easy to use and your technical support is above and beyond any I have ever used. My thanks, beyond what words can express. I have far more to do with my time than experiment with calendar programs and the search is finally over. Your product, cost and support are second to none! You gained a loyal customer for life!"

Allen Cowling

"As a Time and Chaos user for over 5 years now, and a previous refugee from Outlook and DayTimer Organizer in the 5 years or so prior, I just continue to enjoy using T&C on a daily basis....and how often does one really enjoy using any software? Looking forward to the dawn of the Version 6 series which I understand is about to go Beta now."

Rob Klein

"I cannot thank you enought for releasing Express Plus! As I long time Time & Chaos user, I have been frustrated about not having a direct link between my email software and my T&C database. You've solved this problem and introduced e-mail software that has all the features of Outlook and then some! Thank you again!"

Bob Karby

"I have been using Time and Chaos since I bought it on one 3.5 diskette 6 years ago - I have received the free upgrades since my purchase & am now using the 5.65 version. I am so grateful every time I need a phone number/address or an email address or a simple envelope addressed and printed. It has been the only program I have had on my computer that has been 100% trouble free, regardless of what computer or operating system, I am using at the time. - the free add-ins let me know in advance holidays and moon phases. This was the best money I ever spent on anything. Anyone needing help organizing their life should not hesitate to take control with Time and Chaos.

"Thank you"

Glenda Gates

"I've been using T & C for at least three years now. I've got it backed up in THREE places in case my pc decides to crash. All of my business contacts, friends and family's info is efficiently organized. I'd be lost without it! Thanks for a great product! "


"If I could only pick one product for my computer that I owned it would be Time & Chaos. Without any doubt it is the easiest to use, best supported and all around top software I have ever purchased. The program is top drawer, user friendly and the support is over the top!"

Robert Chance

"Well the only thing one can say is that these products are wonderful! Ihave used T&C for over 10 years and it still makes my life so much easier. When Palm Sync was introduced. I never have a problem managing a hectic schedule with a dozen projects on the go all the time... thanks isbister! keep up the great work!"


"Dear Time and Chaos.

"I have been using T and C since version 3.

"I have opportunities to contact your company for tech support and for other concerns requiring customer service.

"I have been treated with a level of respect, courtesy, professionalism and respect that sells your product. It is rare to find a company with your level of professional courtesy today.

"After saying all of that about your staff, I don't how to give enough accalades about your product. I love T and C, and we sync it to the Palm, and it works great. T & C has served as a great note take device for conversation logs, and has integrated perfectly from version to version with no loss of data.

"I love Isbister, and Isbister, and Paperport are the two products that I couldn't live without.

"Thank you for letting me be your customer."

Cliff Berning

"THANK YOU for T & C. I am a family law attorney in Canada and find the program WONDERFUL!!!

"Thank you ... Thank you!"

Marty Klein

"Thanks for supplying a great product. I have been using Time & Chaos for about 6-7 weeks now and I am still finding new features. It does what I need it to do, does it inexpensively, and it does it without a great deal of effort on my part. T & C is boosting my efficiency, and I am very happy I purchased it. Keep up the good work."

Stephen Welbourn

"I've been using T&C since 1991 and I still think it is the best product on the market. "

Bill Wendell

"I've been using T&C since Windows 3.1 days. My wife is from Thaland and even though her English is not so good she is able to access and use T&C to find phone numbers and other important info. It has become something of a bragging point among her Thai girl friends, who generally are terrified of computers. A product that is simple enough for a non-English speaker, yet powerful enough for a "power user" like me...can't think of a better tribute."

Steve Dark

"I have used Time & Chaos for a couple of years now and would very much like to thank you for a wonderful, easy product. Very useful with email and other programs."

Michael Vinyard

"A great decision to change the name. I recommend Time and Chaos to everyone. Now I can remember the company name and website. As a Realtor for 20-years I have tried every high priced PIM program on the market. Time and Chaos is, without a doubt, the most user freindly program available. And, you can't beat the cost. I have trained at least a dozen others on the program and continue to recommend it to everyone."

Michael Campbell

"My name is Jeffrey Epstein formerly of a company called BOSS Systems, Inc. We were a top 10 GoldMine (FrontRange reseller) for 4 years in a row and International Consultants of the year in 1999-2000.

"Why do I give you all that background. To let you know that The Chaos Software Product is awsome and very easy to use.

"I feel more productive than ever using this software."

Jeffrey Epstein

"Just a quick thanks for the sports schedules. I can't wait for the downloads every year. I recently purchased a palm and pitch my old planner. Now with my palm and your sync program I never have to worry about missing another game. My wife thanks you, yea right. Thanks again, four years and still a totally satisfied cutomer."

Mark S.

"I have been using Time and Chaos since practically its inception. I am an IT consultant and have had the opportunity, throughout the years, to experiment with every PIM that comes along, including Outlook, Goldmine, ACT and I must say that to this day there is no other program that performs as well, simply, cleanly and efficiently as Time and Chaos does. Time and Chaos has been engineered in a way that truly simplifies the task of time and contact management.

"We have turned a number of our clients on to Time and Chaos and each and every one of them turns out to be delighted and a loyal fan of the program. Chaos Software's technical support has always been there for us and their updates always work without issue.

"The technology world owes great thanks and admiration to the creators and constant developers of Time and Chaos. They have created a program that is not bloated, runs well in practically any PC environment. Many kudos to you and your team - Keep up the good work!"

Patrick Rardin

"Two nights ago I blew away my calender in Time & Chaos, when using a Windows utility to clean out some temp files. The restore function would not restore my calender database, so I contacted Tech Support by eMail. As usual Tech Support responded in a fine manner, this time in less than an hour. After a couple of eMail exchanges, it was determined that I should contact by phone Tech Support, which I did today. The representative I spoke to was absolutely great, very knowledgable, and patient with me. He walked me through a fix of my calender database, which took about 10-15 minutes. I was back up in no time. What great customer support!! If only other softmakers support was as good, life for PC users would be a lot better."

Bruce Thevenin

"I have used Time and Chaos to keep my days, hours, and minutes from running together for the past five years. I just upgraded my old version to the new 5.6.5 and wanted to thank you for putting the address in the information block of the contact. That was the only thing missing. Now it is complete."

Allen Hollis

"I am a very experienced PC user of many years and a veteran of time management programs including Outlook, Lotus, corporate platforms, and third-party software -- and I prefer Time&Chaos to them all. In my view it has the fundamental features necessary to manage a schedule without being overly complicated, unwieldy, or slow. Add to that the simple elegance of overlays, categories, and drag-and- drop appointments and you have a first-class productivity tool. Just wanted to say thanks for the great software."

Gordon Laatz

"This is the GREATEST personal management software I have ever used. I downloaded a trial version today and it only took just a few minutes to learn. The features are intuitive and it allows me to see everything I need at once. No more struggling to make Outlook act as a PIM. You have earned a customer for life with this product alone. You have done an excellent job, keep up the great work!!"

Sharon Rogers

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I just love your Time & Chaos product. I downloaded the software to evaluate it and to determine if it would fit my needs. It took me just a few hours to see that it was just what I needed. I have since registered it and hope to take full advantage of its great features.

"The product is everything I was looking for and more. Great job! I look forward to even more in terms of future releases."

Charlie Neuman

"I've been using T&C for a decade and it's been invaluable to my law practice. It's a great product, economical, and the upgrades are usually free. I'm a user for life."

Al Hernandez

"I love this program, I like many others here have used a whole assortment of IM programs from Act, Sidekick and M.O. and they all had good features but they were too cumbersome to use and I would not need 90% of the features of these bloated products.

"Time & Chaos though is neat and simple but hugely powerful. It does exactly what I need it to do and along with the Sync with my Palm then I can do it on the move and know that I have everything I need.

"I know I have told many clients about the product and I want them to use it as well.

"Keep it up guys your brilliant."

Alex Gogan

"Having tired half a dozen of different time manager programs (incl. Lotus Organizer, Plan Point, Schedule+, Packrat and Termin Manager) I landed eventually at Time & Chaos in 1994 and I must congratulate you to a program that is simple enough to use (I dont want to waste my time to study something extensively which is supposed to save my time) and still is a powerful organisational tool which offers practically everything I need for controlling my time in daily use."

Wolfgang Ruso

"I bought Time and Choas years ago. About every two years I try a huge company's time management program for a while and get disgusted all over again. I am back to Time and Chaos never to leave again... "Thanks for great products and great people in the company. On technical issues they have never let me down and are gracious when I call."

David Booher

"Time and Chaos was my second PIM, going back to 1992. I have used Sidekick (DOS and Windows versions), ACT, Outlook, ECCO PRO, and a number of others at work and in my consulting practice. The only one which I have consistently upgraded (with pleasure!) is Time & Chaos. It operates on the principle of K.I.S.S.: Keept It Simple, Stupid, and for people like me who need simplicity in all things this PIM is the hands- down winner across the board. I might add that my registered copy of Legal Billing is the best- value time-keeping and billing program on the market. Though others have more "sizzle," and a host of bells-and-whistles, 99.999% of users have almost no practical, recurring use for these complex add-on features. Finally, ExpressPlus is the best damned e-mail client I've ever used, bar none.


Stephen P. Watkins, J.D.

"I have been with you since day one in 1992. I purchased the very first 16 bit Time & Chaos and loved it. I moved to the 32 bit version with Windows 95, but still hung to my old version just because it was so damn easy. I have downloaded 5.6.0 and still love the interface. Yes, you have added more features, and T & C has become flashier, but it is still the most comprehensive, one glance, tell all PIM there is. It is everything all the other PIM's want to be, but could not keep it simple enough to make it work and be effective. All of this and still less than 3 meg of space. Keep up the great work!!!"

Michael Watson

"I am a refugee from Outlook and Act. I needed a contact and calendar program that was easy to use but a step above the Palm program. I need to keep track of alot of information for my two businesses, but I need something that is relatively simple to use as. After years of frustration, I have found Time and Chaos! What a joy to work with a smart program that has lots of useful features, is reasonably priced and manages my contact and calendar information with out problems. To add to its function, it is compatible with Eudora! Bravo Time And Chaos, keep your smart and simple to use products coming."

Renee Mayne

"It's truly astounding how easy Time & Chaos is to use and yet powerful.

"I made different default layouts for residential, business and other categories to quickly change the Telephone numbers section of the Phone book to display important information on those entries. This allows me to instantly see account numbers for business contacts, anniversaries for friends, or any information that I need at a glance.

"I can not thank you enough for making such an incredible, flexible, easy to use product."

Robert L. Nichols

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your product for the past 5 months and love it. It is simple to use (at least most of it that I use normally) and have not found a better one to fit my needs. I could see how this would be good in a company besides the single application as I use."

Bill Miller

"Recently when browsing your website I came upon your user testimonials. I couldn't help but add one of my own. I have very seldom found anything worth my writing a testimonial for.

"I have continuously used Time & Chaos for over ten years now. Every contact, appointment, meeting and note for all of that time is still in the database. I 've also used it to store all kinds of arcane and minor bits of information such as the drive belt number for my lawn mower and the combination to a seldom used lock. The search function gives me the ability to find any of this information - over ten years worth - in just seconds! It's amazing to be able to instantly read the details of a meeting with a particular contact that happened seven years ago!

"Last year I also purchased ChaosSync for use with my Palm. Now I have access to all of this information along with appointment reminders anytime and anyplace!

"I've used Time & Chaos for so long now that I don't know what I would do without it. It's the best product of its kind I've seen and very fairly priced!"

Bob Blair

"Downloaded trial version of Time & Chaos as recommended in the latest "The Naked PC" newsletter.

"I am so glad they recommended it, as I hadn't heard about it, and I think it's absolutely fabulous. It's everything they say it is.

"I'm trying it out for now but will definitely be buying it. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a brilliant system."

Christine Wyndham-Thomas

"We run a busy Wealth Management practice using T&C as our contact management. We have one remote and three users in the office and found it simply works great."

H. Paul Ivany

"Okay, I admit it. Time and Chaos is the best PIM on the planet!! I have been using T&C since 1992 and it has helped me to be very successful. I'm now using T&C to schedule myself and MANY others- I never thought it could do THAT! T&C is helping me to organize my personal life as well as my business life. I can't remember the last time I had to sheepishly tell someone: "I forgot" because Time and Chaos helps me to remember--in fact I CAN'T forget if I enter it into Time and Chaos. Also, any important document is SOOO easy to find when it is "attached" to the person that it effects. Incredible! I don't have to "hunt" for a document that is related to a client, friend or vendor.

"It is in a word: a Godsend."

Ned Willis

"Last week I downloaded and tried out a trial version of Act! 6.0. It is a very capable program, no doubt, but it is extremely complex, not nearly as intuitive as Time & Chaos, and I found almost nothing I could do with it that I could not do easier and faster in Time & Chaos. T&C's search & report feature is superior to anything similar Act! has to offer, and T&C list sorts and responsiveness to typed in names (in the phonebook)is much faster. It just made me appreciate T&C all the more."

David (last name withheld)

"I just want to commend you for a truly great time management product. I have been looking for a time management program that would just do some of the stuff Time & Chaos does. It is a really powerful program and exceeds my needs and expectations which is a good thing."

Jerry Henderson

"Time and Chaos is well named: no more chaos! I have used T&C since its birth. It's the epitome of simplicity and efficiency -- with outstanding web capablilites! And thanks for Express Plus!"

Jerry Hicks

"I just would like to express my appreciation and admiration for your T&C product and your business practices. I am truly impressed with the way you conduct business. I am using T&C for years and find it most valuable and rock-solid performer on no matter what platform. Your prices are a bargain and your business practices regarding up- dates and information on new products are admirable - brief to the point and very tactful. I keep recommending your company and product to all our friends associates and clients."

Cezary Kolsut

"I just wanted to say I have always been impressed with Time&Chaos, however, I recently received the training CD and am more impressed than ever. Job Well Done, keep up the good work!!"

Rick Johnson

"Well, I must say that I only started using Time and Chaos two weeks ago, after having been somewhat fed up with Lotus Organizer for quite some time. I must say that Time and Chaos has blown away all my problems. It really does what I want it to, offering a whole lot of pretty cool advanced feature while still being easy to use. Two weeks of testing were enough to figure out that your software is worth registereing, and that's what I just did today."

Nils Holland

"Just a note of thanks for the great software. I love it so much better than Outlook!"

Derrah Jackson

"I've been using T&C for about 7 years and think it's a fabulous product -- better than any other PIM I've seen.

"Today I had to call tech support with a question. I was only on hold for about 2 minutes before a rep came on the line, and after asking me two questions he had the exact solution for my problem.

"You guys ROCK!"

Stu Rubinow

"I have used T&C for several years and have yet to find a better solution. The application is stable(a big plus), easy to use and feature rich. The updates are always problem free and 9 times out of 10 add features that just improve the application(unlike a lot of apps that just bloat). Keep up the good work and I will keep telling people of your great app."

Tony Hook

" I have been in the "computer" business for fifteen years - consultant, training, and operations.

" Seldom have I found an application to be entirely satisfactory. "Time & Chaos" is the exception. For the average user, performing everyday tasks, it is the best PIM that I have ever used. I know that some will need a more comprehensive application, such as "MS Outlook"; however, even those people would benefit from having "Time & Chaos" since for many tasks it is simply easier to use and has a smaller footprint within the computer system.

" In summary, I highly recommend this product."

Eddie Nicholson

"We have been testing your Time & Chaos Trial 5.5 software. We should have found out about it years ago. Well better late than never. Its a very very good software package and so easy to use. We will recomend with conviction to the members of our club and our friends. "It already saved many fights about missing appointment and overlapping dates in our business and private lives."

Wolfgang Steffens

"What convinced me to dump Outlook was the ease with which T&C backs all data up--and restores it if necessary. I never did figure Outlook's procedure out and needed it a couple of times.

"It's also a snap for me to assign appointments to categories and at the end of the month collect the data to check billing records and get a sense of how I'm spending my time.

"As an independent professional, I need that information, and I don't have time to learn enormously complicated software.

"T&C is intuitively obvious to use. Sophisticated, but very quick to learn."

John Shell

"I have been a faithful and loyal user of the Time & Chaos product since the early 1990's. I continue to review other products but have never discovered a product as great as yours. Actually, I think I look at other products just to see if they "get it" like you do.

"I really like having my PIM tools, Address book, calendar, todo list, and phone numbers visible on the screen concurrently, not hidden in "behind the seen" files and folders.

"I am a Telecommunications Project Mnager and travel to new projects several times a year. In each instance of moving, I am asked by my client which PIM product I use. This is because I print a duplex daily report with my day plan on one side with my appointments, todo list, and two monthly calendars and a thirty day view on the reverse side. I tri-fold this document and slip into my jacket pocket. (I have done this for years) When I need to make a brief note or schedule a future appointment I simply pull out my day plan and start writing. Anyone whom witnesses this activity a few times and inquires is immediately given a sales pitch for Isbister's T&C.

"Thank you for your continued support and please keep up the excellent work. I know of many who will agree with me in this matter.

"I am now enjoying the merger of my T&C with your ExpressPlus mail client."

K. Rex Mayfield

"I have only been using T&C for a couple of months, but I must say I absolutely love it!! Not only is it full-featured, but it isn't a resource hog like most other PIM programs. The licensing on T&C is great too! For one low price I have it at home, work, and on my laptop. Legally! I plan on never being without T&C in the future... it's that useful."

Justin Darling

"Just Downloaded the new version - GREAT!!!!!! It's the best yet....everything that I just "kinda liked" or maneuvered around has been addressed. Thanks for making the best product better. It's a remakable program. I couldn't do my job without it. Thanks"

Michael Ross

"Just a word of support: I've been using T&C back to v.3X (or so) - the program was always good but its upgrading has been so consistently intelligent and its operation so seamless that I owe you a note of thanks, also for the occasion tech support calls that have been answered by a human being who really knew and could discuss the program."

Richard Kapp

"Keep up the good work - we have found this to be the best value-priced network-capable scheduling program around! "We are currently using it on our LAN and it is great!"

Joe Hyland

"As a registered Time & Chaos user now for more that 7 years, I wish to commend iSBiSTER once again for the intuitive quality of it's product. With each new iteration of the T&C program, substantive and valuable conveniences have been added to an already exceptional time management software program. For this user, who has so heavily vested every aspect and dynamic of my life's interactions on the T&C data base, it is of great comfort to see the unending customer support that iSBiSTER offers to their customers through it's product upgrades and downloads program on the iSBiSTER website. The latest Time & Chaos version (5.5.0) has taken a great product to greater heights. Most importantly of all is the complete ease with which even new users can adapt to the elementary conveniences of the program's features. Thank you for the valuable effort that this company has put forth, to keep the Time & Chaos program at the forefront of leading time management computer software in the world."

William R. Reckert

"Ok. I've had this software for awhile now. I have always been afraid to use the envelope and label printing features that are included with PIM's, because they never work right. You spend hours trying to get the envelopes/labels to print correctly. Many times the program is just not compatible with your printer. Suffice it to say, that particular feature has usually been wasted on me. Well, I am happy to say, I printed my first envelope with Time & Chaos and it printed perfectly - what can I say? Thanks a lot!"

Tracey Lynn Smith

"Of all the calendar programs I've used, this one far outshines the others. My favorite feature is the ability to enter an item into the calendar without attaching a time to it--helps me list vacations, birthdays, etc. I can also list several items for the same time, which I need to do frequently. Technical support is excellent. The program couldn't be easier to use, and it is simple to adapt it specifically to my needs."

Jenny Gholson-Morris

"Only an hour after download and already was going to post a question (how to display time using the 24 hour clock) but found the answer so quickly using the help files that I had to mail to say how impressed I am already with the software. Downloaded around 1 hour ago and already I can see it becoming an "always on" tool that I'll have great fun using."

Janet Davies

"Time & Chaos was highly recommended to me by a friend. So I downloaded it, tried it out for a few weeks then bought it and TimeSync. Now if I can make Legal Billing package work for me (I'm a computer technician) I'll be having it as well. Keep up the good work."

Gavin Coles

Just a quick note to say what a fabulous product you have in T&C and ChaosSync. I've been using TC for some time now and recently got a Palm for the sole purpose of being able to take TC with me in the field. I own a computer support business and TC is my bible and my brain. I could not do business without it. What a monstrous benefit to now be able to take it out in the field with me! I rarely write these kinds of notes... Isbister has so impressed me that i've done it twice now. Thanks for great products that work.

Scott Dietrick

"There's not much else to say.

"Reading other testimonials tells the whole story.

"I use T&C since Win 3.1 days and 386 PCs, I've changed all other softwares several times but have never found any PIM as simple, fast and productive as T&C. I've often recommended T&C to friends, not to my bosses though, it remains my secret advantage."

Enrico Sansone

"Where were you guys two months ago when I spent hours and hours looking for the perfect PIM, and I found a reasonable substitute and paid $45 for it? I can't believe I didn't turn y'all up in one of my searches but I never did. Well I received a link to you in one of my newsletters (one of the ones from CNET I believe) and I checked you guys out. I also downloaded Time and Chaos immediately and LOVE IT! I'm also WILLING to pay ANOTHER $45 for it (well sorta - but I'm going to anyway!) It is the closest thing to perfect that I've found so far. I gave up Outlook and have been looking for something that would come close the all the handy things you could do with it - Time and Chaos fits the bill! I've been using it just this week and I'm hooked! I have some ideas for other cool additions to the application since I've been using every PIM known to man for the last few months! I'm in Plano, so it is nice to see some local yocals make good! Thanks for the great PIM!"

Brook W.

Dear Customer service,

T&C is exellent, I use it througout the day, I have refered it to several people and attorney's too. to all those who woked on it, Brovo!

I also can not live without TimeZone Map, I use it regulary while on the net so I know at a clance what time it is on the other end of the world when I am contacting someone or writing an E-Mail. Thanks for letting me try it first for a few weeks.

Regards, Bill

Sunset Ridge Farm

Bill Langendoen

"Upgraded a week or so back to ver 5.4.0 Every month I fax out my schedule to my clients so they know when to expect me and when I won't be available for emergencies. It was very nice to no longer have to print out a sheet for each client to then turn around an fax out to them.

"Continued satisfied client :-)"

Ed Moulton

"I have tried them all. I use Outlook at work because I have to and at home I used Ecco Pro but since it is not supported anymore I looked for a replacement-Outlook, Act!, Lotus Org, Anytime, Day Timer, the list goes on and on but I was not happy with anything I tried. Then.....

"I happen to stumble on your product in a computer mag. I love it! When I think of the money I spent on all those other programs. I guess it's a small price to pay to end up with your product. I liked Time & Chaos so well I downloaded Express Plus, your email program. That works great too, intergrates with Time & Chaos address book and it not a memory hog like Outlook. Not bad...

"Thanks for some great products and I look forward to your future developments!"

T Galusha

"I've used it for years and really am lost without it. Now I copy my data to the Palm which really gives me the flexibility I need."

Greg Bell

"I've been using T&C for a while, on an "extended trial" basis (yeah, you know what I mean!), and it's definitely the closest thing I've found to what I need! So today I purchased it - after putting it through its paces pretty thoroughly over the past few months and seeing how well it performed, it was only fair... ;) ... (And about time, huh?)"

Terry S

"I have been using Microsoft Calendar for quite some time. Time & Chaos is a far better utility, and much better to the eyes. Time & Chaos is a much better PIM than any other PIM I have tried. I am using it as a trial, but intend on purchasing this license for it. I am recommending this to my co-workers, and family."

Mike Hermanson

"I am an actor in New York City and have been using Time & Chaos for about a year. I've used many other programs such as, Outlook, Ecco Pro, Lotus Organizer, Maximizer, Daytimer, Smart Contact Manager and others in the hope of finding the ultimate application. Time & Chaos is hands down, the best out of the bunch! It's simple to use but does everything that the other programs do and more.

"Being an actor, I needed a reliable program to manage my appointments, auditions, rehersals, contact information, to do's, email, and project management, mail merging and I could go on and on. It's the one program on my computer I don't have to worry about. If I have a question, tech support is right there, knowledgable and polite. I recommend Time & Chaos to everyone, especially my friends in show business. It's made this actor's life a lot easier. Thanks to everyone at Isbister."

Gary Thompson

"My brother is a retired engineer from IBM. I'm just a country lawyer. For years I've been singing the praises of T&C.

"Finally brother loaded a copy of T&C -- a 4.x version at that!! He was greatly impressed [with both the program and the "pop-up" reminder ;-)] and called me to find out the current version. He's since downloaded it and purchased the program.

"Thanks for making a lawyer look good to a retired computer geek! (with apologies to all!!)"

Ross C. Hart

"Thank you for keeping track for some months. My computer couldn't do it on his own, so you guy's had to come in. Enjoyed your program ! Isn't it reward enough to know that x people keep track on their lifes by something that originated from something you were part of ? Love you guys and girls"

Louis Cosemans

"I have been using Time and Chaos on my old 386 since about 1995 it was shareware at first. I recently updated and I realised I can't do without my T&C screen, I've just downloaded the new version. There is nothing better ! !"

Peter Newton

"My brother Ross has been suggesting that I should try Time and Chaos for several years. I finally did and find it great. I have been using the trial for a month and today registered it. I wish I had listened to the suggestion sooner!!"

Jim Hart

"You have the most beautiful software! I have been looking for a PIM software package, and have downloaded several trial versions off the Internet. Most never lasted past the first half hour - they weren't user-friendly. I was able to get up and running within minutes of installing the software. I have yet to master all the features - heck, I haven't even had a chance to look at all of them! But I have already decided to buy the product. Good job!!!"

Tracey Lynn Smith

"Oh!! The Software is extremely good. It is so intelligent to remember the things. My wife used to remind me about some very important tasks. I felt shame about myself, lot of times I used to forget the things very easily. But No more. After I started to use this Software, I feel that I am very lucky to have this software. You have to try this at least for 1 week. Then you will really enjoy it. I read all the Testimonials, which were given here, before I started to use this Software. That time, I thought that, why people are appreciating this much to this software, ok, Let me try. Now I tried, and really feel that, all the Testimonials were exactly true. No exaggeration. Try it and feel it. But you have to try al least 1 week. Because, in the beginning, By the look and feel of the Software, seem to be nothing but 4 boxes in the Screen. I told about this software, who is using Palm OS now, in the beginning he told me, I feel comfortable with Palm. But after used this software for 1 week, He told No more Palm OS."

Venkat Gopal

"The more I use Time and Chaos, the more fun I have. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Back up Outlook - 26.5 meg ..... back up Time and Chaos 52k. Priceless."

Bill Wood

"I stumbled over this program and glad I did. What a breath of free air no hassels with the business and most importantly my family I now can spend more time together. Thanks For a well written program."

Ozzie in Australia

"Just wanted to say I CAN'T WORK WITHOUT YOUR PRODUCT Time and Chaos. I am a professional usability engineer and have found your product to be extremly usable and desirable. I have not had that experience with Outlook.

"Great work and thank you so much for offering the world a time management product with outstanding usability!"

Frank Spillers, Co-CEO Experience Dynamics

"I have used Time & Chaos since version 2. Over the years I have tried others.... all the others... and keep coming back to T&C. I have recommended it to my peers in Government and we find it THE most productive tool around. Of all the software I've owned since 1986, your program has been the most consistently high quality. And...your support... well, there is just so much distance between you and second place."

Nick Walsh

"I just want to say 'What a great product'. After years of using sidekick 98 and trying outlook and organizer, I have found a great product that works (and I mean works all the time) they way I do. Keep up the good job."

Ray Miller

"I've been using Time and Chaos since 1994 and can't find a multi-hundred dollar program that I like better.

"I am a Realtor, and a few days ago, one of my sellers called and said she had gotten a garbled phone message from one of agents in my company, wanting to show her house, but she couldn't quite pick out the name or all of the phone number. We have around 200 agents in the Company. I did a search using a string from the partial phone number and identified the agent. She asked "How did you do that?"

Ray Dennis

"First I will say that after 21+ years of working for a very large corporate that I have used many In House, Lotus, and Microsoft applications for the purpose of maintaining customer and contact information along with To- do and diary needs. I will be completely honest and say that Time & Chaos is the best application I have come across in terms of flexibility and convenience by far. After only a couple of weeks of usage I'm sure that T&C will easily satisfy my personal needs in the area of Contact and Personal Information management. I would definitely recommend this product to other people."

David Henn

"I just have a couple of comments about your product. In my household, we have four busy adults with different shift schedules and appointments, and five computers on a LAN. I have been searching for a product for more than two years that will allow us to get away from bulky paper-based planners, while allowing each of us to see each others timetables, to-do lists, and to share an address book.

"We bought Multiactive's Maximizer first, since we're Canadians. Their contact manager was great as a stand-alone phone book, allowing us to create custom fields with labels, but weak in all other areas. It did not work as a shared directory, except by installing it on each machine and constantly copying the address book, a major pain. Their appointment planner did not have a lot of features, nor did their to-do lists. We also tried Outlook, and were unimpressed.

"We then bought the Franklin-Covey software, since we were using their paper products. They have an awesome appointment book, except it won't let you use a 24-hour clock. Their address book has no user-defined fields, and they also have a very good to-do list. To share the appointment book we had to back it up daily into a backup file on a shared drive, and restore it from that drive onto the other desktops. I lived in constant fear of one of my kids getting the file corrupted. I struggled for the past year, using Franklin's to-do and appointments, and Maximizer's address book. To complicate things further, I bought a Palm last year, and we were trying to sync this stuff with my it for when I was away at work.

"Even though by this point we had invested a fair bit of money just to try to get organized, we finally we got frustrated enough to go back to the web to see what other companies we offering new products. We looked at a few one evening listed through Google, then stumbled upon T&C. "Wow!!" was all I could say. I tried the free full version download for a week, imported my Maximizer data into it, loaded up the appointment calendar, made it work through the LAN, really gave T&C a torture test, and kept waiting for something to go wrong, or to find a deficiency. I guess I had those expectations because I hadn't heard of your company before. I downloaded the user's guide, but I just kept finding more and more cool features. I guess you know I bought T&C online a week ago, as well as the ChaosSync, which I didn't install until today. It works great, too!!

"Some people at your shop deserve a real pat on the back for the fantastic job they have done developing this software and working the bugs out. I can't remember the last time I used a piece of software that actually worked the way it was supposed to, but yours does. Right now, T&C seems to be a bit of a secret, but I tell you, I'm promoting it to everyone I know. I can honestly say that after using three competitors' products, you are miles ahead. You have everything going for you, a great price, user- friendly software, easy-to-understand users guide, a full-featured trial download (which must convince a LOT of people), all in all, a superior product. Keep up the great work!"

Irving Kurz

"Thank you for your hard work it has made mine easier."

DeLacy Douglas

"I just want to tell the the best money I ever spent was on this program. I have had this program from the beginning and have never seen a more useful computer program. The learning curve on this is amazingly simple and it has kept me organized which is a difficult thing to do. I so appreciate this program. Thank You! I hope this makes you all rich, you deserve it."

Glenda Gates

"I've been using Time & Chaos for over three years now. It has integrated perfectly with my way of working, responding with the answers I want, when I want them. It's highly configurable, yet extremely intuitive, robust and dependable. Thank you for a tremendous product. Frankly, I couldn't function properly without it!"

Roy Judd

"I have recently previewed and purchased Time & Chaos. I am a law enforcement officer who supervises six investigators. I am very impressed with your product and would recommend it to anyone who needs to organize their activities. The search capabilities of this program is outstanding. You have created a very fine product."

Lt. Joseph Lanning

"My most essential application is the desktop/Palm PIM called Time & Chaos. I have had it since I bought my first handheld -- the original Palm Pilot. I like T&C's uncluttered and very customizable interface, its ability to network several palms, and the ease of backing up the three programs it handles: calendar, address book, and to-do list. It is loaded with many features that I don't use personally, and using customer feedback, they are always coming out with updates that make a great program even better. Its technical support on the few occasions over the years that I have had to call them is accessible and knowledgeable and they never fail to me me feel like I am their most important customer.

"By the way, word of mouth is their only advertising, and I have no connection with this company except as a very satisfied customer."

Betty Porter

"I have been using T&C for almost 10 years, or so i believe (it has been that long). I have used packrat, outlook, lotus and others. Nothing compares to T&C. It is simple yet powerful and it syncs with palm. I have been to all parts of this hemisphere, it simply works. Do not waste your time looking for a PIM, T&C is the best. Download it today!"

Jose Pena

"I downloaded your Time & Chaos software last week along with about 12 others. Of all of the ones I tried, yours was by far the best . . . simple, yet it gave me the basics for my business and personal life. I have already told several friends about your product. Keep up the good work. Most other were too complicated or didn't have things like a to do list. Yours was just right!"

Ruth Mierzwa

"message from heaven (in the netherlands)
1.living in happyness (using 4.07a)
2.forced to live in hell (outlook)
3.finally in heaven (finally chosen for 5.3.99)

"Oh dear T&C-friends, thank you for existing !!!!!! I was forced to use outlook (company-policy), but after times of pain in the ass, I decided to switch finally to your latest version. Whatever consequences, I'll never leave you again."

pim de vos

"I've been using Lotus Organizer since version 2.0, but there were always deficiencies. All that is lacking in Organizer exists in Time & Chaos. (And, the support seems much better.) I tried your PIM after using the time zone program. Congratulations on a job well done!"

Michael D. Shaw

"I have been using Time & Chaos since March of 1994, version 4.02. Backthen it was the best PIM (and probably the best software of any kind) I'd ever seen. It is still the best of the best.

"I live and die by Time & Chaos. It has never let me down. It does everything I could ever ask, and much, much more besides. Its ease of use is surpassed only by its ability to do anything I can think of, and so much more. I have yet to find the bottom of this bottomless pit of information control. And now, with the ability to sync with my PDA, I have the best of all worlds.

"I have, and will continue to recommend Time & Chaos to everyone I meet. To date, I can truthfully claim several hundred converts. Keep up the good work. My hat is off to iSBiSTER and Time & Chaos."

Don Risi

"Just wanted to let you know that I had switched to Outlook for a while because I didn't really have a choice, so to speak. My company uses Outlook for email (MS Exchange server... no choices), and so I figured if I had to use it for email, I may as well try it as my organizer.

"Boy, was I wrong! After trying Outlook for a little over a year, I am now switching back to Time and Chaos. I can positively say that Time and Chaos is easier to use, more flexible, and more powerful. Outlook really suffers by comparison!"

Scott Goodman

"You guys ROCK! Best program I have ever used, all of your products work so flawlessly together, you could teach MS a thing or four thousand."


"This has been the best software I have bought this year. Time & Chaos out performs all the major and costly time and planning software programs I have tried. The support is excellent. They should charge four times the price. Download and try it, you will be happy you did."

David B. Ramsden

"Just wanted to say thank you for making such a fine piece of software. Time & Chaos is excellent!"

Bob Quillin

"I'm delighted with your product. Of all that are available, only your program satisfies all the elements I needed."

Milt Schultz

"As a Church Business Administrator, I have found Time & Chaos to be an extremely effective and affordable tool within our office administration. Not only does T&C perform it's time management functions well, but it enables me to share data across our network and keep up with my administrative assistants projects. We also use it as an online Standard Operating Procedures Manual, a software library, a hardcopy filing system organizer, a matrix of all our church keys, stores all of our board meeting minutes sequentially in date order, and a lot more uses in our church office. The transportable records feature enables us to share records between two campuses over the internet easily.

"I have linked Isbister's web site to our own recommending that all of our church members try it to help get their work and personal lives organized.

"Thanks to your entire programming team for producing such a user-friendly and simplistic interface at an affordable price. I could not recommend this product any higher."

David Robertson, Administrative Pastor

"I have used your program for years and I love the most recent improvements. I just printed out mailing labels and it was a breeze! Thank you and keep up the good work."

Craig Rolinger

"I've been using Time and Chaos for years, and I tell all my friends about it. They are always amazed at how quickly I can come up with spreadsheets, reports, or mail merges with so many different "groupings" of people. One of the things I most appreciate are the number of updates you've made to the product, and the fact that they've all been FREE! I appreciate the support for Palm (I have a Palm IIIc), and now I've eliminated the need to maintain multiple address books because of the integration of T&C and Calypso Email. T&C has to be the most complete solution on the market."

Ken Richardson

"I'm a systems administrator who supports MS Outlook every day. It and I have a love/hate relationship, but when I get home from the office I return to my true love: T&C! It is fast, powerful, easy to understand, and nice to look at. My wife is new both to computers and the English language and she uses your product all the time. I've been with you since the 3.1 days and I place your product and WinZip as my all-time Windows favorites. I have introduced several people over the years to T&C and will continue to do so. Thanks for all your hard work."

Steve Dark

"I've been using Time & Chaos for the past 5 years and storngly recommend it. The newest version (5.3.9) has solved a serious problem for me.

"Previously, if I wanted to take notes concerning a client contact, I had to print the entire note file, or copy the text to another program for printing. Now, all I have to do is highlight the appropriate text, print the note, and put it in the apprpriate file. I get a printed memo with all of the appropriate identifying information; and paper note to file cronologically; and when I sync with my Palm PDA a complete and portable note file.

"T&C is very close to being a perfect, and very affordable product. Thank you."

Dan Ringer

"A friend I work with told me about Time & Chaos. I downloaded it and gave it a try.

"I've looked for a PIM for years and years, even thought of trying to develop one of my own -- but don't have the time. I've tried them all, plus a few that aren't widely known! Also have tried a huge number of Time Billing programs . . . none have EVER met my needs.

"I've also obviously spent a lot of money for programs that eventually didn't meet my needs. Then I found a little (actually not so little!) and reasonably priced program -- Time & Chaos! It beats the high priced competitors hands down!

"Aside from the basic PIM there are Modules that can be added that increase its capabilities. You -- the User -- add what you want or need to the basic PIM. The results you don't pay an arm and a leg for options you don't need and will never use. And should you eventually require a certain option it can be added as a Module.

"Time & Chaos (and for me the added Time & Billing/Expenses Module) has made me a True Believer. Good-bye ALL other PIMs and Good-bye Timeslips ... I've found a better program.

"Whether your an Investigator, Attorney, Doctor, Salesman, Financial Consultant, Teacher, Student or average person YOU REALLY NEED TO GIVE TIME & CHAOS a try. You won't regret it!"

Raymond Dzik, CFE

"I have used T&C for many years, I have used other PIM's, Lotus, Above & Beyond plus a number of others, my favourite by far is T&C because it is so easy to use and all the relevant information is on the one screen. I use the notes section almost as a WP, recording all types of information and often surprise myself when I review what I have acheived. A great programme which I continually recommend to those interested in a Personal Information Manager. Well done Isbister keep it coming."

Chris F Howlett

"If I could shout THANK YOU in an e-mail, I would. Time & Chaos has been a life saver for me, both personally and for my home-based business. I simply can't get everything done that I need to without it."

Gina Arnold

"I have been using Time & Chaos now for many years and it just gets better and better. Nothing else comes close! It does everything I need it to do and has been completely reliable. To be able to synch with a Palm PDA is a real bonus. Thanks a million."

Keith Bailey

"Many thanks for continuing to develop your excellent software. I am particularly pleased that I can upgrade at no extra cost even when the enhancements are quite substantial. Well done! (+ Unlike Outlook, which I also use, your program does not bring the entire operating system down!)"

Marc Saner

"Time & Chaos is simply the very best Personal Information Manager (PIM) I've ever used out of the 10+ most highly recommended PIM's I've installed and tried out. Since that wonderful day I found Time & Chaos on the internet, the others have all been deleted off my laptop. Who needs a VW when you've got a 'Town Car'. None come close to Time & Chaos for power, speed, efficiency, ease of use and features - it's a steal at the price - because of how it's organizing ability will make you money. I especially love the fact that everything is on one screen - no mouse gymnastics required. Time & Chaos has turned my chaos into productive time - do yourself the biggest favor of a lifetime and test drive it FREE for 21 days to discover what I'm talking about. This software is safe - it has never messed up my computer as some other programs have. Hey, do your friends and associates a big, big, favor (especially those in sales), by telling them about Time & Chaos."

Smiley T. Papenfus

"I just would like to thank you very much for your great work. Even the basic programme was and is the best time-manager I could find. Another incentive is the competitive price (to be honest: I would regard it being a bit too cheap for the quality provided!). With your continuous improvements you do a great job and make life much easier for us, the users!! Thank you so much!

"I just wanted to let you know how much a little and meaningless user appreciates your work!!!!!!!"

Erich J. Kreutzer

"You guys (and gal's) ROCK! Almost 1000 Calender (appointment) entries and over 500 address so far! And we use you every day. Sometimes 20 hours a day!"

Michael Molder

"Hi, Thanks for latest version of T&C. I have been an enthusiastic user for four years now and have "sold" 23 copies to date by loading a trial version on my clients' systems and they have nearly all bought a licence - some are networked and bought multiple licences. I am a busy marketing consultant and find T&C is ideal for smaller businesses to run a CRM & prospect management system at an affordable cost. I find the time & billing invaluable in keeping track of my work. Thanks to all of you."

Jim Scott

"Just installed your upgrade this afternoon (flawless, as usual). I honestly don't know what I would do without it! I'm a PIM junkie and have tried many of the products out there and NEVER found anything that fit the bill the way that Time & Chaos does.

"I wanted to send you a big thank you. A while ago I got an HP 932C printer and had troubles printing T&C reports because of the footer. Your tech support folks helped me find a workaround (I was panicked over the thought of having to look for another product) and at the time I made several suggestions as to how the reporting could be more flexible so that I could have fixed the problem myself. Boy, was I thrilled to see that those suggestions (allow users to modify footer font and contents) were incorporated in the ver next release.

"I've been in the IS field for over 10 years and I know how difficult it is to find good help and to manage (usually very long) product enhancement lists. Great job!"

Kathy Robinson

"I appreciate your email alerting me about the new version of T&C. I wanted to let you know how satisfied I have been, both with the program, and with the support you provide for it. The help pages, manual (in PDF format!), phone and email support have all been first rate, and I'm looking forward to driving the new version.

"I've also appreciated the email broadcasts. You manage to keep these relevant and noise free. That's one way to make sure they get read!

"Lastly, I want to express my appreciation for your liberal upgrade policies. It is so refreshing. In fact, your note from the latest email is what inspired me to write. Great product and great support!"

Kevin Andrews

"I've been using Time and Chaos since version 4.0 (I think) -- at least 4 years. When I first began using the product, I felt so well taken care of by the support team and office representatives, particularly Debbie (I hope that is her name). And here several year's later, in this age of hi tech society, when many are complaining that we are loosing our personal touch and individual acts of kindness towards each other -- I still feel so well taken care of by Isbister! I just love that I get free copies of all your upgrades and free personal tech support (online and via phone) and everything I need to use this product in the most efficient way for my personal need. I've been well served by this product and the Isbister team of helpful people. Thank you a million times, and many blessings to you."

Rev. Crystal C. Bujol

"Once again a flawless implementation. I am constantly pleased and pleasantly suprised with the quality and level of detail in your upgrades. Thank you."

Doug Miller

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products. I have been a Time and Chaos user (both at home and at work) for many years. Due to a recent promotion, I now work out of multiple offices, on different days of the week. Trying to keep my Time and Chaos data in sync was a problem, but I purchased your "TimeSync" utility and now it is a breeze to keep everything in sync. In addition, I just purchased a Visor handheld device and then bought your "ChaosSync for Palm utility". Life is good! Now it doesn't matter where I am at home, at work or on the road - all of my Time and Chaos data is synchronized. I have recommended your products to all of my friends and co-workers. Thank you Isbister, and keep up the great work!"

Raymond G. Goldstein

"I have used Time and Chaos since 1993. I find it far superior to Outlook or ACT regarding ease of use and accessibility of information. Having the calendar, phone book, to do list and appointments on the same page makes the program simple to use and very effective. As a manager (in the past) and an academic (now), this is the one tool that keeps me organized."

Dale Nesbary, Ph.D.

"I am a computer programmer and thought I could keep up with my contact database, daily schedule and billings with programs of my own. I was WRONG! Nothing matches the simplicity, functionality or the price of TIME & CHAOS. I use the Time & Billing and Expense Tracking modules to create my invoices and expense reports, so there is NO QUESTION of any items that I have to verify for my clients. Your product has become the most valuable part of my desktop. Thanks for such a great product! I would urge ANYone looking for a time management tool to try Time & Chaos."

Robert Martin

"I ran into T&C YEARS ago, at Munich Airport. A Businessman from America had it on his Laptop. I asked him where i can get this PIM. he gave me the address and the executable. since this time my worries and problems have stopped. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PIECE OF SOFTWARE. Thank you"

Georg Lercher

"We have been using the Time and Chaos product for a couple of years now. It is, without question, the finest product we have in the office. It works flawlessly, had NEVER glitched on us, and is the one program we can launch knowing that it will perform exactly as it was designed. Our hats off to you guys and gals !"

Louis A. Papaleo

"I have been using Time & Chaos since either '93 or '94. I paid for it right away as I immediately realized it's functionality and utility. I have been extremely pleased with the success and support of T&C. Have also recommended it to many family and friends."


"A few days ago I downloaded the shareware version of Time & Chaos. When I first started using it I thought it was a good application. Then I decided to register it. And . . . the more I use it the better it gets!"

Kay Clark

"I want you to know that i believe Time & Chaos is the best contact management software on the market today. I am an Emergency Medical Technician Instructor and a CPR, Haz-Mat, & Defensive Driving Instructor and its imperative that I am able to keep up with the upcoming expiration dates for my students and myself when it pertains to the date our Professional Licenses expire. We have to renew every license we hold every two to three years and the time & chaos program has never let us down. I have to keep track of approximatly 200 students and all of my personal training requirements that allow me to practice in my field. I love the ability to drag and drop todo's and appointments with no problems occuring in the program. I have seen other management programs on the market, and they can't even try to compare with Time & Chaos. Be assured you have a loyal customer for life."

Kim R. Exnicios

"To all at Isbister:

"Thank you for giving me such a great package. I started using Time & Chaos a few years ago as a freebie and have since bought and upgraded a couple of times. Your product is "ACE"

"Thank you."

Ian Stroak

"Chaos is a complete, user-friendly personal information manager. The regular free updates for current versions provide useful additions, such as alternative multiple fonts in 5.3.8. The mostly free utilities like atomic clock and schedules for all major sports make Chaos even more practical. They even give the web site a fresh look periodically to let you know they're serious about keeping Chaos on top."

K. David Jarrell

"Time & Chaos is a wonderful program. The more I use it the better I like it. I have been using T & C I know since 1994. Just yesterday I printed my address book with all my updates and additions to fit my Franklin Planner. Wonderful. I can also print a copy for my wife to put in her planner. I now print my daily TO DO LIST to carry with me and remind me to get everything done. Wonderful program. I also volunteer at a Senior Center (teaching the Internet) and I always tell them about Time and Chaos. Thanks again for all of the good program you all do for us."

Jack Landham

"I've been a Time & Chaos cheerleader since 1994. It is, quite simply, the best Personal Information Manager around. As a consultant, I need to keep detailed records for every task of every project for billing requirements and status reports. As an individual, I keep all of my personal contacts, along with specific information in a separate database. Both of these databases fit on a single floppy disk, which I use to synchronize my home and work PC's.

Ease of use, bang for the buck and excellent product support are the reasons I would recommend Time & Chaos to anyone. I simply couldn't be successful without it!"

Michael Roppolo

"I stumbled on Time & Chaos a few years ago when I got sick and tired of the complexity of ACT! but wanted a full featured Personal Information Manager. Time & Chaos took under 3 minutes to setup and even less time than that to learn. Best of all, I have never had a single error message caused by Time & Chaos like I have in the past with ACT! and Outlook. I have been recommending T&C to everyone that needs power and simplicity without compromise."

Craig Merwitzer

"The name says it all, this program gives me more time and also easily handles my chaotic life. Time & Chaos is a bargain and it has helped put me in the top 1% of REALTORS nationwide. The choice is easy, you can start using Time & Chaos today, or you can try learning how to use the competition over the next several weeks."

Glenn Porter, CRS

"I use my PC every day, in my job and at home. Of all the applications I use, I use and rely most heavily on Time & Chaos. It is the most useful and flexible tool that I use. Equally as important, it is probably the most reliable program on my desktop. It is one of the few software packages I recommend to my friends and co-workers by name!"

Robert S. Michaud, P.E.

"With other PIMs, you can waste an incredible amount of time just performing routine functions. Time & Chaos, allows me to get all the details I need in an instant and working within Time & Chaos is often as easy as Drag-N- Drop."

Ryan Jeffords

"In 1997, our office converted 100% from Packrat to MS Outlook. After one month we had seen that this was a BIG mistake, perhaps one of the biggest we ever made. I ordered our MIS director to research every PIM, contact manager and scheduler on the market and find the one that would work best for our needs. With a five person committee given only two weeks to sort through an ocean of options, it was unanimous that T&C was the best option available. We have offices all over the country so T&C's transportable records fit the bill just right. The conversion was so easy that I feared we had done it wrong. It took only one day for every person in every office to be converted. After only a one-hour overview, we had everyone being productive and learning as they went. The 'lunch room' and 'water cooler' training made everyone an expert in about a week."

Tom Smith, President, ASD, Inc.

"T&C has been my PIM since 1994. It keeps my life in balance and my efforts focused on accomplishing goals, not just doing things."

John Linder, Principal NMVSC

"Time & Chaos is a great time-saver. I have over 4,000 client contacts, each organized and available in seconds. As a sales tool it would be extremely difficult to find a better tool, at any price."

Stephen Guthrie

"As a confirmed PIM-aholic, I rely on a computer based PIM to keep my sanity at work. I've tried many, including expensive commercial versions (MS Outlook, ACT, etc) and other shareware programs as well. None even come close to doing exactly what I need them to do. Time & Chaos, on the other hand, fills the bill with elegant simplicity. For my money, it's the best PIM on the market, regardless of price."

Scott Rosenberger

"In November 1993 I downloaded Time & Chaos after reading about it on a BBS. I was experimenting with various computer-based organizers.

"I would say that the greatest strength of T&C is that everything you need is on the screen at the same time. Schedule, contacts, to do list and timeline, all on one screen. This makes so much sense that I can't believe all other organizers haven't copied the format. No clicking between folders and tabs and screens. Very straight-forward.

"Putting all of the functions on one screen also means you can drag and drop contacts, to do items and calendar events back and forth with ease. Grab this guy's name and drop it on the to do list and you've got a reminder to call him. Drop the name on a calendar date and you've got a scheduled call (or meeting) linked to his profile. Simple but very powerful.

"If you need to access features or views used less frequently, they're there. Need to view a month, or even an entire year, at once? No problem. Need to search your entire database for a name you think you remember? One button. Use a Palm Pilot? There's a piece of shareware that let's you synch to T&C with ease.

"My other favorite feature is the simplicity with which T&C can be networked. Once again, any information can be shared (including maintaining one common phone and address book) across a network without fancy protocols or settings. Sets up easy and works great.

"Time & Chaos is among the most flexible pieces of software I've ever used. The entire directory takes up about 20 megs of space. It loads quickly, it's stable and reliable. Anyone who doesn't have a computer organizer or doesn't like the one they have should give T&C a try.

"I've changed computers, operating systems, word processors, spreadsheet programs, fax programs desktop publishing programs and just about every other type of software since I started using Time & Chaos. I keep using T&C because it gets the job done right. Keep up the great work iSBiSTER!"

Warren Henderson

"I have been using Time & Chaos for many years. It is so intuitive that it is second nature. On the few occasions when I had questions, the tech support was warm and really helpful. Thanks for a great program."

Len Gottesman

"I researched PIMs for quite some time before I finally found Time & Chaos. I downloaded and tested more evaluation programs than I care to recall! The learning curve for Time & Chaos is almost nonexistent, the program is more flexible than many of the higher-priced PIMs and when I need support, I receive timely and accurate information. Thanks for helping me to stay organized!"

Judy Madnick

"I've been using T&C for about seven years. I compared it to ALL the best available PIMs and continue to roadtest new ones as they arrive-- and I ALWAYS go back to Time & Chaos. I've convinced many, many others to give it a try and they almost without exception agree with me. The elegance and simplicity of the interface, together with the powerful features (and low price) make it the most indispensable tool I use every day."

Roberta Jones

"Time & Chaos offers almost every feature offered by similar programs, yet at a fraction of the price. Technical support is wonderful, and if there is a feature that is missing, the staff at iSBiSTER love to hear about your needs and try to incorporate them in future versions. If only all software providers could take a page from iSBiSTER's book!"

Jonathan Benjamin

"I've been using Time & Chaos for about three years. My son recommended it. It is the best contact management program I have ever seen."

C. Hoskin

"I have been using Time & Chaos for at least 6 years, I have yet to find a program that does so much so easy. I keep all my client records on my T&C. I have had few problems and they have always been answered by the service staff in a friendly prompt manner. I would and do recommend T&C to everyone."

Scot O'Shea

"Before choosing T&C as our PIM / Database for our company, I looked at a dozen other PIMs. Again, about two years ago, I reviewed as many PIMs (shareware and other) as I could find - I keep on coming back to T&C. In fact, I own Goldmine, ACT and Outlook and I can't stand any of them. T&C is simply and easy to use. Everything that I need is easily and immediately at my fingertips. My partner and my staff love it as well, as does everyone else that I introduce it to.

"T&C is probably the single most important application in our business operation. We have been using it for several years. We have a network version and it is constantly running and constantly in use on every machine in our office all day long. In a way, it is the heart of our business.

"Finally, we have been able to configure T&C to work with JAWS for our blind staffmember(s). Thank you for your support and for an excellent product."

Jon Simkovitz, Keyboard Alternatives & Vision Solutions, Inc.

"I have used Time & Chaos since the early days. It just keeps getting better and better. Support is always excellent and the developers listen to suggestions for improvements. I use Time and Chaos with the PilotSync add-on and my trusty palmpilot. This is an unbeatable combination."

Mark Scrimshire

"I have been using Time and Chaos for about two years. I think it is the best PIM on the market. It works like I work. It thinks like I think. It keeps me organized, and I would not be able to function without it. I have used personal organizers, contact managers, and a slew of other software solutions before this. None of them do the job of Time and Chaos."

Dan Jablons

"I've been a Time & Chaos user for about 6 years now. Time & Chaos does everything I need it to do, and doesn't clutter my hard disk, my desktop or my mind with unnecessary junk. It's the most streamlined and easy-to-use PIM I've ever tried. I've got my professional and personal life under control thanks to Time & Chaos."

Gordon Firemark, Entertainment Attorney

"I have been a T&C user since 1993 and am an avid supporter of your product. I have worked with many of the more well-known PIMs, including Lotus Organizer, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, PalmPilot Desktop and Franklin Planner, and have found that T&C is the most flexible, intuitive and reliable PIM of this group. I use T&C for my personal information and have introduced it to my department where it is used to manage our international training program registrations, as well as handling the logistics of our annual department meetings. T&C goes beyond simple names and addresses, blending "project management" capabilities and word processing integration into one seamless package. I also synchronize to a PalmPilot Professional and find that your ChaosSync software works better than comparable products offered elsewhere. Your e- mail upgrade notifications are a great help, and ALL of your upgrades have worked flawlessly for me. Your approach is something other software vendors should learn from!."

John Wall

"We've tried nearly all PIM and contact management programs out there - Act!, Gold Mine, Outlook, you name it. Nothing works easier or more efficiently for us than Time and Chaos. Coupled with our Palm Pilots, we're on track all the time. Keep up the great work!"

Randy Howell, President, Mortgage Power, Inc.

"I have used "Time & Chaos" now for over two months and it is by far the best desktop companion I have ever used. Some of the unique features that I am finding useful are:

1. How I can click on the address of someone I added and it links to a map.
2. I'm a sports addict so, the click of a button to add my favorite team to the calendar is an outstanding feature.
3. I can take my calendar and with a click of the button create a HTML calendar for my homepage.
4. Your TODO list keeps me up-to-date and love the way I can organize it by priority.

"With all that I just want to say, 'Thank You!'"

John Oswald

"If you want complete control of your life and your schedule - do yourself a favor by downloading Time & Chaos."

Joe Loving

Do you want to add your own testimonial to those already seen here? We would love to hear from you to learn how Time & Chaos has proven it's worth to you. Please take a moment to contact us and tell us about it.

Time & Chaos 7 builds upon the work we have done with previous versions, which we have been making since 1992!. If you would like to see even more testimonials regarding our newer 6 and 7 versions of Time & Chaos, click here.


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