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Third Party Products

Here are some products from other companies that can complement our own Chaos Software products. We encourage you to explore and take advantage of the solutions these other companies provide!

CompanionLink for Chaos

CompanionLink Software has developed powerful synchronization software that can sync your Chaos Databases with direct USB and Wi-Fi sync. Some users prefer the extreme security of direct synchronization rather than using an online hosted solution like ChaosHost or Google. Direct synchronization can also be more accomodating for extremely large databases. We are excited to have them extend their solutions to Chaos users!

CompanionLink for Time & Chaos is a great tool for synchronizing your Chaos Data with the built-in databases found in BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and previous generation Palm devices. CompanionLink also supports Android, iPhone and iPad (again, a good option if you require direct USB synchronization instead of Over-The-Air).

Complete details are available at CompanionLink's website.


If you are an attorney or a real estate agent, you need to check out Docs2Manage, a powerful but easy to use Document Management System like the big firms have but at a fraction of the price. Docs2Manage can easily store and manage virtually any type of document into a searchable database. Use Docs2Manage to scan, import and store all of your papers and files related to your case or property, even documents created from almost any application on your computer. Documents can be searched, viewed, printed or emailed. Even make a CD-ROM archive to take a snapshot of your document database with you or to give to a client. Docs2Manage offers support for the Time & Chaos Contacts to take you to all documents related to one of your clients.

Phone Dialer Pro and Dial Engine Pro

Phone Dialer Pro is a great replacement for the dialer software that comes with Windows. It is TAPI compliant, works with incoming and outgoing calls, supports speakerphone and has supported Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos since the "early days". It works with Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 and can be setup as the default dialer. It can even function as a dialer for Skype! Dial Engine Pro is another phone dialer option from the same company, but without the graphical user interface (GUI). Like our software, you can try these dialer replacements before you buy one, so give one or both a try!

Eazy Backup

Eazy Backup from Eazy-Ware is a departure from the traditional backup program. Eazy Backup is supplied with built in logic to backup and restore various software applications (e.g., Time & Chaos). That is, Eazy Backup knows where the critical data is located and knows what data must be included to make an effective backup for an application. This relieves the user from the burden of making a selection of data (and wondering if the selection is correct). Equally importantly, Eazy Backup also knows how to restore to the proper location. Restoring data is often more difficult than making the backup - especially when restoring to a machine with a different version of Windows. (Includes support for CD-RW drives, too!)



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