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TimeSync for Chaos Data

Discontinued! Synchronize Chaos Data from multiple locations or even sync through the Internet using the TimeSync utility for Chaos Intellect 3 and Time & Chaos 5/6/7 users.

Note: Time & Chaos Web Edition also features the ability to keep multiple computers synchronized plus an online interface to your data through a web browser. Time & Chaos Web Edition is a service you subscribe to rather than software you purchase. Click here for more details on Time & Chaos Web Edition to help you decide if TimeSync or the T&C Web Edition is a better fit for your needs!

Features and Benefits

TimeSync logoTimeSync is a synchronization tool. This means that it is capable of taking two separate databases and combining them so that you have one complete and whole database with all the current information from both sources. With TimeSync, you can . . .

One common group who use this utility are on-the-go professionals who travel with their Chaos Data on a laptop while their assistant is back at the home office using a copy of the database, too. The TimeSync utility allows you to easily update both databases to include all of the new additions and edits made by either person in our software.


The TimeSync utility is $19.95 and is available 24/7 through our secure online store. Order now and we will immediately provide you the required password necessary to install TimeSync on your PC.


If you have already ordered this utility and have your password ready, you can download TimeSync.

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