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ChaosSync for Palm(TM)

Time & Chaos users can work with our full-featured personal organizer on the desktop while synchronizing the data with a PalmOne Treo or Tungsten, Sony Clié, or other compatible device. Our ChaosSync for Palm is a conduit that provides easy transfer of your telephone, appointment and to do list data between your Palm Powered device and Time & Chaos.

Palm PDA users have found Time & Chaos to be a great improvement to work on the PC with your address book, date book, and to do list information. Using Time & Chaos will even let you share complete databases among more than one user, but let each of you take the shared database to your personal Palm device!

  1. No importing or exporting is necessary!
  2. Updates can be made on your Palm or in Time & Chaos.
  3. Every time you press the HotSync button on your cradle, both Time & Chaos and your device are automatically updated.
  4. Time & Chaos is a great replacement for Palm Desktop's contacts, calendar and tasks, giving you the extra benefit of the powerful features in Time & Chaos, such as shared phonebooks or other shared databases.

What Do You Need?

Our 6.x version of the ChaosSync for Palm for T&C6 will work with any model from PalmOne such as the Treo 650 or Tungsten T5 and as well as compatible devices using the Palm OS such as the Kyocera SmartPhone, or Sony Clié.

ChaosSync for Palm also requires version 4 or newer of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager, which can be downloaded from PalmOne's web site or your device manufacturer if your version is out of date.

Next, you need to purchase ChaosSync for Palm. This add-on utility for Time & Chaos costs $24.95 and is sold exclusively through our secure online store. Purchase it, download it, install it, and then press the button on your cradle. That's it!


If you have already purchased ChaosSync for Palm and have your password ready, click here to download ChaosSync for Palm for use with Time & Chaos 6.

If you do not yet have Time & Chaos 6, there is an older version of our ChaosSync for Palm software available for download in the discontinued software section of our Products page (down at the bottom under Legacy Software).  Please note that this older version requires Time & Chaos 5.6.5 (also discontinued) and will also not be able to support the newest Palm devices such as the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 as our current versions can.

Additional Information

ChaosSync for Palm is not shareware, so there is no evaluation version available. However, we have placed this Power Plug-in under our own scrutiny and have many happy owners of this utility who are using it successfully with their devices and Time & Chaos. We have also written a ChaosSync for Palm Test Guide, which you may be interested to look at for specific information on how your data will be handled.

ChaosSync for Palm is not a replacement for the software that comes with your device, but rather it is an update (or conduit) to allow your Palm to communicate with Time & Chaos.


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