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Address Swiper

Have you ever visited a web page and found an address you wanted to quickly put into our contacts database? Or have you received an email or a document with an address at the top and did not want to retype the address?

Address Swiper solves these problems. Now, with a simple copy and paste action, our Address Swiper will take these addresses, split the different parts up correctly, and add them directly to your Contacts in your Chaos Data. Quickly capture sales leads and contact data from email messages, online yellow pages, websites, address lists, documents, and more!

Address Swiper will let you use the program in trial mode so you can see what a benefit it can be for you. Once you're convinced you need it, we invite you back to our site to purchase it and unlock it for continued use.


Visit our Products and Downloads section and scroll down to Address Swiper to get your copy to use.


Address Swiper costs $17.95 through our secure online store. Upon purchase, you will receive an unlock password to install a paid version of the program.



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