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Ten reasons you need Time & Chaos

Whether you are looking for a contact manager and time management solution for your personal use or for your entire Organization, we can provide Ten Reasons why we believe that Time & Chaos is your best choice.

Reason One: All-In-One Display

Everything you need to know about your schedule is displayed on one single screen. No missed appointments or to do items because you forgot to click on a particular button today. This program opens to a clear and intuitive screen that includes a calendar, a contact list, your appointments for today and your current to do list.

Reason Two: Shared Databases

Time & Chaos is designed to be used both stand-alone AND multi-user. Collaborative needs and workgroup features allow the same product to grow with your needs.

If your office has a relationship between a boss and an assistant (as most offices do) both users can work with the same data at the same time. As one person makes changes, the other can see them.  Real-Time sharing also applies to large organizations, too. Some offices have entire departments sharing one database of contacts, appointments and tasks, all at the same time!

Time & Chaos can even handle the little things for you such as backing up live data files while they are still in use by others.

Reason Three: Top Technical Support

If you have ever called someone else's tech support department and then called ours, you KNOW what we mean. In this day and age where most companies think you are lucky to even be provided with a phone number where, after a long wait, you get to talk to someone who may or may not speak your language, we still provide Time & Chaos users with free technical support, via phone or email or our web site.

Reason Four: Ease Of Use

PC Magazine called Time & Chaos "a PIM with no-brainer simplicity". Even though Time & Chaos packs in many features not found in other contact manager software, Time & Chaos has an intuitive interface that allows for a quick start. Entering appointments, to do items, and phone book items require minimal information. As your needs grow, the features you need are already "in there", making Time & Chaos great for Power Users as well as Beginners.

The Ease of Use factor is often overlooked by IT departments looking for a company wide solution. Time & Chaos can match the features of your other choices, but we bring the promise of being one of the least difficult apps to support for your networked users.

Reason Five: Online (Cloud) option available

These days, having data you can only use on one computer can leave you feeling trapped! Time & Chaos users can sign up for Chaos Data Hosting with us and experience the best of both worlds: a great full featured desktop application and an online version, too, with complete synchronization between the two.

Available at, it can even sync with many smart phones like iPhone and Android.

Reason Six: Efficient Design and File Storage

The full program is around 5 MB! It is fast to download, easy to apply updates, and does not pollute your hard drive with lots of files scattered about.

Even after install, Time & Chaos won't require much space on your hard drive. The actual data files are very small and amazingly efficient. A Time & Chaos database with 2000 names in the telephone book, 3300 appointments and 3300 to do items can easily be transported on a single 1.44MB diskette (if your computer still had such a thing.) We also make it easy to backup to a USB drive

Reason Seven: Upgrade Policies and Practices

With most programs, you aren't sure if there is a new version coming out you should wait for. Chaos Software puts out many free updates to each program throughout the year AND gives you TWO YEARS of upgrade protection against any paid upgrades that might be released. You'll always get at least two years of value for your investment in our software!

Reason Eight: Powerful Search and Report Options

Time & Chaos has a quick find to search across all areas of the program, plus a sophisticated report engine where users can designate a field to search and choose from a complete range of Boolean and other logical search parameters. Searches can easily result in customized reports, or results can be edited or exported for further manipulation.

Reason Nine: Free and Full Evaluation

Anyone can download Time & Chaos and begin using it immediately. There are no missing features, nor are there functions disabled. We want you to experience the full power of Time & Chaos for yourself, on your own PC or on your Network, before you make your purchase decision. This way you can have a true evaluation of how Time & Chaos can help you manage your time, rather than just a promise that "the registered program does that."

Chaos Software has been successfully selling Time & Chaos since 1992 and it is sold only as a try-before-you-buy software program. If you like it, you can buy it. If you don't like it, it is easy to uninstall and it didn't cost you any money to try it out.

Reason Ten: Price and Value

Time & Chaos is only available on the Internet sold direct to you from our web site. Besides the easy updates and the free and full evaluations, this allows us to put a price on Time & Chaos that is 2 to 10 times less than other programs of comparable features.

To purchase Time & Chaos for your business, we also have a straightforward, no-nonsense license policy. If you have 10 users, just buy 10 licenses. There are no extra expensive premiums or costly software "network hubs" to add-on.

The bottom line? Time & Chaos is only $50 per user.

Time & Chaos is also licensed by user, not by computer or database. This means a person needs only one copy of Time & Chaos to legally use the software at home, at work and on a laptop, as long as they are the only user.

You have read our reasons why Time & Chaos is a better Personal Information Manager. Don't forget to also read testimonials from people just like you who use Time & Chaos every day. Finally, try it for yourself by downloading Time & Chaos to compare it to other software you own or have tried. We believe you will agree Time & Chaos is the best time management program you can buy.


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